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Do you believe in parents allowing their children to "experiment" with alcohol or drugs while under their supervision?
by Julie Potischman
I am not an advocate of parents who believe it is better to experiment with drugs and alcohol under their supervision. It is one thing to have your child try a drink or drug for the first time under parents supervision, but it is a whole different ballgame to say that since the kids will be doing drugs and drinking anyway so the parents would rather have them do it while they are home. Read More

Mean Girls and How to Handle: Advice for Mothers and Daughters
by Julie Potischman
Mean girls. We all know at least one and probably still recall our own harsh experiences with them. When it comes to mean girls we want to teach our daughters to be confident and happy despite how the mean girls are mistreating them. Read More

What's the best way to manage separation anxiety as a parent and as a child? (ie: sleep away camp experience, childcare, new school)
by Julie Potischman
Separation anxiety is a common thing for kids and for parents. Not only can a child experience separation anxiety, but a parent can as well in regards to leaving their child either in camp, school, day care, etc. Read More

How can women best handle the stress they endure from being a mother, a wife, and an employee at the same time?
By Dr. Robi Ludwig
It’s very important for women to take time out for themselves. Whatever that “time out” is. Mothers need space to hear their own thoughts, which in turn helps them to nurture their souls. Maybe that means working out... Read More

How might a husband feel if his wife should suddenly become the major “bread winner?”
By Dr. Robi Ludwig
I don’t know if a husband should feel one way or the other about his wife being the major breadwinner in the family. Read More

Seasonal Affective Disorder
By Diane Lang
Its that time of year again- cold weather, snow, ice, clouds and days with less sunlight. For parents, winter is a tough time- finding activities that are always inside, worrying about snow days and delays and making sure kids get plenty of physical exercise even though the weather is cold and the days are shorter. Read More

What are the benefits of family game night?
The benefits are huge. First of all, family game night is a great way to spend quality time together as a family that DOES NOT cost anything. What a great way to introduce something fun to do in place of something that your kids may not be able to do anymore because of finances. Read More

What do you tell your children when mommy or daddy loses their job?
Age factors into this answer, but in general, tell them the truth. Ensure them that things may be a bit different, but that everything will be OK. Read More

Butterfly’s Resident Licensed Psychotherapist - Julie Potischman
Julie Potischman is Butterfly’s Resident Licensed Psychotherapist and she is also, you guessed it, a working mom. Julie has a private practice in Roseland NJ and 15 plus years of working with children, adolescents, adults, families and couples. Julie spends most days listening to her clients. Now the tables are turned as we ask the questions and do the listening. Read More

The Happily Marriage Skills Factor
By Dr. Robi Ludwig
I was asked to do a segment for the Today show, where I had to counsel the latest on air couple to get married (and they were such an adorable and charming couple, too) about the essential ingredients to achieve a successful marriage. I’m always a little bit struck whenever I’m asked to talk about this topic, because the truth is, I don’t think anyone has the definitive answer, to this age old yet endlessly intriguing question. Read More

Nationally Known Psychotherapist, Dr. Robi Ludwig Sits with Butterfly
As we are all well aware, the stress of motherhood is enough to “shove” you over the edge. Add a work schedule to the mix and it’s likely that you will sprint to your nearest pharmacy for a Costco size case of Prozac. Before we hit rock bottom, spiraling like a child “amped” up on sugar, we ask ourselves, “How can I possibly handle it all?” Read More

Julie Potischman, a psychotherapist and mother, helps address the tough issues facing women on their journey:

How should we talk to our kids about the recession at a time when luxuries like camp are being taken away?
The age of the child is always a factor when answering questions such as this; it is really hard to come up with an answer that meets all ages. Having said that, I believe it is important to talk to our children when luxuries are changing. Read More

Why is it important for women to do something for themselves other than just for their family?
Not everyone was born to be “just” a mother or a wife. Interacting with adults, getting away from the kids, having something to talk about and think about issues outside of your children, and taking time for oneself, are all important things. I also feel that it is extremely important to teach your children that although they mean the world to you, they are not your whole world, life outside of the home, does exist.
Read More >>>

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