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Testimonials From Our Butterflies

"I believe in the power of Butterfly because I have seen the extraordinary strength and influence of women in business. We must continue to support and propel one another as mothers and as professionals. Butterfly provides us common ground, and there is every reason to believe it will achieve every goal, including greatness -- just like the community of women it serves." - Judy McGrath, Chairman & CEO MTV Networks, NYC

"...since I'm busy being a mom, I thought I'd plug Whitney's (Nicole's BFF) causes and projects here for you all to see...Terry, I love helping out and Whit always picks the best causes to support! Your website is a wonderful idea!" - Nicole Richie

"Thanks for the warm welcome Terry ... it'll take me a little time but I'll figure out how to navigate the site ... I already like the 'atmosphere' ... see you around the site!! ;)" - Ellen

“A site like Butterfly is wonderful because the worst thing you could ever feel in life is if you feel alone… if we think we’re the only one going through it… there’s a tremendous desperation in that. You need to have faculties and wits about you. So, this is an opportunity to get all kinds of information that you’re going to need. Most importantly, it’s going to make you realize that you’re not alone. You have dreams and other people have their dreams too. Others may be able to give you words of wisdom to help with particular problem you’re facing that day. Learn from people that have gone before you.” - Kathie Lee Gifford

"Thanks Bradi for the birthday wishes! I echo other people's sentiments when I say that I am impressed with the personal touches you bring to the site by the direct messages. Have a great day!" - Jacqueline Green, Alberta, Canada

“We need a site like Butterfly so women can stop being so +!@#$ themselves.”
-Jennifer Griffin, National Security Correspondent for Fox News

“At the end of the day, I just want to know that I’m not alone in this crazy journey. I love hearing from other mothers and laughing with them.” -Jane Skinner, daytime news presenter on Fox News Channel, co-hosting Happening Now with Jon Scott

"The mission is a needed one and I have a feeling millions of women will be looking to butterfly for assistance and encouragement!" - Plus-Sized Supermodel, Emme, Closter, NJ

"You made me well up with tears- thank you so much for this...I am honored to be a part of this wonderfully amazing group of women!" - Mindy Scheier, NJ

"I am looking forward to connecting with what seems like a committed, hard-working and life-loving group of women! " - Shannon, State of Washington

"Thank you for letting us know about your site ... great website! " -Mary Liz, Wilmington, DE

"Congratulations on this venture! I do work in Sales & Biz Development based in San Francisco! Originally from New England now living in the Bay Area. Your organization has an amazing opportunity to take flight - I am excited to see where this goes." - Danielle, San Francisco, CA

"Butterfly is "the village". It really is an amazing place where working moms can go to get the inspiration and ideas that will help us learn and grow as people." -
Angela Santomero, Co-Creator Blue's Clues and Founder Super WHY!

"What a great topic! I also have heard that everyone has a cell phone (except my son of course!!). I’d love to hear what you’re doing for International Women’s Day. I think it’s important to teach our kids about the reality of daily life for families outside of our ”world." - Carol Baran

"I just looked at 201 mentoring magazine. GREAT picture, great article. You are amazing women, I am so impressed by the how much you guys are working and pushing Butterfly. It is all so impressive. Hope you had a great mothers day." -
Julie Potischman, Butterfly Resident Psychotherapist

"Thank you so much for the tickets to the NETS and the signed ball. We had such an amazing time and the seats were the best! It was college night so the kids were able to meet many of the college mascots and Caroline met the Nets Dancers etc.. Thank you for a great family night! We all had a great evening. Best of luck with your business...I admire your creativity! I will continue to tell people to join in." - Regina Cariddi

"So... you see that player up there? I work for Stereofame and while I don't have kids, I still face the challenge of being a great spouse of a musician husband and being the only female executive at my job. I am looking forward to the growth of this community and sharing work-life experiences that hopefully help us all discover new ways to get the most out of this wonderful life." - Kristin, Connecticut

"Terry, Hello. I am in real estate currently! Which is very challenging! Have a good evening. Thanks for a great site!" Colleen, South Carolina

"I had to tell you how impressive your site is. You have job postings reaching all over the world and the concept really embraces the spirit of women! Way to go!" - Jen Kotler

"The site is brilliant! Good luck today." - xo Laurie Sindoni, London, England

"I have periodically logged on to butterfly so I could be the 1st to congratulate you when you reached 1000 members, but I’m way too late I guess!" - Paul Simko, NJ

"Congratulations! 1001 members and growing!" - Ken Starr, NJ/Boston

"I just wanted to say thanks for a great "launch party," I had a great time. Everyone involved with "Butterfly" is so wonderful. I know this is going to be HUGE!" - Danielle Monaro, Z100 Radio, NYC

"Nice write up in the tribune baby. Keep up the good work! xoxo" - Alison, NJ
"What a clever butterfly you are - putting this together. I will pass this on - good luck !" - Dena, Sydney, Australia xo

“It’s so important that woman support one another. It really helps us to feel connected and to get a better understanding about the reality of motherhood. Without having this type of support network, woman can feel very isolated, stuck and even depressed. Butterfly gives women hope to find the perfect combination for a rewarding work and personal life. It’s a real gift!!! We’re all interconnected and really need each other’s help to succeed. That’s really the bottom line here.” -
Dr. Robi Ludwig, Nationally known Psychotherapist, On-Air Correspondent

"I think a site like Butterfly could help working moms in a number of ways. First, hopefully it can help women find the job that allows them the balance of being a mom while also having a career. Also, it can help working mothers realize they are not alone when it comes to all of the different feelings and challenges they will have to deal with." -
Rebecca Lobo, ESPN Commentator, WNBA all-star, Olympic Medalist

"Thanks. What a great idea for a networking site. I, myself, have been reading up on "Relaunchers", women who want to return to a career but still want to keep some type of flexibility to ensure work/family balance. There's even a book out there - The Ten Year Nap - which addresses this issue. It's certainly a hot topic now and even our new First Lady has committed to this cause. I will share this networking site with my friends." - Congrats, Ligia

"I will let you know you motivated me to get my licenses in order regarding my MSW." - Suzanne, NJ

Hi Terry-I am thrilled for you and Bradi. I can't wait to meet you. I love brilliant women! I told Bradi that this looks like a HOME RUN!!! I can already feel the viral effect of the site. I look forward to chatting more about it soon. Great Great job!! - Alexa S., Wash DC

"Good goes around and you guys are doing beyond good things! This is great!! Thank you so much you guys are doing great things! I wish I had half the energy you have to do all that you do!! - Cindy Vero, KTU Radio

" Wow! 955 members already. Good for you! The site looks awesome." - Debbie

“I am glad that you like my name. This is a great site and I am looking forward to taking advantage. I plan to post a picture soon as I do not have any recent photos.” - Quintene, Ohio

"The site looks great and I am looking forward to a great learning experience from some of the resources you have here. Congratulations!" - Theresa L, VA

"Thanks for inviting me to the site. I'm really excited about spreading the word - it's a great site and I'm glad to be part of it." - Diane Lang

"Wishing you every success - it's a trying and exciting time - happy inauguration! I am excited and look forward to using Butterfly to continue to build bonds among the extraordinary women that make up our country, the workforce, etc. Thanks and rock on! - Gabrielle Garofalo

"Thank you for creating a great interface for working mothers!" - Rebecca Taylor, Ohio

"Thanks so much, I'm looking forward to sharing with this community, it's long overdue!" - Sally Brandon

Hi Terry - Love your new social networking site. I just posted about MyWorkButterfly on my blog, PlinkPlink: Moms Talking about Money. I'm excited to be a part of the community! - Erin Sirrianni, NYC

"Cool site! Matt forwarded me the info from facebook. I am trying to get back into part time pharma sales. So, networking is good for me!" - Mara Feldman

"Yes, the site looks amazing! Best of luck!" - Faith Sussman

“Butterfly is a community for strong women who believe that working enhances rather than impedes your success as a mother.“ - Samantha Ettus, Best-Selling Author, On-Air Correspondent

“I think Butterfly is a great concept because I am always looking for free-lancers with experience and the Butterfly group is full of smart women who still have a lot to offer, in addition to raising children.”
- Alison Brod, Founder, Alison Brod Public Relations

Thank you for inviting Michelle Obama to your Butterfly launch event. We value each and every invitation, but due to Mrs. Obama's time constraints, she must decline the majority of invitations received. We have reviewed your invitation, and unfortunately, she will be unable to participate in your event. Nevertheless, we hope that you will remain engaged in our emerging administration as you are the key individuals pushing our movement forward. - The Obama-BidenTransition Project Scheduling Team

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