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American Recycles Day
By Melissa Goldberg,Green Luvin'
November 15th is America Recycles Day. Chances are you're already recycling the cans, bottles, and paper that get picked up at the curb, but what about all that other stuff that's lurking in your drawers or closets - like outdated gadgets and dead batteries - that you're not sure how to recycle? Read More

All Natural Sodas
By Melissa Goldberg,Green Luvin'
Are your kids always hounding you for soda but you try to keep them away from the sugar stuff?
Well you should…
Most sodas on the market today contain refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup, both of which come from genetically modified crops and use highly intensive industrial farming practices. Read More

Protecting Your Skin This Summer
By Melissa Goldberg,Green Luvin'
Although summer is here, only in the past week or so has it really seemed like summer. After weeks of rain, the sun is out and we are beginning to spend much more time outside soaking up the rays.Read More

Are organic foods worth the extra cash?
By Melissa Goldberg, Green Luvin’
With the down turn in the economy it is sometimes hard to fork over all that cash for organic foods. We all have heard that organic foods are better for the environment but sometimes when you are cash strapped environmental issues fall by the way side. That’s not smart, and this should change your mind. Read More

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