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10 things you can do today to create a positive perception of family for your child after a break-up
by Vivian Scott
My mediation practice often sees families in various states of emotional disrepair. Everyone from husbands and wives filing for divorce, to exes still fighting over some long-ago event, to parents who refuse to speak to one another no matter the topic have asked for my help. Read More

Telling your child that a baby is on the way. Is there really any good approach?
By: Kimberley Clayton Blaine, MA, MFT
Telling your child that a baby is on the way will depend on the their age. If you tell a child under two years old, she’ll look you in eye and then walk away. Read More

“Do this, don’t do that!” Discipline across your children’s ages and stages
by Lynne Kenney, PsyD
If you are a parent of children who range in age from toddler to school-ager you, no doubt, have experienced the perennial problem of “disciplinary differences.” No, that’s not a geometry term, it’s the mystifying experience of needing to use 7 different approaches to discipline to get your kids to do as they’re asked. Read More

Working Moms Want to Get Down On The Floor And Play
by Lynne Kenney, PsyD
A great way to have fun with your kids is to get down on the floor and play at their level. Here are some suggestions of “on the floor” games you can play with children of different ages. Read More

Life coach, Parent coach... Here you are...
by Lynne Kenney, PsyD
We play so many important roles as parents. You are mediator, doctor, chauffeur, chef, yet most of all, you are your child’s personal life coach. You teach your child how to navigate the social, academic, athletic and family world by your own words and actions. Read More

by Lynne Kenney, PsyD
Following our conscience can be tough at any age. But, for children, whose conscience is still developing, it can be a real challenge. So, how can you help your child do the right thing when faced with a dilemma? Here are some helpful hints to get (and keep) your child on the right track. Read More

Movie Time
by Lynne Kenney, PsyD
It’s still too cold to go outside and everyone has a bit of “cabin fever” making them cranky. A good way to get rid of cranky and change to happy is to treat the family to Movie Time. Read More

by Lynne Kenney, PsyD
Disciplining your children can be difficult. We often struggle with determining the right appropriate consequences we’ve promised. But, things can really get complicated when we’re two people who have very different styles of discipline try to parent together. Read More

The successful family meeting
by Lynne Kenney, PsyD
The dreaded family meeting is generally one that makes your children want to run for the hills. Family meetings are often a crucial time to reconnect, plan a big event, or share time discussing conflicts and concerns. They are necessary for a peaceful household. Read More

Teach your children to self-monitor their behavior
by Lynne Kenney, PsyD
You may know children who hit or call names, only to blame the other children for their behavioral choices. Sometimes these children blame others in order to justify their own behavior. Read More

How Do You Teach Your Children Boundaries
by Lynne Kenney, PsyD
Children need boundaries, in order to feel safe, nurtured, and loved. Whether a boundary is internal, related to our thoughts and feelings or external, related to how we manage the space in our relationships, boundaries are central to our emotional and physical development. Read More

New Years Aspirations For Parents
by Lynne Kenney, PsyD
It's been a glorious year, filled with love, living and learning. I hope 2009 brought you moments of true joy. You may have already started thinking about your plan to bring even more happiness to your family life in 2010. Read More

The Home Town Disadvantage Play Date
by Kimberley Clayton Blaine
Ever wonder why your well-mannered preschooler plays nicely at other people's homes then becomes a tyrant when a play date is on your home turf? Read More

Traci E. Alexander, Mz Mom
Watch her great videos by clicking here!

A Respectful Approach to Dealing with Separation Anxiety
By Kimberley Clayton Blaine
Babies can show signs of separation anxiety as early as six months – but the toughest time for most babies is between 13 to 18 months. This is when your baby is becoming a toddler and is realizing that they are completely separate beings from you. Read More

The Mommy Rat Race: Break the Cycle of Mommy Competition
By Kimberley Clayton Blaine
Don’t you just cringe when you hear your neighbor say, “My child slept through the night and he’s only six weeks old!” or “Wow, I can fit into my Levi’s now” and she’s only had her baby a few months ago? Granted, we all want to be excited for moms who have a fairly easy time with their babies; however, if you are going to do a little bragging of your own (which is a God-given right as a mommy!) follow up by talking about an area in which you are pretty lame. A perfect mom is hard for anyone to bond with. We feel we can never live up to that type of mother so we shy away with intimidation. Read More
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