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Couples Can “Pay It Forward” With Dream Wedding in Hawaii

Shelley Seale is a freelance journalistic writer, graphic designer, mom and world vagabond. Her degree is in Writing and Cultural Psychology from St. Edward's University. Shelley's writing has appeared in dozens of publications & websites.

by Shelley Seale

Destination weddings have become extremely popular, and very few places top the list of beautiful, romantic wedding… Continue

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Maybe you can help me!

I am curious how you all got your businesses. Do you make your own stuff sell and ship it all or what is it that you do? I want to see my options and maybe expand my veiws. Ive done work at home stuff for two years lots that hasnt worked out so well and lost plenty of money doing thing that make other people rich. Matrix and downlines and list building ect. I need something new...Better! Thanks Sherry

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I like Friends

Please add me as your friend I would like to get aquainted

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When to Retire

Mindy Scheier (me) is a - (gosh this is harder than I thought)- working mom of 2 fab kids/self proclaimed fashionista/5 ft brunette who feels I should have been a 5' 11" red head/wife of dentist-which I LOVE saying/still waiting to be discovered/having some fun while I can! MindyFinds is a fashion forum for rants and raves, style tips and much more. Targeted toward any and all women with a major focus on working moms (g-d love us!), The MindyFinds…

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Support the Fight against Heart Disease in Women - Wear Red on February 6th

By Kara Sibilia

Here’s a scary fact - one out of three women dies of heart disease, yet many are unable to properly identify the risk factors and warning signs. The American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women® promotes awareness and understanding of the seriousness of cardiovascular disease in women. This movement connects millions of women, and helps fund research and educational programs to…

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EXCLUSIVE: Wawa Reveals How to Survive a Recession

By Barbara Grondin Francella

MEDIA, Pa. -- In its 60-year history, the convenience store industry has weathered recessions, regional slow downs and back-to-back big-chain bankruptcies. But few retailers were as well positioned as they could be when the current financial meltdown started.

The management team at Wawa Inc. saw the storm clouds forming, and unlike other industry colleagues, proactively set about preparing for the worst.

"We were aware, as… Continue

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Family Focus - It's the Witching Hour

Photographed By: Ellen Welty

Photo: Alamy
The transition time from work and school to home can bring out the witch in you and the demon in your kids. Here, one frazzled, guilty mom learns to work some magic. Driving to collect my son, Sawyer, 13, from after school sports, with my 9-year-old daughter, Kate, in the backseat bopping to the radio, I had high hopes for a happy evening. There's nothing like leaving the stresses of the…

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Move Of The Month - January

Medicine Ball Toss: Start holding a medicine ball (2-6lb depending on fitness) at chest height with feet a little wider than shoulders apart. Inhale. Pull abdominals in and swing the ball down between the feet exhaling as you go. As you come back up, swing the ball up onto one side and inhale. Repeat to the other side. Repeat all x 10. Build up to 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps.

This exercise is a great way to… Continue

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New Year's Resolution...

This is the time of year that gets everyone thinking about getting in shape or trying to stick to a new workout regimen. I would suggest that you start with small attainable goals, and reward yourself each time you achieve one of your goals. It could be as simple as adding a 15 minute power walk to your lunch hour, or getting to a spin/Pilates class once a week. Make the rewards healthy “treats”. For example, after 2 full weeks of lunchtime walks, you give yourself a pedicure…etc. If you reward… Continue

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Gym Class Hero

A few days ago my daughter came home from school without her coat.

“Is it on the bus?” I asked her.


“Did you leave it at gymnastics?”


And so on.

I also asked her a bunch of times if she had checked the school’s Lost and Found.

To which she rolled here eyes and replied:

“Mom, I didn’t have the time.”

The life of a first grader is just so hectic.


Today I… Continue

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Why You Can't Pull a Fast One on a Headband-Wearing Six-Year-Old

A bit of background.

My daughter started wearing headbands when she was three.

And by started wearing, I mean has been completely obsessed with.

Seriously. She has not gone for more than five minutes a day (if that) without a headband in the last THREE YEARS.

True story.

She wears them in the pool. To gymnastics. During soccer. In bed at night.

She even ended up with a staph infection once behind her right ear, after her headband… Continue

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About Last Night

Saw me wearing my baseball hat and sunglasses today did you?

Nope. Not hungover.

(I wish)

So what did happen last night?

Here’s a recap.

7 pm:

Take 3-year-old up to bed. Wash hands. Brush teeth. Change into PJs.

Make no attempt to match the top with the bottom.

Because. That’s why.

7:15 pm:

Get in bed with 3-year-old. Read same three books as every night.

Read them… Continue

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Missed the wave and Swim Strong's live Radio show?

Here's the link. I hope it helps bring our work more "alive" for you. We are looking to extend partnerships and events and resources. Our website is Moms naturally, are core to the work we do at Swim Strong. Butterfly is such a natural venue for us to partner with. I just set up a group for Swim Strong Moms...I hope you'll join… Continue

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Exciting News for Swim Strong!

I'm delighted to share with you that Swim Strong Foundation is being featured tomorrow on Kompalya Thunderbird's "Heart and Soul" segment on Progressive Radio Network at 3pm, EST. You can listen in as it streams live by going to and clicking on the botton in the upper left hand side of the page. call in number is 888-873-4643 Hope you can "be" there!…

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Creating Balance

balance - handout.wps

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I Wish I Had a Crystal Ball [Part 1]

At the end of each year, I sit down and do several things to prepare my company for the upcoming year. One is list out goals for the company and for myself. Another is to create a sales forecast. In the final weeks of 2008, as I was trying my best to prepare a 2009 sales forecast, I found myself wishing for one thing - a crystal ball. So many variables are making any sort of prediction near impossible. Is anyone else having a hard time?

Read the rest… Continue

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Arbonnne Independent Consultant

My name is Terri Rizzi and I am a Breast Cancer Survior. I watch everything that goes into my body and what I put on my skin. Why, you ask because I believe that you are what you eat and your skin eats too. So a couple of months ago I joined Arbonne. I tried the product of skin care about a year ago and liked it very much, but never ordered after that; you know how life gets in the way of everything. So back in July I went to a demo at a friends house… Continue

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Gale Gregory, Mother And Owner Of Mom’s Helper, Inc., A Nanny Agency Serving The Tri-state Area, Simplifies The “Nanny-hunt” Process

Can you explain the process for finding a nanny or housekeeper?

When a client calls we ask for a full description of the position to fill. From the initial discussion, we generally have a very good feel for the type of person the client is looking for. We then select 2-3 applicants who we believe are best suited for the position and have them speak directly to the client. Based on the conversation, the client and potential…

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Looking for other freelancers

I've spent the past 25+ years as an advertising copywriter, 13 of those as a freelancer. I get regular work from a number of ad agencies and corporate clients. I am always looking to partner with other freelancers--art directors, media planners, etc.--together, we can take on bigger, more lucrative jobs. I am also on the prowl for regular gigs, such as newsletters, web pages, etc. If you're interested, or know anyone who might be, please contact me. I look forward to talking with… Continue

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