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January 2014 Blog Posts (6)

Facebook Betrayal

There seems to be a Facebook group for everyone about everything. I belong to several local mom Facebook groups, a school moms group and a few others based on my interests. For the most part, these groups are a fabulous resource – somewhere to go to get information from like-minded people, share stories and even get support.

Recently, there have been a few incidents in…


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Change it up!

Hello fabulous people! I hope everyone is doing well and pushing play.

I have had several people ask me about doing something other than a Beach Body workout. And, the answer is, of course you can! I love my Beach Body workouts, but I also have a gym membership! Something you didn't know. I go to the UFC Gym and I love the place. I am there everyday. Beach Body got me moving, active. But, I wanted something else. I wanted more. When you start to do some of the…


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Introducing Me !

I am a mom of 6...My journey through motherhood has been a great education about many things including learning that the truest love you will ever know is the love you have for your child,trying and finding the best ways to make money and be the best mom I can be and much,much more. I have also learned helping others do what they need to do or get to where they need to be is what helps you do the same .....

I love making,inventing,writing,cooking,baking everything I can ! I love…


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My Great Parenting Mistakes of 2013

As a general rule, I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. The last thing I really need is to put extra pressure on myself.

But with a new year upon us, I know we all look for a fresh start – and often in the “how to be a better parent” department. We want to yell less, be more…


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Winter Body, Summer Body

Hello Ladies,

It's that time of year when all the indulgences we allow ourselves for the are gone. I did GREAT! I maintained. I gained not a pound!!!! WOW! But, now it's time to turn my focus elsewhere. Did you know that under your winter body, you know, the one we hide under our sweats, our just a little larger sized jeans, is trying to stay within reach. It dosen't want to go away after the cold winter months are gone. That little round belly that kept you warm is not going to go…


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Welcome to your next edition of NUTRITION INSPIRATIONS.


For the full text version with pictures and links 





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