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Who Can Join was developed exclusively for return-to-the-workforce women (moms), including those seeking work/life flexibility. If you are among the millions of moms trying to achieve personal and professional aspirations, want to support other moms on their journey, find relevant lifestyle information, become inspired and motivated by peers and celebrities, AND seeking flexible job opportunities, you are welcome! If you are a corporate employer/employee or small business owner/employee who embraces women in business, then welcome to you too!

How is different than other “Mom” sites? is a niche social networking site built on a social networking platform. It is the only comprehensive site for “butterflies” who are journeying to find a career path in a paid or volunteer role. Unlike other social networking sites like iVillage, provides extensive editorial content to empower moms to become fulfilled and includes a robust job board. Live Chats with a career coach and psychotherapist, relevant lifestyle editorial, resources for adult education, childcare, eldercare, entrepreneurs, and exclusive celebrity mom interviews also set us apart from traditional “mom” sites.

Are all services free?

It is free to join our community and to peruse our job board. We plan to offer value-added, premium service in the future that will require a monthly subscription to members/business owners, and offer related services and products that will of course, require payment. We also plan to add relevant tele-classes, an ebook with a franchise opportunity and off-line events in the upcoming years.

What are some of the premium services that you plan to offer?

As we grow in membership, we will be able to learn from our members. As we learn, we will be able to offer relevant and timely services and products that you truly need and want. With premium membership, you will be offered unique access to business news, information as well as discounts on products and service based on membership level. In addition, services like business listings (more than a profile).

Can I post job opportunities?

Please visit the job board on for job postings. Job posting pricing may be found in media kit.

Is global?

Yes, we had our first UK fan on the FaceBook page during pre-launch.

Moms share the same challenges worldwide. All Mothers strive to achieve self fulfillment – regardless of how it is defined.

You refer to moms as “Butterflies.” What is a Butterfly?

A Butterfly is a member of the Community. Butterflies have “taken flight” on a journey to explore career paths while learning that there does not have to be a choice between work and family. Our Butterflies are forever in motion, never landing on one side of the grass or the other.

What domains should I whitelist with my email client?

Just add to your list of approved "buddy" contacts to be assured that you are able to receive messages.

How do I invite large numbers of people to

Click on the Invite menu tab:

1. Enter Email Addresses

This simple method lets you enter the email addresses of your friends separated by commas. You can use the default message provided, modify it or replace it. Then send.

2. Import from Web Address Book

This method lets you import addresses from your AOL, Gmail, hotmail, MSN or Yahoo email (if you have one or more of these). You need to provide login information so can fetch those contacts. Once you import the addresses, you can select which ones to send invitations to.

Ad Campaign Questions

How can I advertise on

Please download our media kit on the home page. You may email inquiries to

Are there opportunities to sponsor content, forums or polls?

Yes. Please email with your ideas or visit the media kit on the home page.

Will Butterfly host live events?

Yes, as we grow, we will host (for a modest fee per registration) events in major markets. This will be your opportunity to meet other members in a live networking event. If you are interested in being a host in your city, send email to

What is the best way to ensure I get my referral entered into a Sweepstakes?

We think your best chance of getting referrals is by using the Personal Bulk Invitation Link method. You also want to tell people to click "the invitation link" so you get your referral credit. But any invitation method will give you credit if the invitee clicks on your link.

I'm getting too many emails from MyWorkButterfly!

Don't panic. You have complete control. Go to my settings and click on the Email tab on the left side. Now you can check or uncheck notifications you want to receive or not receive, respectively. For example, if you do not want to automatically follow discussions that you comment on, just uncheck that box.

What if I accidently block one of my connections?

Go to your Profile, click on the little “man” icon at the top left in the black bar to open your list of friends/contacts. There, click on the “blocked” tab and the person should appear there. Then you can unblock him/her.

What if I Forgot My Password?

If you forget your password, simply use the “forgot your password” link on the sign in page.

I can’t remember my email address.

If you forget your email address, that’s a much harder problem to solve than losing a password. First, click the “problems signing in” link and submit a ticket to Ning (our hosting provider) to help you recover your email or apply a new email. Ning absolutely controls account security/authentication, not

How do I upload my contacts list from outlook to invite them to join Butterfly?

Please open the file for instructions on doing so. Click Here

What if I have other questions not addressed by this FAQ?
Contact us at . We'll try to answer it ASAP.

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