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When I was pregnant, I wanted a girl so badly! When people asked if I wanted a girl or boy, I refused to give the pc answer " as long as it's healthy", instead I exclaimed loudly and adamantly I WANTED A GIRL!!! I got a boy. I felt bad about it for exactly one day, when after prenatal tests did the announcing, I was bummed about not being able to have my own little doll to dress up in cute baby clothes. In retrospect, I really was afraid I would not know how to relate to a boy. Well, I should not have feared. My son Ben is a great kid, we are very close and raising him has been the best thing I ever did. I highly recommend boys...they are straight forward and easy to understand, and you do not have to deal with any jealousy between you, and their friends are not malicious horrors, as the teen girl scene can be. Cub Scouting is great fun...I loved being a Den Mother. And by the way...there are a LOT of cute boy baby clothes available!

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Well, I really wanted a boy the first time around because I figured it would be great for my husband. Well, we got a wonderful boy the first time around. However, the second time around, I really wanted a girl, for me, (how selfish is that).but I am sure you can understand. When we went to get the ultrasound/amnio, I just knew it was a girl. I had a room theme all picked out. I was going to do "Hello Kitty". Then the doctor said wow he's well endowed and I said "HE" as I squeezed my husbands hand and my eyes watered. I said to the doctor can you check again..... He said oh it's very clear..... There's the pepe!!!! Then I felt horrible..... How could I not be happy about a healthy baby....... Now, I thank God everyday for my boys!!!! They are easy in the sense that boys/men are cut and dry... No emotional dramas, no head games. They tell you like it is.... Also, when they get mad, they are mad for 5 minutes, if that, then they go back to best friends. Something women/girls have a hard time doing. Now, I can say, I love my boys and with my strong temperement having a girl may have caused me a heartattack.......
i think i have to agree with you on the boy issue.. I am the mom of three boys. The first pregnancy I denied that he was a boy even though the ultrasound was at least 85% that he was. I still went ahead and drove my mom nuts and did 2 layettes. When he was born I asked the doctor what it was and he said I told you it was a boy! The second baby came 13 months later and this time I just knew he was a boy. Third one I was convinced again a girl as I was dreaming in purple.. crazy! anyway I have 3 amazing, loving, yummy boys that adore me and I adore them. I agree that their friends are great and easy and there are no issues among the friends. They all promised me at least one granddaughter to spoil so I can't complain. We compromise about a lot of things now. They love to go to Broadway Shows and concerts with me and I love to go to all their hockey games/sporting events.. I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.. Thanks for starting the discussion.. jill


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