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Managing Gestational Diabetes While on Prescribed Bed Rest

Gestational Diabetes (GD) can be particularly problematic for mamas on prescribed bed rest. Previously a common indication for bed rest, with all of the medical advances and therapies most pregnant women who develop GD are easily managed as out patients. Unfortunately, women who are prescribed bed rest for another medical condition are at increased risk for developing GD as a result of inactivity and weight gain. Women who develop GD are at increased risk of developing Type II diabetes later in… Continue

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Cash Budgets: The Gateway to Frugal Living

One of the best ways to save money that we know of at is to put yourself on a cash budget. On January 1st, I put myself on a cash budget to try to get control of the amount that I was spending on discretionary items (i.e. makeup, clothes, shoes, lunches with the ladies, etc.). I made it about 8 days and then I had a lapse of concentration and ordered a book at Whoops! But in general, I think it’s a good idea to try a cash budget if you need to work on decreasing… Continue

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Seasonal Affective Disorder

Its that time of year again- cold weather, snow, ice, clouds and days with less sunlight. For parents, winter is a tough time- finding activities that are always inside, worrying about snow days and delays and making sure kids get plenty of physical exercise even though the weather is cold and the days are shorter. On top of that some parents have to deal with a type of depression called Seasonal Disorder. This type of depression usually happens in the winter months due to the weather… Continue

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Mentor. Find one who propels you. I did.

In life one hopes to be lucky enough to find a mentor- someone who helps to mold the person you dream of becoming one day. This person lifts you, guides you, and inspires you to be the best – often resulting in something you didn’t even know you were capable of. This person is Maureen Haynes-Starr. Maureen was my mentor over 15 years ago and firmly holds that position today. I watched her run a multi-million dollar budget as the Global Media Director for Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics with a great… Continue

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Superbowl Ads, vacation accomodation and so much more.

OK so this was something that I had chat about because it has come up a couple of times, while getting my fix of information for the day.

Super Bowl Advertising.... with super bowl just around the corner its hard not to wonder what this year's Game will bring, with an exciting match up of the Saint's vs Colts it surely will attract fans from all over.

As always the Superbowl features the half time show and the - very fun to watch- Ads, that over the past few years have been… Continue

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NUTRITION INSPIRATIONS: Welcome to your 14th edition

For the full text version with pictures and links CLICK HERE

The “Clean 15” List: You may be familiar with the "Dirty Dozen" list of fruits and vegetables that have the most amount of pesticides...

Now check this out to pick the best: The environmental working group (ewg) has posted a list of fruits and… Continue

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Job Openings! Hiring Moms. Flex Hours.

We are proud to offer you the opportunity to apply for a job with Cigna in Nursing and IT as well as a WAHM position with national retailer Jos. A. Bank.

Click through Cigna's Banner on the top of our home page to learn more.

We are committed to bringing you opportunity and to helping you succeed both personally and professionally.

Best- Bradi and Terry, Co-Founders, Butterfly

Added by Bradi Nathan on January 27, 2010 at 7:30pm — 2 Comments

Speak up! For your Delivery Options

A common misconception amongst high risk pregnant women (myself included) is that we don't have options when it comes to labor and delivery. Because we are high risk and "likely to have complications" we don't even ask if alternative treatments or options are available. We simply go with whatever our obstetricians "advise", even if we have strong reservations or even vehement opposition to their recommendations.

I want to encourage high risk pregnant women to speak up. Just because… Continue

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Working Mom: The Indian Experience

Hello, everybody! It's great to be part of such a wonderful network. I always knew that working mothers must face the same kind of challenges all over the world, but I'm overwhelmed to find so many interesting stories on this site. Didn't know how closely connected we really are! I'm a Civil Servant and a writer, a wife and Mom. So, yes, it's a full day. Two of my novels were published last year. 'Toofani Days, Valentine Nights' is a multicultural romance set in Agra. It's available via… Continue

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I recently had a very interesting conversation with a new friend. It was very philosophical. I made this statement regarding my current situation. I am on the path to somewhere that leads to nowhere but where I am supposed to be. That seemed to puzzle my new friend. I explained to her that my old path had been completely and totally pulled out from under me and that I was in a totally new place. I don't believe in organized religion, if my mother finds out, I could be in trouble. Especially,… Continue

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I am the new Orange County Domestic Violence and Abuse Examiner.

Hello all!

I am the new Orange County Domestic Violence and Abuse Examiner. I will be writing on various aspects of abuse as well as local events to benefit shelters and organizations assisting victims. Please see the link below to my page and subscribe for more information.

Orange County's Domestic Violence and Abuse Examiner -… Continue

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To “C” or Not to “C”? Cesarean Section-That was the Question.

The decision whether or not to have a cesarean section should depend on whether or not a vaginal delivery poses a serious physical threat to mother, baby or both. Unfortunately, in the United States, the decision whether or not to have a cesarean delivery can be based on such flighty decisions as, "I want to have my baby during the week and not the weekend."

For me personally, there were some medical reasons that made cesarean delivery a sensible option. But looking back now, I… Continue

Added by Darline Turner-lee on January 22, 2010 at 5:20pm — 4 Comments

The Work at Home Woman-Holly Hanna

I had the distinct pleasure to interview colleague and fellow Mompreneur Holly Hanna. Holly is the owner and creator of an awesome website called The Work at Home Woman ( Holly's website contains a just about everything you need to figure out if working at home is for you; what types of jobs you can do from home, direct sales companies you can work for from home, and how to get started if you want to start you own home… Continue

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Be an Insider for Airline Deals

Airlines are making it easier to find deals; in fact they will send them to you if you just sign up. You may want to have at a look at the following as possibilities; , , Follow airlines on Twitter, with Southwest click on “sign up and save” and download “Ding”, at Alaska sign up for “Insider Newsletter” and look for discount codes. It’s worth your time to try… Continue

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Moms Find Work Using Social Networking To Build Network

Today, Bradi and I were the Guest Bloggers of Bean Chat, hosted by Gevalia Coffee on Twitter. Our Bean Chat-ers wanted to know how to use Social Networking to help you in your job search.

Of course, networking and utilizing the resources (i.e,… Continue

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Butterflies Revive and Thrive in the New Year

Dear Butterflies,

Now that you have gently packed away the last of the family holiday heirlooms, tenderly boxed up all of your children’s holiday Picasso masterpieces, successful survived all of the return lines, and hopefully, caught some great sales casting a smile on the faces of your family and friends—what are you doing for you? Has the time come for you to renew? Now that the holiday festivities have…

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Life after Abuse... P2

re-read my post from yesterday and want to explain that it all just came out. I have learned over the years that writing is my salvation. I write the same as I speak, there isn’t much filter and sometimes my brain goes faster than my fingers and it gets a bit jumbled. Writing has been the one thing that, for the most part, had stayed the same. When I was young I used to write letters to my mom when we were arguing. She always told me that you can’t argue with a letter so sometimes it’s the best… Continue

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Health report: FDA on Tylenol recall 2010

Being a working mom is quite tough nowadays. Mother are said to be the light of home and they are the one who is responsible in caring and providing the families needs both emotionally and physically.

So Mommies out there - be aware of this.

The Tylenol recall of 2010 is beginning. This time, it's more than… Continue

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As of yesterday I am officially the Orange County Domestic Violence Awareness and Education writer for the I am so excited with all of the amazing possibilities that come with this position. As I have said before, writing is such a passion of mine. I love to just write about things, write letters or simply write random thoughts… just write. This new column will provide information on domestic violence, the signs of abuse, where you can go to get help, what programs are available… Continue

Added by Shana Smith on January 20, 2010 at 9:46pm — 1 Comment

The value proposition in vacation accommodation.

What is value when it comes to booking your vacation accommodation?

I believe it is in the eye of the beholder and perhaps different for everyone and different every time. I believe where travel is concerned getting great value is about putting enough thought into what you really want. Value lives at the intersection of price and benefits, in other words what do you get for what you pay and how closely does it match your perceived desires.

For example when you are taking a family… Continue

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