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Danielle Monaro, Z100, Pregnant, Tells Butterfly All About Life As a Mom & Famous DJ

as told by Butterfly Co-Founder Bradi Nathan

While the country is in economic turmoil my children go about their day without a care in the world. It is my job to subtly remind them that we are waiting to buy “extras” until the next holiday or birthday arises. All the while I remain constant around my kids – happy and carefree. My husband and I are concerned and even alarmed but on our clock, not…

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Nutritional Advice For Pregnant Moms

Shari Bilt Boockvar, a Registered Dietician, Nutrition Counselor, Consultant and Founder of Nutrifacts Inc., shares nutritional advice for pregnant moms:

So, you’ve been watching your weight for years and finally have been able to maintain it… and now, you need to eat to GAIN weight – UGH! The next step is to figure out how to in a healthy way. By following these tips, you will… Continue

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Beyond Balance: 7 New Ways to Create Lasting, Meaningful Work/Life Satisfaction

Are you dissatisfied with the way you spend your time?

For most people concerned with “work/life balance” it means too much time spent on professional responsibilities and not enough time spent outside of work enjoying friends, family, personal interests, or other important events and activities. It may also mean that work has become all encompassing and there is no “other” time.
Regardless of your situation,… Continue

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Don’t Drink the Bath Water

Kids will be kids; they do things that can sometimes make us cringe - like eating dirt, picking their nose, or drinking their bath water. But most of these things are harmless rites of passage that we can just laugh off. After all, drinking bubble bath water can’t really harm them, right? Wrong, says the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a national coalition of nonprofit health and environmental organizations that just…

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Caregiving and the Economy

Lisa Cook Bayer, J.D., is President of Life Management Resources, LLC, a private elder care advocacy firm located in northern New Jersey.
The fallout from the economic situation our country, and the world, is facing has had an overwhelming effect on family caregivers who, even in good times, often struggle just to get themselves and their loved ones through the day. With people’s life savings being reduced to half,… Continue

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The Latest in “Unemployment Fashion”

Mindy Scheier (me) is a - (gosh this is harder than I thought)- working mom of 2 fab kids/self proclaimed fashionista/5 ft brunette who feels I should have been a 5' 11" red head/wife of dentist-which I LOVE saying/still waiting to be discovered/having some fun while I can! MindyFinds is a fashion forum for rants and raves, style tips and much more. Targeted toward any and all women with a major focus on working moms (g-d love us!), The…

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15 Spring Trends You Already Own

Proof that fashion trends are indeed cyclical, here are 15 trends you already own that couldn't be hotter this spring:

Boyfriend Jeans - Have an old pair of baggy jeans in your closet? Dig them out, roll the bottoms and wear them with ballet flats or heels.

Metallic Accessories - Silver, gold, copper, gunmetal or bronze, whatever you call it, metallic accessories continue to be a hot trend. Ruffles - If you purchased…

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Weekly Wings - March 30th, 2009 "MTA approved staggering fare hikes and service cuts"

The MTA approved staggering fare hikes and service cuts this past week. Subway and bus rides, tolls on bridges and tunnels have risen 30% in some cases. Travel to those interviews today - the hike goes into effect on May 31- happy Mother's Day to you! This comes at a most inopportune time as many of us are trekking into Manhattan for job interviews and networking opportunities. Comment in our FORUM and let us know how you feel about this less than fair, fare.

At Butterfly, we don't… Continue

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The Celeb Factor

If you don't know this already, I'm hopeless with pop culture. Here is my list of admissions/confessions:

- I don't own an i-POD, MP3, and don't really know what a PVR does. And is Blu-ray just a fancy DVD?

- Despite my older children being ages nine, eight, and six, I have never seen an episode of Hannah Montana, heard a Jonas Brothers song or seen a High School Musical movie;

- I wouldn't know Adam Lambert if he sang a tribute to me;

- I know there… Continue

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Earth Day 2009!!! My hour was spent... Please comment me back about your experience.

My hour was spent... Last night, I turned off all the lights in my house in honor of Earth Day 2009. Right before I was on the computer working on my portfolio for my websites. Plus I'm trying to give back in my own way with starting a cause that will be a variety of things I like to do for volunteer work. Of course, anyone that is interested in joining and if you live close by donate your time in order for us to have a better tomorrow. I guess I do… Continue

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From the Mouth of Babes

What does it feel like to have a mommy that works? Sometimes it makes me feel um…like, happy that my mom is going back to work and I try to be happy because I know that mommy is happy and whenever my mom is happy, I’m happy. But, sometimes, it feels um, … like I feel really upset that I don’t see my mom anymore and don’t like to be with babysitters. When she comes home late and I don’t see her all day I try to hide my tears. Well, um…when I get off of the bus I hope my mom is home. When there’s… Continue

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Vemma Power

Drinking 2 oz. of Vemma juice every day is the easiest way to keep healthly and get the natural energy your body needs. According to some reports on this Great tasting vitamin supplement. I have been using Vemma since November 2008 and I can stand by this product. I am a breast cancer survivor and do what ever I can to keep my body free of toxins and healthy naturally. In the picture is me, my daughter & her 3 daughters in October breast cancer… Continue

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I am trying to build a network of thinking women at my blog:

My name is Elisha Webster Emerson. I am a feminist, writer, and a soon-to-be-mother. I was vehemently opposed to having children, and then my IUD took a sick day.

Now, I am learning how to embrace my motherhood, while remaining a serious and uncompromised artist.

I hope to share this process through my blog.

Topics covered (besides motherhood): Art,… Continue

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All Love Means...

Note: A paragraph to positive change.

I wrote this poem and took this picture around the same time. It was 2007 and even though I was back in school, my change plan was something I wanted to achieve. The reality was I wasn't sure I knew if the decisions I was making were the right ones. You could tell through all my creative work the pain of change was causing. All I could do was… Continue

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Plant a veggie garden. Toddlers love it!

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The Childless Aunt

I'm currently writing an article for Mother's Day about mamas who don't have their own mothers around. It's fascinating to me that people can raise children when their own moms are not retired, living locally, emotionally involved or alive. So, you have that happy read to look forward to. In the meantime it got me thinking about another valuable player in the extended family - the childless aunt.

I had a childless aunt who we tragically lost to breast cancer a dozen years ago… Continue

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Segway inventor reveals 'toughest question'

By Thom Patterson


Segway scooter inventor Dean Kamen freely admits it: He often suffers sleepless nights wrestling over whether to quit a project that's not panning out.

"You end up lying there saying, 'I'm not stopping. It would be an act of shallow cowardice. Or you decide to quit and you say, 'This is one of those ideas that just isn't going to work,' " said Kamen, speaking by phone from his home office in Manchester, New Hampshire.

When to… Continue

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Network To Host Women's Career Conference

March 9th, 2009

by Barbara Arelt

The Essex Professional Women's Network is sponsoring the Shoreline Women's Career conference on Tuesday, April 21, at the Acton Library in Old Saybrook.

In today's tough economy many women have been faced with sudden unemployment or might need to re-enter the workforce unexpectedly. Many times women have taken a hiatus to raise a family only to feel apprehensive about the marketability of their skills. The Shoreline Women's… Continue

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A Respectful Approach to Dealing with Separation Anxiety

By Kimberley Clayton Blaine

Babies can show signs of separation anxiety as early as six months – but the toughest time for most babies is between 13 to 18 months. This is when your baby is becoming a toddler and is realizing that they are completely separate beings from you. The good news is separation anxiety will pass and there are ways to make it more manageable. Every time I go to brush my teeth, I usually have my toddler hanging on one of my…

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Added by Lisa Monfried on March 17, 2009 at 5:22pm — 3 Comments

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