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Our Story

As told by Butterfly Co-founder, Bradi Nathan

On a typical Sunday afternoon my children fought over the much coveted "corner seat" of our family room couch. Instead of creating a flowchart showcasing a rotation of "the corner," I shuffled them into the car for a change of scenery. We landed at Border's Books. While my children ran around the store, lifting nearly every book from its shelf, I settled in the internet-marketing aisle.

As we headed out the door, book selections in hand, I ran into a friend of mine who politely introduced me to her friend, Terry Starr. She and Terry were enjoying a "mom's only" outing at Border's. They both asked about my purchase entitled, Internet Riches. When I spoke of my interest in online marketing, Terry immediately offered her business card that read: President, SL3 Group, Success Communications. We continued to chat briefly learning that we both had boys, in the same grade, at the same school. Yet, we had no clue of one another's existence. She said, "Call me." I said, "Okay" and off we went.

I devoured the pages of Internet Riches that very night and called Terry in the morning to share an idea. Little did I know from her business card that she worked at a leading, full service advertising agency, specializing in HR Recruitment Marketing.

So here's what I need to say to fate: Thank you to my two wonderful children for fighting. Thank you to Terry and her friend Janelle for deciding to go to Border's that very day and for asking me about my purchase. Thank you to Kurt Schwartz for hiring Terry, a woman who is both brilliant and kind. Without these series of happenings... without our partnership...Butterfly would still be in a cocoon.

A special thanks to Kurt for supporting our mission and for sharing the resources that turned a concept into a reality. And, to Matt for being another instrumental man in this women’s community we have created. J, ABL, Kathy, Tracey, Kurt P, L, and Mer – for your undying support. To all the many women who are featured on our site, we thank you for your brilliance, honesty and inspiration. And lastly, D – your entrepreneurial spirit, love of life and S will get you through it all (“L”).

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