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Rachelle Carson-Begley, wife of Ed Begley Jr., talks about family and starring on "Living With Ed"
I’m afraid to admit that I don’t even have a green thumb and while green is certainly the new black today, not so much in my house. I have learned a thing or two from the Discovery Channel’s, “Living With Ed” and vow that I will in fact make some changes for me and for my family. Read More

Liz Lange, mother of 2 and fashion & retail icon in the world of maternity
There are people that are just “packrats” by nature. They save everything and anything for the one rare occasion that the item might be sought after. My mom is headed to Florida this weekend and she busted out her wooden tennis racquet… I kid you not. The archaic sports equipment was “packed” away by the “rat.” Oh, that doesn’t sound good. My mom is nothing like a rat. Anyway, what I am saying is that some items just are not meant to be saved, period. Read More

Karyn Parsons, aka Hilary Banks of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, talks with Butterfly
With the recession still looming one might fantasize about moving into the Bank’s California home from the “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” To think that this family took in a relative to give him a better life sounds more appealing today than it sounded as I watched with friends during my teenage years. Read More

Jennifer Griffin, Fox Political News Correspondent, Mother of 3
Fox News Political Correspondent, Jennifer Griffin, raised her babies in Jerusalem, as she reported on violence and war. It is Jennifer that Ronald Reagan should be proud of. She is “making life better for all our citizens.” Jennifer lived amongst snipers, suicide bombers and kidnappers and conducted a rare interview with Ariel Sharon, former Prime Minister of Israel. Read More

Laurie Gelman, co-host of "The Mom Show" and mother of two
Playgroup. By definition one would think that this is a group that plays. Jack was five weeks old when he attended his first playgroup ~ a gathering that could have been better described as a lay there like a latka group. Its the mothers that did the playing. We shared stories, frustrations and milestones every Wednesday until our babies grew into children that actually were able to play themselves. And eventually, playgroups turned into play-dates and play-dates turned into practices. Our latkas are now 9 years of age. Read More about Laurie Gelman

Interview with Lisa Bloom; attorney and award winning journalist
Guilty. My daughters slice of cake was a tad bigger than my sons. Guilty. My son got to sit on my lap for a half of a second longer than my daughter. Guilty. I inhaled my kids dinner before they were actually finished eating. Lifes not fair I tell them ~ thats what my mother told me. I dont even know what the definition of fair is in my house but I do know that if you dont eat grilled cheese fried in butter fast enough it is fair game! My house needs, not a dog or even a third child rather, a judge.Someone to yell, Order in the house! Someone to decide whats fair in the, Who had more play dates in a given week than the other? What I am trying to say is that I need Lisa Bloom to shack up in my guest bedroom for a bit. Lisa Bloom, is an attorney and award winning journalist. Read More about Working Mom Lisa Bloom

Emme, the first plus size supermodel talks with Butterfly
Emme, the first plus size supermodel, is my hero. She inspires me to have a greater appreciation for my body. Emme has proven to women and girls alike, that it’s more than okay to be taller or larger. Her efforts over the past years have changed the model and fashion industry forever. From Emme’s life experiences, several books and a clothing line were born. Mother to a little girl Toby, Emme has succeeded at being the kind of role model daughter’s dream about. In an exclusive interview with Butterfly, Emme shares her journey in balancing modeling, mentoring and motherhood...Read More about Single Working Mom Emme>>>

Jane Skinner, mother of twin girls, Co-Anchor of Fox’s Happening Now and wife of NFL Commissioner, Rodger Goodell, talks with Butterfly
As mothers it is our job to protect our children from harm and from being exposed to inappropriate information. My son is eight and he is drawn to the timely magazines and newspapers that are scattered throughout my home. He reads headlines with photos reporting on murder, armed robbery and sex scandals. How can I shield him from the cruelty that exists so that he might go through his day with a sense of peace and happiness that all eight years should posses? Read More About Working Mother Jane Skinner>>>

Rebecca Lobo, WNBA all-star, ESPN Commentator and Olympic Medalist
I tried out for the cheerleading squad when I was in seventh grade. The petite-sized coaches took one glace at me and said that I’d be better suited for basketball or volleyball. I was, at the time, 5’9” and climbing. At basketball try-outs the coach said to me, “Just stick your arms up!” And, that’s exactly what I did for the entire season, having absolutely NO concept of how the game was even played. Read more about working mom Rebecca Lobo, Hall of Famer>>>

Colbie Caillat, Triple Platinum Artist, and Mother Di
It’s amazing how children can remember the lyrics to a song but forget to brush their teeth in the morning. My kids can recite every line of the very popular song “Bubbly” by Colbie Caillat. Its upbeat and happy melody has them singing along in the car and to their iPods. Read more about Colbie and her working mom Di>>>

Nationally Known Psychotherapist, Dr. Robi Ludwig Sits with Butterfly
As we are all well aware, the stress of motherhood is enough to “shove” you over the edge. Add a work schedule to the mix and it’s likely that you will sprint to your nearest pharmacy for a Costco size case of Prozac. Before we hit rock bottom, spiraling like a child “amped” up on sugar, we ask ourselves, “How can I possibly handle it all?” Read more about working mother Dr. Robi Ludwig >>>

Danielle Monaro, Z100 Radio Personality, Sits For An Exclusive Interview With Butterfly
Danielle Monaro, expecting and mother of one precious little boy named Spencer and on-air radio personality for Z100’s morning show, has managed to remain constant on two clocks. She successfully brightens the airways each morning for listeners in the greater New York area, as well as other syndicated markets, and continues to do so when she arrives home. Read more about Working Mother Danielle Monaro >>>

Best Selling Author And TV Correspondent, Samantha Ettus, Sits For An Exclusive Interview With Butterfly.
My dad just recently built, with his own two hands, a fireplace. He has 30+ years of experience in restaurant supply and design and owns Café Bacio, a delectable dessert locale on Long Beach Island. Read more about working mother Samantha Ettus

Malaak, Wife to Chris Rock, Shares Her Journey With Fellow Moms In An Exclusive Interview With Butterfly
As reported By Butterfly Co-Founder, Bradi Nathan
BN: My son was just a baby when 9/11 rocked our world. Although I had the desperate desire to help in some way, Jack was my priority. In turn, I sat idle, watching the events unfold...
Read more about working mother, child advocate Malaak Compton Rock >>>

Nationally Known Psychotherapist, Dr. Robi Ludwig imparts her wisdom:
How do you believe a site like Butterfly will help moms on their journey?
It’s so important that woman support one another. It really helps us to feel connected and to get a better understanding about the reality of motherhood.
Read more about working mother and psychotherapist Dr. Robi >>>

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