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Getting From At-Home to On-the-Job, Even Now
When a mothers’ group huddled on Laurie Witt’s screened porch last summer over sandwiches and iced tea, they wanted more than leisurely chit-chat. As their children played nearby, the women grilled each other in imaginary job interviews, tore apart each other’s resumes and told tales of rugged job-market forays. Read More

Here Comes My Baby
By Tara Weiss -
I've seen an ad in the pregnancy magazines that shows a smiling female executive behind a desk talking hands-free on the phone. Her breasts are hooked up to a high-tech pumping device. Will that be me in a few months? Read More

Press restart on your career
By Walecia Konrad, Money Magazine contributing writer
Li Graham is plenty busy. As a mother of 6-year-old triplets and a 2-year-old, her hands - let alone her mini-van, laundry basket, and grocery cart - are more than full. Yet Graham, 49, who has spent the past six years at home after 18 years working in the business side of the publishing industry, craves the satisfaction she felt as a professional - not to mention the financial benefits. Read More

Not retiring comes with a bonus: better health
By Elizabeth Fernandez contributor
The first time Thom Guthrie retired, after a long career as a teacher and school administrator, he was 60. The California man had undergone major heart surgery and thought he was ready to relax. Read More

Women can lead the way to recovery
This year, National Women's History Month falls during a time of enormous turbulence and fear. The global economic meltdown is drastically reshaping our financial landscape and altering the way we live. Read More >>>

In Science and Technology, Efforts to Lure Women Back
It will come as no surprise that many career re-entry programs, designed to help at-home mothers return to the work force, are disappearing, victims of hard times among the Wall Street firms and banks that led the so-called on-ramping trend. Read More >>>

What to Do When You're About to Take a Leave
If you're awaiting the arrival of a new family member, preparing for maternity or paternity leave is probably a top priority. Advance planning is critical for safeguarding your reputation among your peers. "This is also a big transition for the people who work with you," says Cali Williams Yost, president and founder of Work+Life Fit Inc., a corporate-flexibility consultancy in Madison, N.J. Here's how to prepare for your leave. Read More >>>

66 Indispensable Websites for Business Owners
Get your business going, keep it going strong or take it in a new direction with this compilation of web sites for entrepreneurs. Read More >>>

Out of Office: Job Loss in the Age of Blogs and Twitter
It's been decades since Americans had this much time on their hands and -- thanks to the Web -- never have there been so many opportunities to burn it.
In November, Julia Otto was headed to her first day on a new job, car keys in hand, as an administrative assistant with a New Orleans construction company when her phone rang. Her position was eliminated before she even started.
Read More >>>

Deep Corporate Staff Cuts Heat Up H-1B Visa Debate
Job cuts by tech firms are putting the controversial H-1B guest-worker program in the spotlight once again.
Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, kicked off the latest debate in January by publicly calling on Microsoft to prioritize American workers over foreign guest workers as the software giant downsizes. In the wake of Grassley’s letter to Microsoft, questions have been raised about... Read More >>>

Our Many Hats
By Michelle Obama
A few days ago, thousands of women from all across the country came to Chicago for a national conference on the major questions and concerns facing women today. For two days, they discussed many important issues facing our nation… from health care to energy to diplomacy and peace… led by women who are experts in those fields. And so many fantastic people gave speeches—including the men we are rooting for to be our next president and vice-president, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Read More >>>

A Signature With the First Lady's Hand in It
It seemed to be all about Lilly Ledbetter at the White House yesterday -- her name was enshrined in history, affixed to the first piece of legislation signed by President Obama. He presented the former Goodyear plant supervisor with a pen he used at the East Room signing ceremony and said, "This one's for Lilly." Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Wawa Reveals How to Survive a Recession
MEDIA, Pa. -- In its 60-year history, the convenience store industry has weathered recessions, regional slow downs and back-to-back big-chain bankruptcies. But few retailers were as well positioned as they could be when the current financial meltdown started. Read More

And What Do You Do? A Reading List for Working Moms and Stay-at-Homes
I don’t do anything. Read More >>>

Finding Flexibility In Parenting And Practicing Law
As Submitted by Jodi Rosenberg
I was walking on a Florida beach with my father and talking about my future. I was in my senior year of college and I knew that I wanted to go to graduate school. Having spent every summer working on Wall Street, business school seemed...
Read More >>>

Mary Egan-Callahan and Brooke Thomas from
So, my (non-actor) friends and I are sitting around, and we’re watching TV. Some girl comes on the screen, makes one goofy face to sell yogurt, and pockets $25,000. My friends ask me why I don’t do commercials. It seems easy enough! In your opinion, is it? Read More >>>

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