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Mother's Day Gifts

Gift ideas she's sure to love - at every price. (Mother's Day is May 10, 2009)

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Chic Accessories

Kate Spade Idiom Printed Bangles …


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Children of India: Shelley Seale’s Journey with Daughter

Lost and Found

by Shelley Seale

I never expected to be in India. And without a doubt, I never thought once I had been I would return, again and again.

It wasn’t the exotic beauty that drew me back. It wasn’t the storied, ancient history of the country or its rich and varied culture. It was not the colors or the spices or the sounds or the spirituality of the place. India is all of these things, to be sure, and…

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Colbie Caillat, Triple Platinum Artist, and Mother Di

As told by Co-Founder, Bradi Nathan:

It’s amazing how children can remember the lyrics to a song but forget to brush their teeth in the morning. My kids can recite every line of the very popular song “Bubbly” by Colbie Caillat. Its upbeat and happy melody has them singing along in the car and to their iPods.…


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Clarins USA’s Pamela Lipkin, Director of Accounting, shares on being a working mom

As told by Co-Founder, Bradi Nathan:

I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I do not believe that I would fare well on the hit television show, “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?” As I assist my son with his math homework each night I wonder, “Am I Smarter Than A Third Grader?” Mode? Range? Who remembers anymore? English. English is a subject that I excel in. Nouns, pronouns and adjectives are much more my speed.

Pamela Lipkin is not only “Smarter Than A Fifth Grader,”… Continue

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Heidi Axelrod, Former Beauty Columnist, Town & Country and More Magazine

As told by Butterfly Co-Founder, Bradi Nathan:

My daughter came downstairs this morning with a washcloth draped over her mouth. “I look ugly,” she muffled. After prying away the cloth, I noticed a reddish patch of dry skin next to her tiny pink lips. I told her it wasn’t anything that a dab of Aquaphor couldn’t fix. That’s my beauty tip for the day and I might also add, that all little girls must be taught that…

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March of Dimes 2009

We got to experience our first March of Dimes walk. This walk was personal. It was for my one year old. Here is his

story. We have had a great journey and will continue as life takes us :)

I took this picture to show how people were there for this walk..just an awesome feeling :) The date on the picture is wrong..apparently I had no idea this was… Continue

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Recession: How To Talk To Your Kids

Julie Potischman,'s Resident Psychotherapist, shares:

1. How should we talk to our kids about the recession at a time when luxuries like camp are being taken away?

The age of the child is always a factor when answering questions such as this; it is really hard to come up with an answer that meets all ages. Having said that, I believe it is important to talk to our children when luxuries are changing. I think the first thing parents need to… Continue

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Lemon as a beauty aid:

1. To improve skin texture and complexion, squeeze a fresh lemon in a glass of boiled milk and add 20 ml of glycerin. Let it stand for 30 minutes and then apply to the face, hands and other exposed areas of the body. Let it dry overnight and wash it the next morning. You will see gradual improvement in your skin with regular use of this face pack.

2. This preparation also helps to cure cracked heels and palms. It prevents pimples, freckles and dry skin. On application to nails, they…

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Golden Globe Style Winners & Sinners

Much like New Year's Eve, the main event of an award show is usually the least interesting part. Whether it's getting dressed or pre-baring with your friends, the hours before usually stand out as the highlight.

The award show equivalent is the miles long fashion parade that precedes every telecast. Thankfully, this year's crop of Golden Globes gowns did not disappoint - the spools of tulle, yards of fabric and truckloads of Spanx that assaulted our senses yesterday have left us with… Continue

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I was in NY Today!!!

I had such a fun and exciting day!!!! I was on the Mike and Juliet Show...Live!!!!! They were talking about me being a single mom of four that lost my job in the economy and the affect it has had on me.....

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David Spark, Mashable, "12 Inspiring Stories of Successful Social Networks. MyWorkButterfly A-Lister!

click here to view > > Enjoy Inspiring Stories of 12 Successful Social Networks:

Yes, MyWorkButterfly provides Lesson #5: Build your network before you launch your business. Reported by a well-known Social Media Reporter who researched over 80 stories to come up with ten (10) lessons for its Mashable readers!

"Thanks David Sparks!" And, thanks to all you Butterfly moms for…

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Welcome Finian!

It is with great excitement that Julie Cole and “daddy-o” welcome their sixth beautiful child into this world, proving that six c-sections is possible!

It’s a boy!

Name: Finian

Weight: 7lbs 6oz.

The sibling team of brothers Maginnis and Clancy, and sisters Posy, Spencer and Jessamy are delighted with their new brother!

And of course, everyone at Mabel’s Labels is thrilled to have a new little Mabel baby to spoil!

Big thanks to all who… Continue

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A TIP FOR “COMEBACK” MOMS (returning to work…) STEP 2

Your starting point should be to pursue a career not a job, unless you are a single Mom with no support and mouths to feed. This is the best lesson you can teach your children is to be focused on happiness and fulfillment rather than things and money. Think about your strengths, skills/competencies/ gifts and talents as well as your passion and look for work doing THAT… Even though some industries are folding or harder hit than others with very few opportunities you can always… Continue

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Building A Business In Network Marketing

I was wondering how many of us have had the opportunity to have a business in network marking. Can you tell me about it?

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going back to college

hey every one i am recently going back to college to get my degree in pychology. It is really hard now since we only got one income coming in. I am over whelm allthe time. My husband works off so he is gone all the time and its hard to try to go to school, help my twelve year old, and run after a four year old. I would love to work from home in my spare time if i ever get any spare time,but i don't want to have to pay money especially alot of money to get a job from home. what should I do. I… Continue

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Hi Philadelphia Butterfly Moms,

I had the opportunity to connect with the wonderful Jenice Armstrong from the Philadelphia Inquirer/News about all that we're doing within the community!

Our mission is very timely and she is very interested in connecting with some Butterfly Moms to see how your journeys are going. This would be good press for YOU and Butterfly!

Ideally, you're a mom living in the Philly/S. Jersey market who:

- has… Continue

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How come he gets to be sick?

Last week it was my husband who was sick. This week it's my turn. But why did he get to lay in bed and rest for five days and I am still up and running from the time I get home from work taking care of the baby and our home, feeling miserable all the while? I am learining that mom's really don't get to be sick. I think it should be the same for dads though.

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The Adventures of Mz. Mom--Mad Mom’s Outrageous Mother Moment by Traci E. Alexander

Livid Mom Madlyn Primoff Leaves Squabbling Daughters Roadside Then Drives Away

Friday April 24, 2009

It’s almost impossible to concentrate to drive while two bickering children are engaging in verbal warfare in the backseat of the car. Haven’t you had this unnerving experience, almost propelling you to make good on that promise? You know the one, “If you guys don’t stop that fighting I’m going to put you out of this car!”

For sure I coninue to endure those crazy… Continue

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Love is in the Air… Literally

Surrounding you right now, at this very second in time, is a plethora of human emotion. The air is literally filled with molecules of energy generated by emotion. Much of this energy is generated by you and the feelings you hold in your heart. The feelings in your heart are directly related to the thoughts you are mulling over in your head. In addition to the energy of your own feelings, you are also surrounded by the energy of other people’s emotions. We each have an effect on the energy that… Continue

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Pool was ROCKED last Sunday!

at Swim Strong's first clinic of the year. We had great athletes from the Womens New York Athletic Club Water Polo team as well as from the New York University Surf Club (via WAVES for Development Foundation) come and teach 40 lucky kids how to get in and mix it up and hang 10! This is a key part of Swim Strong's initiative of opening new doors and providing new experiences in multi water sports. After all,… Continue

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