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Cute and bright lightweight jackets for spring
We all know the key to dressing the kids for springtime weather is layers. Start with a t-shirt, add a sweater then add a lightweight jacket on top. As the rain clouds pour in or the sun peeks through, you'll know that the kids will be perfectly dressed for the changing weather. Read More

Go global with spring's exotic tribal styles
In your mind, this vacation season will be spent lounging on an exotic beach and shopping quaint boutiques resembling treasure troves more than department stores. In reality, though, it's probably going to be a little closer to home for most of us. Read More

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Trinkets of love under $25
Valentine's Day is usually reserved for your special someone and the kids but it's always nice to spread the love to the other ladies in your life that are there for you through every "mom" moment. Read More

Superbowl 2011 for kids
Now you can break out the chips and dip and adorable outfits for Sunday's big Superbowl game when the Pittsburgh Steelers will take on the Green Bay Packers. Read More

Trend watch: we're seeing stripes
While stripes are typically saved for the height of spring, right now they can be seen on everything from bucket totes to wool blazers. Read More

Holiday Gift Guide 2010: last minute gift ideas for kids
Time is running out and if you're still on the search for the perfect gift for the kids on your holiday list, you better hurry. We've found five last minute gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to any kid's face this holiday. Read More

Must-haves for holiday travel with kids
We know it's a busy week for moms everywhere. The kids are out of school, the weather is horrid and there are presents waiting to be wrapped and sent off to their recipients. Oh, and there's also the packing that needs to be done to head off to visit family and friends for the holidays. Don't worry, it will all get done in time. Read More

Makin’ Somethin’ out of Nothin’
Mindy Scheier
'Ok, so if you are anything like me, you are seeing your account dwindle and have 7,500 more gifts to buy. So here are some economical, yet highly fashionable, ideas to MAKE a gift. Genius you say? I totally agree and am just annoyed that I haven’t shared my spectacular ideas with you all before this! Read More

+!@#$-Slap Breast Cancer!
Mindy Scheier
This month’s piece is solely dedicated to kicking Breast Cancer’s+!@#$in STYLE. Two amazing women, Danielle Caro and Jennifer Morrison are doing just that. This dynamic duo started a company called Foxy Blunt conceived over several glasses of wine and a conversation about the art of possessing great style and a sharp wit. Read More

Duct Tape, the New Leather? Has “Green” gone too far?
Mindy Scheier
'As I opened my first letter from my precious daughter who was tucked away at sleep away camp…Tears filled my eyes not because she wrote that she missed me so much but because she wrote that she needed duct tape ASAP as it was “all the rage”. Read More

Lose the paper bag and send them back-to-school with a stylish lunchbox
As much as you try to avoid packing lunches during the summer, it's now time to start the sandwich assembly line again. Back-to-school means stocking up on everything from pencils and paper to a new lunchbox. Read More

Rich fall bags that bridge the gap between diaper bag and handbag
It's an exciting day when you realize you don't need a diaper bag. They do serve their purpose and many baby bags are very stylish but when it's time to ditch them, you're usually very ready. Read More

Four fall 2010 beauty trends that are coming your way
Yes, it's summer now, but before you know it, it will be time to think about fall. Luckily, we already know what's coming down the pipe, thanks to Fashion Week back in February. Here are a few trends that we spotted that you can count on seeing when the weather starts to turn: Read more

Best of the week: StyleBakery's top 10 features
Week ending July 9 - Read More

Beauty short cuts to help simplify your routine for summer
There is far too much to do in the summertime besides slave away at your beauty routine. There are beaches to visit, pools to swim in, picnics to have, and reunions to attend. Get pretty in record time with these favorites. Read More

How to beat summer makeup meltdown
Summer's almost here and you know what that means: Time to toss aside the rich foundations and matte creams in favor of lighter products that allow the skin to breathe. Read More

Gilt Group, Ruelala…A “gilty” pleasure or a sickness?
Mindy Scheier
'Ok…so I am dipping my toe in the pool of technology and got me a brand new spankin’ iPhone. Fine, truth be told, I like the cache of it and have no idea how to use it! But what I have figured out is that there is a stinkin’ app for Gilt Group! Bad, bad news for me and indirectly Greg Scheier (the husband). Read More

Get bikini ready in five steps
We've got the tips and products to get you smooth, sun-kissed, and sexy....just in time to pull out those teeny bikinis! Here's how to effortlessly transition out of winter hiding: Read More

Coo-coo for a “Pop-Up” stores
Mindy Scheier
So there is this new wave of coolness happening in the world of retail. Pop-up stores by definition are temporary retail stores...oh, I am sorry, did I mention that I currently am a proprietor of one? Read More

Spring Beauty Tips
By Diana
Now is the time to do some “spring cleaning” with your skincare. As you change your wardrobe, it’s time to “update” your makeup collection. Read More

Mini dresses- can you be a "mini" and wear a mini?
Mindy Scheier
Since I am speaking on behalf of all of those ladies who literally sleep in heels to get a few extra inches, even in their dreams...I would like to tackle to topic of "minis" wearing minis. Read More

Top 10 spring trends 2010
From double denim to the new safari/military trend, here is a recap of the top 10 trends to look for this season: Read More

10 spring trends for everybody (+ 3 that may not be for you)
A new season is upon us, along with a whole new set of trends. But which trends are worth investing in? Here's our list of 10 trends worth trying: Read More

20 spring trends you already own
With each season comes a new set of must-buy pieces, but savvy shoppers already have a head start this spring. If you've taken our advice over the past few seasons, you're in luck! Here are 20 trends you already own that couldn't be hotter this spring: Read More

The Superbowl of Life…the Oscars
Mindy Scheier
As my tush looses feeling from sitting in the same spot since 6:00 pm sharp, I marvel at the yearly celebration of all that makes me whole...THE OSCARS. Of course I still feel that I should be on the Red Carpet and not Ryan Seacrest, but that’s another subject. So let's have some fun and do our own Fashion Police project! Read More

Valentine's Day Style: Dress for a Date With the Family
Valentine's Day is yet here again. Love is in the air, and fashion is forever in the air at StyleBakery. What a terrific holiday: you get to to celebrate love with lots of pink and sweets. Read More

Valentine's Day Style: Dress for a Romantic Date at Home
Your honey has a sweet tooth for you and he could care less if you go out, as long as you are with him. Stir up the feel of a hotel suite in your very own home with a sweet atmosphere filled with heart cupcakes and kisses. Read More

Valentine's Day Style: Dress for a Romantic Date Night
Walk into lovers lane in your fire engine red sex kitten heels and fabulously priced and designed high end dress at a not-so-high-end price. Read More

by: Mindy Scheier
So here we are... 2010! Holy Shiiiiitake Mushrooms (sorry- quote from my kids favorite movie and truth be told I like it too), I cannot believe it. Well as I pondered the New Year with the 1.5 million others who seemed to have found religion at the gym today, I thought what Dressolution can I suggest to my fabulous readers. Read More

Makin' that List and Checkin' it THRICE!
by: Mindy Scheier
So..I know you may find this hard to believe but I am a last minute lady when it comes to shopping for the holidays. I tend to go in to what I call a Holiday Haze or basically a state of panic. Not only does it become incredibly overwhelming but it can get wildly expensive to have a last minute scramble! Read More

Reinvent Your Wardrobe For The Holidays
I'm determined to infuse my closet staples with a "wow" piece of clothing or accessory to breathe new life into my wardrobe this holiday season. Here's how: Read More

Fall Fashion Survival Kit: 6 Pieces To Update Your Look
If your fall look is a little under the weather, check out my remedy for an effortless and chic way to survive the season without having to shop for a whole new look. Simply buy an item from the following six categories and you'll be ready to face the fall in style. And the best part is, you don't need to blow your budget, most pieces are under a $100. Read More

Dress Therapy
by: Mindy Scheier
Now that we changed the clocks back, I don't know about you all but I get kinda moody when there is no daylight past 3:00! It's actually very similar to how I feel when I realize at 8:00 at night that I am still in my gym clothes and haven't showered…. DEPRESSED! Read More

Fall Fashion/Beauty Forecast
Dust off your Depeche Mode albums; throw on some bangles and shoulder pads, (welcome back Alexis Carrington!) Pull up those thigh high boots and buy a can of Bumble & bumble Spray de Mode, the 80’s are back!! Read More

Moms: To Match or Not to Match? That should NEVER be the question
by: Mindy Scheier
I love when I smell a blog from a real life experience... As I baked in the sun watching the ever exciting 4th grade Lancers football game (shout out to the green and white) with my fairest b-fly of them all, Ms Bradi Nathan, we noticed a Mother/Daughter comin' across the bleachers wearing matching bike shorts and t-shirts (and there were no bikes in sight). Read More

Oy! The 80’s are back?!?
by: Mindy Scheier
As I pause to ponder the trends of the upcoming fall season, I take a deep breath and say to you all...Oy! the 80's are back! Before you freak out, like I did, having done that decade to death....I say to you, do not's all good. Thankfully the designers clearly spent time working through what not to salvage from that decade (such as shoulder pads or football pads as I so fondly referred to them as) and what to bring back with a new, fresh edge. Read More

Wear Your Summer Dresses Into Fall
Think you need to buy a whole new wardrobe for fall? Think again. With a few strategic styling tips, many of your favorite summer pieces can be reworked for cooler weather. Take inspiration from some of the hottest looks seen on the fall runways with these ideas to transition your warm weather dresses: Read More

Pass the BUTTER or pass on the BUTTER
by: Mindy Scheier
This month’s little ditty is focused more on being a fashionista mom to a fashionista 7 year old and managing reality! I am a self proclaimed cross-shopper, meaning that I take a lot of pride in mixing a fab dress from the Dolce and Gabbana Collection for Target with a great pair of Marc Jacobs heels and suddenly the whole outfit looks expensive. Now when it comes to my daughter, I really only cross shop for special occasions… Read More

Our Favorite Top-Rated SPF Products
Worried about what sunscreen to choose? Want to make sure it will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays? Last week we exposed the ugly truth behind suncreens and the manufacturing practices of brands' suncreens. It left us with disappointment, but we're determined to find the best sun protection for ourselves and those we love. The following is a list of products highly recommended based on the EWG research study, and we are loving too. Read More

StylEpidemic: Bra Strap Virus
by: Mindy Scheier
Happy Summer my B-flies! As I sat my, somewhat large, pregnant tush on a beach chair this weekend- I pondered my next rant or rave. I watched from my deck as lots of bikinis, short shorts and sundresses passed me by. As I peered over my US Weekly mag, a site caught me that was so shocking it ripped me from the article I was reading... Read More

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding: Daytime and Beach Weddings
Figuring out what to wear to a wedding can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Yesterday we showed you chic looks for black tie and black tie optional affairs. Today, we're tackling Sunday afternoon and beach weddings with these wearable and affordable head-to-toe suggestions. Read More

Get On The List: Members Only Online Sample Sale Sites
March 3rd, 2009

Have you heard? The biggest secret in online shopping is by invitation only. A new crop of special members-only online clubs are providing access to the hottest designers at deeply discounted prices, the kind of deals that used to be available only to NYC and LA fashion insiders. Read More

BEAUTY: Easy Summer Beauty
by: Heidi Axelrod
There really is no such as thing as beauty sleep. Women can’t catch a break….blackberrys, 24-hour news channels and now a product to help fight frizz while we sleep! Read More

Things that Make You Go "Hmmmmmm"
by Mindy Scheier
This month’s little nugget comes in the form of a hot of the presses, real life experience that just occurred last Thursday evening. As I was basking in my pregnant glory (oh, you didn’t know? Yes I am completely knocked up with #3 and loving it) of being temporarily on hiatus, a friend of mine rang me and asked if I would help produce a fabulous Burberry event. It was a VIP party to celebrate the lighting of their new sign adding to the skyline of NYC. All she needed to say was that it will be chock full of celebs like Jennifer Aniston…um, “DONE” I said!!! Read More

Deciphering the Dress Code
by Mindy Scheier
I recently hosted a fundraiser event for my son who has a rare condition called a mitochondrial myopathy- (sorry shameless plug!). It was a fab shindig in the city, and I set the dress code as “casual chic”. It astounded me how many phone calls I received inquiring exactly what that meant! Horrified, I realized that the general public needs a “cheat sheet”, so to speak, for dress code speak…so here goes: Read More

Mother's Day Gifts
Gift ideas she's sure to love - at every price.
Mother's Day is May 10, 2009
Click Here for some great Ideas

15 Spring Trends You Already Own
Proof that fashion trends are indeed cyclical, here are 15 trends you already own that couldn't be hotter this spring: Read More

The Latest in “Unemployment Fashion”
by Mindy Scheier
Being one of the many who have joined the ranks of the unemployed, I thought I would write this piece of how to dress WHILE you are unemployed. Not for the interviews, but for you… Read More

10 Ways To Recession-Proof Your Wardrobe
March 3rd, 2009
It's official, the Fashionista has been replaced by the Recessionista. The current economy has caused a dramatic shift in the way we spend our money, making it almost chic to be frugal. A closet brimming with designer handbags and overflowing with shoes is no longer the signature of a stylish woman. Read More

Do Fashion “Rules” Still Exist?
by Mindy Scheier
I remember growing up with a few key "rules" as a child.... 1.Always look both ways before crossing the street, 2. Don't go swimming until at least 30 minutes after you eat, and the biggest and most important one of them all.. 3. DO NOT wear white after labor day Read More

BEAUTY: 5 Different Ways to Fit Beauty into Your Life
Working moms are strapped for time, their needs always coming in last on the to-do list. Check out’s easy ways to fit beauty back into your life. Read More >>>

When to Retire
by Mindy Scheier
"In my last article, I referenced a dear friend who pulled on my heart strings in regard to her denim debacle. In this next piece, I am going to..." Read More

Beth Herbst, Co-Founder, Sales Director and ‘style chef’ of has more than 15 years of experience producing style segments for such television shows as the Today Show and The View. Beth shares her unique insight necessary for predicting the style needs of the “real” modern woman. Read More >>>

Recessionista Chic: StyleBakery’s Stress Free Shopping Guide To Surviving The Recession Read More >>>

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Trend Talk by Jami Weisman and Andrea Gillman, co-founders, Cut by 2 Blondes, talk trends in boy’s fashions.
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The MindyFinds Blog - For the Fashion Enthusiast in You
Mindy Scheier (me) is a - (gosh this is harder than I thought)- working mom of 2 fab kids/self proclaimed fashionista…
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