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Your candidates and customers are here! They come to to learn, laugh and connect with like-minded moms who are also seeking resources and flex-friendly jobs. Our exclusive Butterfly interviews are conducted with female celebrities, corporate execs and peers, showcasing real life experiences used to inspire and mentor “butterflies.” offers expert advice in: Career Coaching, Psychotherapy, Finance, Health, Nutrition, Fitness, Beauty, Fashion, Travel, Childcare, Adult Ed, Franchising and Volunteerism. In turn, our moms will learn how to launch a successful business, buy a franchise, consider business vendors or alternative career choices that offer work/life flexibility, and create communities where their endorsements and referrals carry credibility and action. houses an extensive job board with opportunities from employers who understand the importance of work/life flexibility in order to attract this under-tapped pool of talent. As an industry social media leader, is the single gathering place for women (moms) on a journey to return-to-the-workforce, or for those looking to achieve work/life harmony, in paid or volunteer roles. Your customers are here, shouldn’t you be?

Butterfly’s users are comprised of savvy return-to-the-workforce moms as well as those professional moms who are established in their careers journeying to balance work and self.

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Targeted Reach

Butterfly allows you to target any market segment, any combination of market segments or the entire industry. Our targeting capabilities are robust, flexible and can be customized to your specific campaign needs.

Targeting options include but are not limited to:

• Demographics
• Gender
• Behavioral
• Contextual
• Re-marketing
• Geo
• Search
• Day-part
• Week-part
• Series Sequential
• Frequency Capping
• Profession
• User Generated Groups
• Site Sections (blogs, events, etc)
• Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post-roll, Overlay

Rates and Ad Units

Butterfly accepts ad campaigns based on CPM, CPC, CPA and hybrid rates to ensure the highest ROI for our advertiser and agency partners. Special “Charter Advertiser” rates and programs are available through the end of January 2009.

Butterfly accepts all IAB standard display, rich media, video and text ad units including:
• Banners
• Buttons
• Rectangles
• Video Pre or Post Roll


Butterfly offers customized sponsorship programs to qualified advertisers. These programs give additional share of voice and exposure on Butterfly for both brand and direct response advertisers and may include some or all of the following:

• Content Sponsorship
• Weekly eNewsletter Sponsorhip
• Co-branding
• Section and page “skins”
• Contest or Poll Sponsorships
• Video Sponsorship or Featured Video
• ROS and targeted ad placements
• Featured Content/Product Review
• Event Sponsorships
• In-Flight Program: “Social Networking Meets Reality Show”
• Product Giveaways

Charter Advertiser Program

Qualified advertisers are eligible for inclusion in Butterfly’s “Charter Advertiser Program”. Charter advertisers, in addition to automatically being eligible for Butterfly’s Sponsorship programs, also receive the following:

• “Category Exclusivity”
• Rate Reductions
• “Free” Month Of Advertising
• Joint Press Release

Advertiser FAQs

What is Butterfly?

Butterfly is the most comprehensive social networking site for moms looking to return to work and for those already in the workforce seeking to achieve work/life flexibility, in a paid or volunteer role. Butterfly provides a powerful platform for moms to connect, communicate, collaborate and ultimately, find solutions. Butterfly allows members to find friends, co-workers, career counselors, psychotherapists, vendors, and hear from celebrities, corporate women execs and peers on how they handle work/life flexibility.

How is Butterfly different than other Mom sites?

Butterfly is the only COMPREHENSIVE social networking site devoted entirely to moms returning-to-the-workforce and to those looking to attain work/life flexibility. Other mom-targeted sites simply offer components of what Butterfly encompasses.

How quickly can Butterfly get my campaign up and running?

Once you submit an IO and your creative, we can have your campaign up and running in a few days assuming everything is in order.

What type of reporting can I expect from Butterfly?

What type do you want? We can report on impressions, clicks, conversions, etc. and do so by day, by week, by creative, by campaign, and so on. And we can deliver reports weekly on any day of the week you choose.

Do you geo target?

Yes, of course. Our regional and local advertisers especially love this feature, as do national advertisers with local and regional campaigns. We also suggest you consider creating a group or forum to talk directly to our butterflies.

Do you target by behavior and content?

Yes, we do that too. This can be a great way to maximize your campaign ROI.

What ad units do you allow?

We accept all IAB standard units as well as all types of video rolls and overlays. And if you have something unusual in mind, let’s talk!

Can I do a test campaign?

Yes - Of course.

Am I eligible to be a Charter Advertiser?

You may be. Talk to us directly…you will be impressed by our flexibility., the most effective media buy for employers and organizations looking to reach savvy moms on their journey back to the workforce, including those considering opportunities that offer work/life flexibility.


For more information please contact:

James Bessemer
(800) 848-4323 x 112

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