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Handling Unemployment Stress
By Diane Lang
The psychological impact of being unemployed can be overwhelming. MA Therapist and educator Diane Lang says symptoms of unemployment stress can include: Read More

New Dog, New Balance
By Julie Cohen, PCC
It is approaching three months since we made the leap and added a new member to our family, Wolfie the Beagle. And, it's been a quite a journey - from excitement to frustration; from overwhelm to comfort; from structure to mayhem and back again. Read More

Who Cares about Work-Life Balance?
By Julie Cohen, PCC
While preparing for a speaking engagement for a group of senior executives, I was briefly distracted by a worrying thought: “What if this audience of high-achieving, hard-working, successful leaders doesn’t care about work-life balance? Read More

De Clutter your mind
By Diane Lang
When you de-clutter your mind you will begin to see a creative side of you that you never knew existed. I can tell you first hand, when I learned to de clutter my mind, all my creativity started to flow very freely. Read More

By Diane Lang
We all have stress, it's a part of life. There is even such a thing as "Good Stress" Good stress motivates you to be the best person you can be, it pushes you ahead to grow and move forward in your life. Good stress could be a promotion at work, going on a date, etc. Read More

By Diane Lang
We are all guilty of it at one time or another but if you realize that you are procrastinating more often then you are getting things done, then it is time to work on it. Procrastination is the avoidance of getting a task accomplished. Procrastination can lead to feelings of guilt, self doubt, depression and can lead to chronic procrastination. Read More

Woman's classes teach balance, happiness
By Diane Lang
Cash may be in short supply during this recession, but calmness and perspective needn't be. Not while Diane Lang teaches at local adult schools. For years, the 40-year-old Flanders psychotherapist and mom has written books and created classes for the public on soothing, practical topics — relieving anxiety, creating balance, being happy, positive parenting. Read More

Butterflies Revive and Thrive in the New Year
Now that you have gently packed away the last of the family holiday heirlooms, tenderly boxed up all of your children’s holiday Picasso masterpieces, successful survived all of the return lines, and hopefully, caught some great sales casting a smile on the faces of your family and friends—what are you doing for you? Has the time come for you to renew? Read More

Stress free for the holidays
By Diane Lang
It’s the beginning of the Holiday season and with the holidays comes stress. Each year we feel a mix of joy and anxiety when we approach the days before Thanksgiving. The Holidays can bring stress starting in November and going straight thru till New Year’s. We feel a mix of stress related to financial costs of the holidays, family coming to stay and the conflicts it brings, the stress of trying to have the perfect meal and holiday. Read More

The Adventures of Mz. Mom & Friends…
Today, it seems as if the hurdles are higher to jump over and the obstacle courses are getting almost impossible to complete for working mothers. We are all trying to do our best at finding the right balance between raising our children, providing for our families while making sure we don’t lose our personal passions. Most of us are working on a tight-budget with limited resources and absolutely limited time for ourselves. These challenging times require us to get extremely creative with our careers and better at bartering our skills and services. But most importantly, now is the right time for you to really find your true passion and go for it! Read More

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