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Meet Mom and Media Maven, Scarlet Paolicchi
How wonderful to learn more about Butterfly Mom, Scarlet Paolicchi! I loved getting to know her and I know you will too. Become inspired: Read More

Baywatch Babe: Amy Weber on Beauty, Brains and Babies!
I highly doubt that Amy Weber sits at her computer downing a canister of peanuts as I am at this very moment. Amy has built much of her career on her stunningly toned physique and beautiful looks. But what I admire most about this Baywatch bombshell is that she is an entrepreneur, launching Amy Weber Productions with a history on the debate team as a young girl. Read More

Syndicated humor columnist and mom blogger, Tracey Beckerman
I try to find the humor in things- sometimes you know it’s the only way to get through the day. Like when we took the training wheels off of my daughter’s two-wheeler... off she went on the first try. My husband and I were cheering, jumping up and down with excitement like we’d just won the lottery. Read More

Mandi Norwood, mom, author of Michelle (Obama) Style & award-winning Editor-in-Chief
Mandi is a mother with two young daughters, was Editor-in Chief of Mademoiselle and Shop Etc and is the author of How to Be Number One in Your Own World. She is a regular contributor to CBS, CNN and has established herself as an icon in the world of beauty, fashion and home in the 30 plus market. In an exclusive interview with Butterfly, Mandi shares her tale of writing and raising kids: Read More

Meet Blue's Clues and Super WHY! creator, Angela Santomero
Four towns poured into Northern Valley Regional High School in Old Tappan New Jersey. There couldn’t have been more than 5,000 people in each town. Harrington Park was one of them- a sleepy little area in Bergen County that I called home. It’s the type of town where everyone knows one another with a single elementary school encompassing kindergarten through eighth grade. Read More

"Meet Kim Rucker, SVP and General Counsel of Avon Products, Inc. and Mother of TWO!"
Avon is synonymous with beauty. It congers up the image of savvy women bringing cosmetics into the homes of women across the globe. As you know, direct selling appeals to women because of the flexibility it offers, particularly in the lives of so many mothers. It is no wonder that there are now nearly 6 million Independent Avon Sales Representative across the globe! Read More

Shelley Seale, mother and author, shares her story of penning and parenting
I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen the movie Slumdog Millionaire. If you haven’t, do so. As a mother, the movie may elicit overwhelming pain and sorrow. It may move you to tears or force you to take action. It’s the amazing story of a boy’s parentless journey through India. It is a tale of survival and strength as he travels through life, ending with a most unexpected turn of events. Read More

Alison Brod, mother and founder of Alison Brod PR
I have read a lot lately about buzz and word-of-mouth marketing. The Tipping Point reinforces the need to cultivate relationships with Mavens and Influencers while The Anatomy of Buzz states that good “buzz” starts with a superb customer experience. Readers look to these best selling titles because they wish to achieve a similar goal: increased business. Read More

Public Relations and Entrepreneurial TIps from Rebecca Brooks, The Brooks Group
The Entrepreneur Moms’ Group on MyWorkButterfly is growing fast and furiously. It is our job as the founders of this very site to empower the community in order to further succeed in those entrepreneurial efforts. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the many challenges in getting an idea and new business off the ground. Read More

Hillary Hunn, Saturday Night Live Producer, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Producer and Mom
The sleep deprivation that a new mom endures is nothing short of debilitating. You wake and dream of sleep - sleep and dream of more sleep. “Sleep when your baby sleeps.” Easier said than done. Read More

Sandy Alouete, SVP Talent Relation VH1 & Mom
Let’s explore the “grass is always greener” cliché, shall we? I admit that when my kids were babies, my grass was brown, dried out, burnt, overexposed to the harsh elements. My husband’s grass, not ass, was thick and green, shiny little blades sparkling in the sun. Read More

Diane Goldman, mother and sales executive with New Agency Partners, shares her insight on insurance and business
The life of a stay-at –home mom is more priceless than I ever imagined. It wasn’t until my husband and I sat down with our financial advisor that I learned the true value of my role in the family. My assumption was that since I no longer worked, in a traditional corporate sense, I no longer contributed monetary worth. Read More

Gale Gregory, Mother And Entrepreneur
“Stop being a martyr.” This was the single best piece of advice that I did not act on when my children were young. I decided that I was going to do it all, and well. I did not. I resented my husband for working long hours, not breastfeeding (he should have tried anyway), and for having the luxury of time to himself during his hour-long commute to and from work. In retrospect, I would have been a better mother and a better wife if I “stopped being a martyr” and hired some help. Read More

Holly Hanna Shares Her Mother Experience With Butterfly
Before my daughter was born I worked full-time as a RN Clinical Research Coordinator. But from the moment my baby girl was placed in arms, I knew that I would not be able to return to my job. With the support of my husband I was able to quit my full-time job and become a full-time stay at home mom. Read More

Butterfly’s Resident Licensed Psychotherapist - Julie Potischman
Julie Potischman is Butterfly’s Resident Licensed Psychotherapist and she is also, you guessed it, a working mom. Julie has a private practice in Roseland NJ and 15 plus years of working with children, adolescents, adults, families and couples. Julie spends most days listening to her clients. Now the tables are turned as we ask the questions and do the listening. Read More

Sue Fabisch, Musical Humorist and mother
Today I’m coming out. “I am a complainer.” There, I said it. I sometimes complain of the monotony each day brings: racing like a lunatic to get the kids on a 7:40 am bus, cleaning, organizing, gym, shower, late lunch, some work jammed in between, bus drop-off 2:50 pm, play dates, pickups, football, soccer, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh, but how I love to be able to work and be there for my kids! Perhaps if I sang about it, it wouldn’t feel repetitive after all... Read more from Sue Fabisch

Valerie DeLong, Former SVP Promotion at Universal/Motown Records and mother of two
Truth be told- I hate the cold. Perhaps its poor circulation but even as a write this I notice my fingers are cool to the touch. My thermostat reads 71 degrees by the way. Sometimes I fantasize about moving to the West Coast. Although, I know that Id never have the guts to uproot my family for the sake of warmer extremities. Valerie DeLong was lucky enough to survive the transition from east to west at the request from her former employer, Universal Music Group. It wasnt until they asked her to move back that she resisted the notion of again, uprooting her family. Former SVP Promotion at Universal/Motown Records and mother of two, Valerie happily resides in LA. Read more about Valerie DeLong

Interview with Barrie Knee, creator of Kover-Ups™
Barrie Knee, mother of two unbelievably adorable twin girls, recognized that very same thing. Instead, it was a product she sought after rather than a service. Barrie couldn’t help but notice how her twins’ safety bed rails detracted from the beauty of their room. And so, Kover-Ups™ was born. Kover-Ups™ are decorative covers for children’s beds rails featuring three distinct and patent pending designs. Join me in celebrating this mom as the recipient of the 2008 Outstanding Product by iParenting Media. Read more about working mother and entrepreneur Barrie Knee

Jami Weisman and Andrea Gillman of Cut by 2 Blondes
My son suits up for tackle football six days a week. I admit, he looks like a tough guy in his green and white armor until he rushes off the field requesting that I help him double knot his cleats. Jack is eight and weighs roughly sixty pounds, wet. And, while he may often look and dress older than his years, he’s just a little boy underneath it all. Read more about return to work mothers, business partners, Jami Weisman and Andrea Gillman

Diane Clehane, a New York Times best selling author and freelance journalist
Diane Clehane is a New York Times best selling author and freelance journalist who covers fashion, entertainment and media. She is also the parenting blogger for who says, “My life – and my daughter is an unending source of material.” She is currently at work on her next book. She lives in Westchester with her husband and four year-old daughter. Read more about working mother Diane Clehane

Cheryl Whalen, mother and Group Fitness Manager at CAN DO Fitness manages to remain active for herself and for her family
How is it that Michael Phelps consumes 12,000 calories a day? I stress over the 1,200 calorie intake I consume before dinner. So maybe I don’t swim 4,000 laps a day but I do hit the gym for one grueling hour. Exercise used to equal sanity in my chaotic life of motherhood. Now I use fitness as a chance to stress the importance of taking care of my body to my two children. Read more about Return-To-The-Workforce Mother Cheryl Whalen

Stacey Berman turns her tennis passion into a profession
“What are your interests?” “What do you like to do?” These were the questions asked of me some ten years ago at a job interview. Having gone from college straight to corporate left no time to explore anything other than work. As such, I answered, “I like to spend time with family and friends… I like to exercise, kind of.”
It wasn’t until I had children that I learned how much I enjoyed writing (used as a form of therapy when they were babies). I also realized that I loved creating. Hence, the decoupage business I started on children’s accessories or the necklaces I beaded and sold. Read more about working mother Stacey Berman

Mary Egan-Callahan and Brooke Thomas, Casting Directors at House Production & Casting in NYC, explains they not only hire the uninhibited and outgoing but teach them as well
My daughter was just four when she took over as the featured entertainer during a NYC party my family attended. With a microphone in hand, she belted out her version of the lyrics from Rihanna’s hit song “Umbrella.” The remainder of the night was spent cutting up the rug with boys three times her age. She is uninhibited and outgoing and I wish that I were actually more like her. Read more about these working mothers

Helaine Winer, mother of two and owner of the “The House” salon, found a niche - the gap between kiddie cuts and mom salon
I have just been made aware by my five-year-old that she is simply too old to get her hair cut while sitting in a fire truck. Oh, she’s over the Barbie car too. Despite all the bells and whistles that a traditional kiddie cut salon offers, my little one is determined to move on. Read more on working mother Helaine Winer, Entrepreneur

Shelley Seale, Virtual Book Tour - "The Weight of Silence: Invisible Children of India"
MyWorkButterfly member and supporter, Shelley Seale, has just released a book called The Weight of Silence: Invisible Children of India. The book is a non-fiction narrative that follows her journeys throughout India over several years, befriending and telling the stories of many children whose lives are the reality behind the movie Slumdog Millionaire. Currently there are 25 million children living without parents or homes of their own in India, on the streets or in orphanages or trafficked. They are the true faces and stories of those shown in the movie, and their everyday is all too real. Read more on working mother Shelley Seale

Helaine Kay, Spinning Instructor, Sits with Butterfly
For so long I defined myself by career rather than the actual person that I was. This made it especially difficult to transition to the title of mom. I didn’t work my !@#$ off on presentations and entertain at all hours with the notion that I’d eventually walk away from it all. Read more about return to work mother, Helaine Kay

Jessica Kirson, Nationally Known Comedian
As mothers we need to have a sense of humor in order to get through most days. My husband and I will often mimic our kids so that they can hear how ridiculous they often sound. Here’s how it goes: Read more about working mother and comic Jessica Kirson

Melissa Peretz, Butterfly's Resident Fitness Expert
In a recent conversation with my mother, I expressed that I was tired -- tired from my two kids, nothing more. She snapped, “You’re young,” you should have energy, “I did.” My mom was 22 when she had her first child. I was not. It is a fact that women are choosing to have children later in life. Halle Berry was age 42! Read more about working mother and fitness guru Melissa Peretz

Heidi Axelrod, Former Beauty Columnist For Town & Country & More Magazine
My daughter came downstairs this morning with a washcloth draped over her mouth. “I look ugly,” she muffled. After prying away the cloth, I noticed a reddish patch of dry skin next to her tiny pink lips. I told her it wasn’t anything that a dab of Aquaphor couldn’t fix. That’s my beauty tip for the day and I might also add, that all little girls must be taught that true beauty comes from within. Read more about working mother and beauty expert Heidi Axelrod

Clarins USA’s Pamela Lipkin, Director of Accounting, shares on being a working mom
I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I do not believe that I would fare well on the hit television show, “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?” As I assist my son with his math homework each night I wonder, “Am I Smarter Than A Third Grader?” Mode? Range? Who remembers anymore? English. English is a subject that I excel in. Nouns, pronouns and adjectives are much more my speed. Read more about working mother Pamela Lipkin

Shari Bilt Boockvar, Registered Dietitian and Founder of Nutrifacts
Shari Bilt Boockvar, Registered Dietitian has been a Nutrition Counselor and Consultant since 1993 and is the founder of Nutrifacts, Inc. a nutrition consulting firm and the mother of one sweet little boy. Shari offers her own version of grilled cheese to her son. Her area of expertise is in weight control, sports/fitness and cholesterol management, servicing families across the country. Read more ab out working mother, and Nutritionist Shari Bilt Boockvar

Anne Sutherland Fuchs, Chair, NYC Commission on Women's Issues Shares
Anne Sutherland Fuchs, proud mother of two boys, has done more than scratch the surface. She has put a jackhammer to it. Anne is the Chair of the NYC Commission on Women’s Issues, serving as a liaison between Mayor Bloomberg and the female community. Read more about working mother and liaison to Mayor Bloomberg, Anne Sutherland Fuchs

Beth Herbst,, shares her secrets in balancing fashion and family
Winter is here and that means cozy cashmere and beautiful boots. So then why am I wearing Ugg slippers and my husband’s extra large navy-hooded sweatshirt? Read more about working mother, entrepreneur and fashion expert, Beth Herbst

Shelly Grossman,, Shares Her Journey Of Maternity And Motherhood
So often I hear moms express that they’d love to open a “little” store of their own. They fantasize about selling children’s clothes and accessories while attending the gift shows in Manhattan. Read more about working mother Shelly Grossman

Linda Schuller, Protravel, Shares Her Journey Of Travel And Motherhood
Travel tips are not easy to come by. No one knows this better than Linda Schuller, mother of two grown children, who has worked in the travel industry since 1978. Linda continues to help families find the best vacation destinations… ice included! In an exclusive interview with Butterfly, Linda shares her journey of balancing travel and time: Read more about working mother linda Schuller >>>

Hyla Weiss, Crohn's and Colitis Advocate, Shares Her Journey Of Balancing Fundraising And Family
Hyla Weiss, mother of two, takes “involvement” to an entirely different level! Before having children, Hyla held a highly-coveted position at Vanity Fair magazine. She is now significantly responsible for the fundraising efforts for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation and has contributed immensely to her Temple, B’nai Abraham, as well.
Read more about working mother and volunteer, Hyla Weiss >>>

Butterfly's Resident Career Counselor, Julie Cohen Shares How She Manages Her Own Work / Life Flexibility
Too often children are asked what they want to be when they grow up. How is my five-year old suppose to know the limitless opportunities that lie before her? Yesterday she wanted to be a soccer player and today she wants to be Hannah Montana. I am 37 years old and I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, other than a grandmother. We spend our whole lives figuring out what we don’t want to do. And, if we’re lucky enough, we stumble upon our passion that leads to our long desired “ah-ha” moment.
Read more about working mother and resident Career Coach, Julie Cohen>>>

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