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February 2009 Blog Posts (36)

In Science and Technology, Efforts to Lure Women Back

It will come as no surprise that many career re-entry programs, designed to help at-home mothers return to the work force, are disappearing, victims of hard times among the Wall Street firms and banks that led the so-called on-ramping trend.

But a new bright spot is emerging. Small, innovative return-to-work programs are springing up in other sectors -- specifically in science, engineering and technology. Prospects for long-term job growth in these fields are relatively good, and… Continue

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Annoying toddler behaviors that are normal development

If you have a toddler, I know you know what I'm talking about. Oy vey. Toddler behaviors that may seem utterly annoying may just be your child’s natural way of growing into his ever-expanding mind which is filled with excitement and endless possibilities. Toddlers are curious, stubborn, strong willed and highly exploratory. They are also learning about their role in the world and what capabilities they have. They love to say NO, run away,… Continue

Added by Kimberley Clayton Blaine on February 26, 2009 at 6:40pm — 2 Comments

What to Do When You're About to Take a Leave


If you're awaiting the arrival of a new family member, preparing for maternity or paternity leave is probably a top priority. Advance planning is critical for safeguarding your reputation among your peers. "This is also a big transition for the people who work with you," says Cali Williams Yost, president and founder of Work+Life Fit Inc., a corporate-flexibility consultancy in Madison, N.J. Here's how to prepare for your leave.


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66 Indispensable Websites for Business Owners

Get your business going, keep it going strong or take it in a new direction with this compilation of web sites for entrepreneurs.

At last count there were approximately 10 gazillion websites out there. Where's a business owner to start when looking for valuable information? If you're reading this, it means you're on, which is a good start. Read on for 64 more vital online spots you should know about.

Accounting Terminology Guide…


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Get healthly and Feel Better

Drinking 2 oz. of Vemma juice every day is the easiest way to keep healthly and get the natural energy your body needs. Accoring to some reports on this Great tasting vitamin supplement.
I have been using Vemma since November 2008 and I can stand by this product.
I just want to share this great vitamin packed juice with all you warrior women doing your jobs at the workplace or at home being a Mom.
Contact me if you want to know how you can get some.
Terri Rizzi

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A Unique Website for Moms who employee Nannies... is a service run by a New York City prosecutor of child abuse and sex crimes who is also a mother of two. Through this site, parents can now purchase a license plate for their stroller that enables the public to anonymously report good or bad nanny observations. Registered parents instantaneously receive an email alerting them to the confidential report. Featured on Good Morning America, Fox… Continue

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Following our conscience can be tough at any age. But, for children, whose conscience is still developing, it can be a real challenge. So, how can you help your child do the right thing when faced with a dilemma? Here are some helpful hints to get (and keep) your child on the right track.

Lead by example – We all have situations that require us to make moral decisions. When these situations arise, make sure you’re doing the right thing yourself, and make sure to talk… Continue

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The Go-To Mom Videos


Find more videos like this on My Work Butterfly



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Mommy Errands & Playdates - Serious Time Management

I don’t know how moms make time to get their personal errands done. I know I have to plan weeks in advance. I really needed some PJ’s and underwear, and do you think I have time to do this? No way! And I'm not willing to buy my panties online, because this is one of the fun items I like to shop for in person ;-D I’d also like to have lunch with a friend to get a break from the frenzied world of toddlerhood and work -but do I have time? All the more… Continue

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Butterfly Built For Moms Like You

I am proud to have launched Butterfly -a site devoted to moms headed back to work and for those of you trying to do it all. Please share any and all feedback with me or with Terry Starr. If there is a resource you are looking for- we will find it. If something is not vibing for you, we will make it vibe. We are here for you in today's economic climate and in all the days that follow. Let's stick together on this.

Send me a note anytime...I am here for you.

Bradi, Co-Founder,… Continue

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Tips from a Multi-Tasking Mom - by Robin Gorman Newman, founder,


BUSY MOM --By Robin Gorman Newman

Founder, (community/resource for those who became a mom

at age 35+, whether for the first time or again)

Back over this past summer, I was giving thought to doing some freelance

writing, but suddenly found myself in huge crunch mode. My son Seth, now

nearly 6, was off the month of August, and I fell behind in… Continue

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I love homemade food. Here is a classic favorite that is easy to make and your kids will eat.


• 1 package elbow macaroni

• 2 cans cream of chicken soup

• 1/3 cup chopped onion

• 3 tablespoons pimento

• 3 tablespoons margarine

• 4 hard boiled eggs, diced

• 2 cups cheddar cheese (diced or grated)

• 1 4-ounce can sliced mushrooms (optional)


• Preheat oven to 350°

• Cook macaroni as directed on… Continue

Added by Lynne Kenney, PsyD on February 15, 2009 at 10:00am — No Comments

Join The Circle of Moms Coaching Calls March 2009

Americans are good at parenting their young children, but teaching your children mastery and accountability in the KANGAROO YEARS ages 3-8 is a new experience. To help you -The Family Coach has set up a series of four coaching calls in MARCH for moms like you!

These calls are designed to provide moms of children ages 3-8 strategies to:

Create Your Extraordinary Family.

Communicate your expectations to your children.

Help your children to comply with…

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There’s much talk about organic foods today. If you’re a new mom, particularly one that’s breastfeeding – you’d do well to be listening. There are many health benefits to organic foods. Eating organic foods while you’re breastfeeding and feeding your child organic foods provides many health benefits. Here are some things you should know about organic food.

Fruits and vegetables grown organically show significantly higher levels of cancer-fighting antioxidants than… Continue

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Lunch: Andre Leon Talley -- Media Star!

DIANE CLEHANE, Writer-At-Large,

Michael's Restaurant, Manhattan, NYC.

We missed Blythe Danner by a day. Too bad, I would have loved to have asked her what she thinks of her daughter's goofy -- but strangely compelling -- Web site, GOOP. It's the gospel according to Gwyneth, where she holds forth on all things great and small -- from how to wear a little black dress to how she got rid of her 'Shar-Pei-like stomach' after her pregnancies (I'm not… Continue

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The Mommy Rat Race: Break the Cycle of Mommy Competition

Don’t you just cringe when you hear your neighbor say, “My child slept through the night and he’s only six weeks old!” or “Wow, I can fit into my Levi’s now” and she’s only had her baby a few months ago? Granted, we all want to be excited for moms who have a fairly easy time with their babies; however, if you are going to do a little bragging of your own (which is a God-given right as a mommy!) follow up by talking about an area in which you are pretty…

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going back to work

So it has been 7 months since I last worked. I am changing my role as a nurse so I am looking for a new job. My daughter, Sadie is 7 months and my son Max is 4. It has always been hard for me to leave the kids no matter where I am going. I am a very hands on mom with guilt built into me. I know once I get back to work and see that the kids are ok I will be ok too. Any helpful ideas would be great.

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Allowance Strategies

Deciding on whether to give an allowance, and how much to give can be tricky. First, decide what items your child will have to use allowance for. Will he have to pay for his activities, like attending a movie with friends? Or is it just spending money?

Once you’ve determined the spending guidelines, it will help you determine a proper amount. Be careful of giving a large allowance without requiring any effort on your child’s part. Learning the value of hard earned money is a… Continue

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My Work Butterfly is Flying High!

By: Ari Yesterday I attended the launch party for MY WORK BUTTERFLY a great social network designed specifically for moms interested in returning to the work force and establishing a healthy balance between a personal and professional life! These days many stories start with “particularly in this economy”, well, My Work Butterfly can certainly say that with great justification. There is so much opportunity these days and more of a reason to start something new and still balance it with… Continue

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Life coach, Parent coach... Here you are...

We play so many important roles as parents. You are mediator, doctor, chauffeur, chef, yet most of all, you are your child’s personal life coach. You teach your child how to navigate the social, academic, athletic and family world by your own words and actions.

As a parent coach, you show your child how to develop the skills to be successful in life. You are an educator, a confidant, and the force of stability for your children. Think about your role as life coach. Write down… Continue

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