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Rachelle and Ed Begley, Jr., Hollywood's Leading Green Couple, Live Celebrity Auction, 4/1-11

Liz Lange, mother of 2 and fashion & retail icon in the world of maternity supports Butterfly

Alison Brod Supports

Dina Manzo, Real Housewives of NJ, supports the moms at

Gloria Allred Empowers Women and Embraces Butterfly

Laurie Gelman, Co-host of "The Mom Show" and Mother of Two, Promotes Butterfly

Jill Zarin, Real Housewives of NYC, Working Mother, Wife to Bobby Zarin Shares Resources for Butterflies

Rebecca Lobo, WNBA All Star, ESPN Commentator, Mother, Wife, Olympiad Shares

Angela Santomero, Blues Clues Co-Creator and Creator of Super Why!

Danielle Monaro, Z100, Radio DJ. Is One Rockin Butterfly

To Work or Not To Work?

Kids Eye-View On Working Moms, Sponsored by Camp Lenox

Resident Career Coach Julie C. Tells Us Why SHE Loves Butterfly!

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