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We have many self-employed WAHMs who provide valuable products & services. If you're one of these women, please feel free to post your website and overview here!

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I help promote a new reverse auction website called, The price goes DOWN when you bid.

I have a blog and I help run a site that helps people find good deals on called

I promise you that if what you are looking for is on the site, you have a chance of getting it cheaper here than anywhere else. (The site is still new and ramping up, which means the deals are REALLY terrific but also that the selection of items is kinda limited at the moment. But they have great items - iPods, Wiis, a 2009 Harely Davidson Motorcycle, gift cards from Walmart, Target, Amazon and others. Come take a look.) Its free to register on the dubli site, and you'll get no spam. Also, if you register and let me know, I'll send you some free credits to try.

I'm having a blast after being out of the workforce since my oldest was born. (He's 14 now.)

Thanks alot! Good luck to everyone! Success!
Hello everyone! My name is Amy and my oldest daughter Amanda and I recently made the leap to start our own "girlie business". (My "real" job is running my husband's electrical contracting business for the past 10 years -- I've worked with only men for far too long!!!)
Anyway, we sell Mia Bella candles and make our own candle crafts through a company called Scent-Sations, Inc. What I love about this business is the fact that I feel like your options are limitless. You can sell online, you could do home/office parties, you can do fundraisers, you can do craft shows (my daughter wants to set up a table at the end of our driveway and sell to people jogging or driving by - like a lemonade stand but with candles!), you can do door to door, or you could do it all!
Here's the story of how I got into it: about three years ago, I was surfing the net, looking for an alternative to paraffin candles (I used to go to the mall and buy them from my mother-in-law who worked at a big candle store); and while they smelled pretty good, we always seemed to get a headache and I really didn't like all the black soot that ended up on the jar (and probably in our lungs). I came across Scent-Sations, and joined the Candle of the Month club. Their candles are made from soy/vegetable wax and have little to no soot - and they smell awesome!! For $39.95/month, you get a 16 oz. jar candle, a dozen 2.5 oz votives, and a Bella Bar (soy bath bar). You also get your own company website (where people can shop) and you can buy products at wholesale prices. And they're always coming up with new products and new scents (I just found out yesterday that they're launching a mineral make-up line). You can work as hard or as little as you want. When selling directly to people, you can set your own prices (which is great depending on where you live). You don't have to rely on getting people signed on underneath you in order to make money (although it certainly doesn't hurt). And they really give you a lot of help, guidance, and training to get started.
Amanda and I love making our "candle flowers". In fact, I usually get all 4 kids involved, and we have a lot of fun! We've made some as Bridal Shower favors, Baby Shower favors, and just for family and friends, and everybody seems to love them! (Who doesn't love a flower that never dies??) In fact, we're thinking of doing a little fundraiser at our church and selling them after mass for Mother's Day and donating 1/2 of the proceeds to our parish.
Anyway, I've rambled on enough. Just got the two youngest kids on the bus for school, and it's time to get to my "real job".... If anyone out there enjoys candles or is thinking about a great at home business, please check out my website. I also have a link on there to email me directly if you have any questions, or if you would like a scent sample. I'm going to try to attach a couple photos of the candle flowers my daughter and I made...I hope it works; I'm not the most computer savvy person!! These are not available on our retail website, as we hand-make these ourselves.
I look forward to meeting everyone. Have a wonderful day! :)
Amy & Amanda
Hello! I sell Pure Romance products which enhances your intimate relationship. We offer beauty products, novelty, massage & bath aids, along with the famous bedroom accessories and attire. You can say women are like crock pots and men are like microwaves. We help even the playing field.
We do our parties with a classy style.
Hi ladies, I'm happy to be joining this group. It's nice to have other WAHM's to talk to about issues we all share. I wanted to share that I am an Independent Business Owner with AmeriPlan, who offers discount health plans to people and makes everything from dental services, including braces to prescriptions, chiropractic and doctor visits affordable for everyone. If anyone doesn't have benefits and is looking for an affordable alternative, please feel free to visit and check it out. If you have any questions, I'd be glad to answer them and I look forward to getting to know everyone.
Hi, I've been with Scentsy for the past 14 months and I just promoted to Director.

Scentsy is The Hottest New Thing in Candles. A company that is dedicated to candle safety and based on Simplicity, Authenticity, and Value. In 5 short years, Scentsy has grown to over 30,000 Independent Consultants NATIONWIDE, and is proving to be a leader in the Direct Selling Industry! Your start up kit is filled with everything you need to get your Scentsy Business going. Why Join Scentsy:

Be the FIRST in your area to sell Scentsy!
Long Term Residual Income Potential
Quality, Consumable Products
Excellence in Consultant Support
Huge Growth Rate Consistency
Minimum purchases once every three months to stay active.
Monthly Team Trainings, and fun incentives!
Monthly Team Newsletter
One-on-One support from me!
Online advertising okay :)
Online purchasing for your customers, and direct shipped.
Because it is truly the BEST "party plan" company out there today!

My name is Sherri Burton, I am FULL-TIME Scentsy, and would love to help you become successful in your goals. Contact me today for an information packet:
You can go to my website and click on "Start A Business".
I feel as I'm in Honored and Hallowed walls here! So many talented ,courageous and smart Ladies here.

I promote an Established USPO trademarked Beach Wear Company, Iggly Biggly.They are re-Launching their products after a tornado decimated the fulfillment center.In fact we are in pre-pre-Launch at the moment and our replicated sites aren't completely functional yet!

As a Distributor for Iggly Biggly You can run your business in several different ways starting with the 2x2 follow me matrix that cycles and with each completed 3 part cycle, you make 480.00 and receive 3 pairs of flip flops for yourself,friends or as samples.

Okay, samples what do I do with them?

If you have a business that you have Parties for, why not add Iggly Biggly Flip Flops to the mix? I'm sure its a great tie-in product and who doesn't wear flip flops? Did you know that Flip Flops are the number 1 shoe sold globally of all time? True story!

You also can sell as a Distributor to Shops,boutiques,country clubs,Hotels,Hospital gift shops, the list is endless!

So this is a HOT and Enduring Business right? How much is it going to cost? Only 20.00.

This is SO GROUND FLOOR, I don't have a replicated site thats working in full yet!

I have a community you can pop over to that's free for more information. I've posted such details as the Compensation Plan and Matrix details ,call schedules,e-mail and the Company phone numbers.

Look for me, I'll be looking for You!

Sandra Limon

Hello everyone:
Its great hearing about everyone's businesses. As I am passionate about chocolate, I am a Chocolatier with Dove Chocolate Discoveries. I can create chocolate tastings for "girls nights in" with chocolate martinis, smoothies, fruit dipped chocolate, chocolate pretzel sticks, chocolate fondue - or anything that tickles your tastebuds. Great way to bring friends/family together. Milk, white, dark - what is your flavor? Just went to a chocolate making session and made beautiful chocolate tulips, just in time for spring - and the deer won't eat them (your kids might!!!). Perhaps some of us can partner together and have combined parties?

My name is Dawn and I live in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. I am a proud mom of 2 teenagers and I have been working from home since December 2008 with a group of moms called Motivated Moms. We are partnered with a company called Melaleuca: the Wellness Company out of beautiful Idaho Falls, Idaho. Melaleuca has been in business for 24 years, sales topping over $800 million dollars last year and is completely debt-free. Even in our current economic crisis, Melaleuca stands untouched and continues to grow and profit. This is a recession proof business with the track record to prove it! Melaleuca has earned many awards and recognition including being inducted into the BBB Hall of Fame. We help to improve 4 major aspects of your life: physical wellness, environmental wellness, financial wellness and personal wellness. We offer products that people use, use up and then buy again the following month. Items such as household cleaners, laundry products, vitamins/minerals/supplements, personal care products, bath and beauty products and pharmacy products. This company's mission statement is to "Enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals" and they are helping my family and I achieve our goals one step at a time. We are a little different than some of the companies out there that ask you to stock up on expensive inventory, take orders, make deliveries, host parties or sell products. We are not MLM and we don't require any of the above. There is absolutely NO financial risk whatsoever. I have simply switched a small portion (money I would have spent anyways at the grocery store) of my shopping and now shop online with Melaleuca for the necessity products that my family needs every month and then I refer others to do the same. It really is just that simple and this is a business that just makes sense! If you want to know more, simply visit my website at and click on Get More Info! I will call you personally to explain what I do...ttys...

Proud Team Leader
Motivated Moms
Hello All!
I am a Motivated Mom. We work with a wonderful health & wellness company that has been around for 24 yrs. The best part about it is... I don't have to do any selling, parties or inventory! It's a great way to get your home "eco-friendly" while making money.
All you need to do is set aside about 25 min. to get all the info you need. If you like what you hear, you can get started right away with a very low start-up fee of only $29!
I would love to hear from you and give you more information. If you decide that it's not right for you, there is no obligation or annoying follow-up calls!
Just visit my site and fill-out the form.
Looking forward to hearing from you
Hi, I sell Scentsy Wickless Candles. Practice "Safe Scents" with Scentsy!

Do you love to have a wonderful smelling home, but worry about open flames, smoke and soot on the walls? I have a solution for you -- Scentsy Wickless Candles. Scented wax is melted slowly by a 25-watt light bulb in an exclusive Scentsy warmer, releasing enticing aromas into the air. Exclusive warmers come in a variety of styles to fit every decorating style. There are over 40 warmers available and more than 80 scentsational scents that you can even mix and match to achieve your own unique scent!!

Discover the new Scentsation in candles! Contact me to receive your free Scentsy catalog and car candle, or to host a Scent Event! See the catalog online at and you can also come take a look at my blog


Sherri Burton

Independent Scentsy Director

“kick the wick”

Buy ● Host ● Join
Hi everyone, I'm so excited to be a new member of my work butterfly.
I am so grateful to be a work from home mom. I am blessed with 3 busy children and love my work as a Unit Leader with PartyLite Candles. It's a fun way to get together with friends and family for a girl's night. I love showering my hostesses with lots of gifts and free shopping to decorate their homes. My customers also get special treatment with special sales, discounts and prizes. I love to have my hostesses and guests relax at a party, play some games and just have fun. I always offer a $50 gift certificate just for hosting a party as my "thank you" for inviting me into your home. Please visit me at to view the catalogs and specials available. It's a great time to get together with the weather so nice and flowers all abloom.

Please feel free to email me at
visit my site for more information
I am a freelance graphic designer and photographer. I cover the northern NJ area doing photography, mostly of families and children.

I also create custom birthday cards, birth announcements, wedding invitations, and any other sort of photo card. I also do photo retouching and old photo restoration.



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