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Travel App for Family Fun
byJill Seman
Jill Seman created Mom Maps, an iPhone application that finds kid friendly locations on the go. Mom Maps finds kid friendly parks, playgrounds, restaurants and indoor play areas from your iPhone which is dynamically linked to the their site where parents can rate and review sites on-the-go. Read More

"Favorite family summer getaway in Italy"
by Laura Veglia
We decided when our daughter was young that each summer we would bring her to a different part of Italy to introduce her to the Italian side of her heritage and also to discover a new part of the country where her father was born. Read More

Home Exchange
By Jill Singer
"A unique way for families to vacation is with home exchange, where families can swap a stay in their home for a stay in someone else’s home. Read More

New York City for Free
by Meryl D. Pearlstein
If you think everything in New York costs too much, well, you're right—almost. In fact, the city has tons of free attractions and activities; you just need to know where to look for them. Read More

Family Camps Are All the Rage This Year – Grab A Slice of Childhood Again!
By Susan Kohlback
Somewhere along the road to adulthood, responsibilities have dimmed our anticipation of summer fun and freedom. Gone are the days when we spent hours hanging out with friends, swimming, laughing, playing games, and singing songs around an open fire; tumbling into bed exhausted from playing all day. Sigh…. Read more from working mother, Susan Kohlback, Travel Expert

Children of India: Shelley Seale’s Journey with Daughter
by Shelley Seale
I never expected to be in India. And without a doubt, I never thought once I had been I would return, again and again.
It wasn’t the exotic beauty that drew me back. It wasn’t the storied, ancient history of the country or its rich and varied culture. It was not the colors or the spices or the sounds or the spirituality of the place. India is all of these things, to be sure, and I have grown to love them all. But they were not what seeped into my being and pulled me close, becoming a part of me that I missed with a strange emptiness once I left.
It was the children.
Learn about Children of India from Shelley Seale, working mother

Top 10 Ethical Travel Destinations
by Shelley Seale
Each year, millions of travelers pack their bags and head for the usual destinations: Paris, Bangkok, San Francisco, Rio, Beijing. But while an organization called Ethical Traveler sees all travel as a potentially positive force, they'd like to see people step off the beaten path. Read from working mother, Shelley Seale>>>

Couples Can “Pay It Forward” With Dream Wedding in Hawaii
by Shelley Seale
Destination weddings have become extremely popular, and very few places top the list of beautiful, romantic wedding sites like Hawaii does. Imagine taking those first steps on the journey as husband and wife as sunset lowers beyond the ocean’s edge at magic hour, sending pink and orange shimmers across the beautiful beaches, cliffs and waterfalls of Hawaii. Likewise, it’s an incomparable setting for a renewal of vows or...Read More

Family-Friendly Family Tips
by Linda Schuller
Travel tips are not easy to come by. No one knows this better than Linda Schuller, a mother of two grown children, who has worked in the travel industry since 1978. Read More

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