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No More Flabby Arms!

My life changed and became amazing when I had my twins (which I carried full term at 42!) I realize that all that we do, dream and create is and must be to create better world for our children -- all of them, all over the world. I work in the health and fitness area as I sell many of these products on tv -- you may have seen (late night when the babies are crying!) my infomercial with Jack LaLanne for his juicer -- its been on for the past 6 years and I appear regularly on HSN. Recently I… Continue

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A major national magazine is looking to do a story on moms returning to the workforce. We’re looking for women who are just beginning to think about this prospect, and for whom the economy—and possibly the insecurity or loss of a spouse’s job—have been a driving force. The person we choose to profile will get personalized advice from a career coach, as well as a financial planner.

If you would be a good candidate, please email (I would appreciate it… Continue

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36 real examples of how to stay connected to your field while on career break (including 5 from retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor!)

by Carol Fishman Cohen

The highlight of our research for our career reentry strategy book Back on the Career Track: A Guide for Stay-at-Home Moms Who Want to Return to Work was interviewing Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor about her five years as a stay-at-home mom (she was still on the court when we met with her). Justice O’Connor was a master at staying connected to her field during her career break. Her contacts from one of her career break experiences, her volunteer work… Continue

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Lasers and other light based treatment modalities for facial rejuvenation

With the advent of many different types of lasers, it is increasingly more difficult to decide what to go with. First the ideal candidate is one with realistic expectations as well as the ability to take care of the skin before and after laser treatments. Lasers have many functions in the field of aesthetic medicine. Lasers and other light based treatment modalities work to remove unwanted hair, tighten skin, eradicate wrinkles, and erase years of photodamage such sun spots. Lasers and IPL or… Continue

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Let Yourself Flow

Don’t you find water to be one of the most incredible things on the planet? I am always amazed at how easily it flows. It doesn’t matter if there are rocks, trees, or even buildings in the way, Water will find a way to flow around, on, in and through anything. And yet it is extremely calming. I love to sit in front of a body of water and contemplate, meditate or just absorb the powerful energy. The softness of a stream can be as healing as the power of the ocean and yet the energy is completely… Continue

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Is your household on overload? Check out our yoga in the moonlight as a way to destress!

Is your family on overload? Mine certainly is. With 3 active boys on the go constantly our household is a constant whirlwind with no end in sight. Fortunately for me we actually had a night off from events in the middle of the week and I took the opportunity to talk my boys into doing a yoga practice with me under the stars. I have been an avid yogi for the past 4 years and practicing yoga has certainly helped open my heart and change the way my body… Continue

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Anti-aging cosmeceuticals-Retinoids

Retinoids are a class of compounds long used in skin care for a multitude of conditions including anti-aging. They are dervied from beta-carotene. Vitamin A is a metabolite of beta carotene and is also know as retinol. There are several chemicals which make up this class including retinol, retinaldehyde, retinyl esters, and finally the active metabolite retinoic acid. Retinoid acid works at the cellular level in the skin and regulates skin keratinocyte growth and differentiation. While retinoic… Continue

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The Home Town Disadvantage Play Date

Ever wonder why your well-mannered preschooler plays nicely at other people's homes then becomes a tyrant when a play date is on your home turf?

Your overly emotional, stingy, unwilling-to-share child is just learning how to share personal possessions -- not knowing if she'll ever get to play with them again. Sharing is an advanced form of thinking and behaving, so don't be shocked when you invite a child over for a play date and your little…

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The Name Game

I know a woman named Iona Dick. Go on - say it out loud. The kicker is she took her husband’s surname when she married so actually decided to become Mrs. Iona Dick.

I have a friend whose little boy is named Owen Vary. Nice name, lovely kid. Two weeks ago, Owen’s poor mama got hit with the realization that his first initial with last name makes the word “ovary”. She is hoping the kids he ends up in high school with don’t clue in.

It’s fair to say that we Mabel mamas are… Continue

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Seniors $ Social Security Issues

Here is an interesting piece i found in at I hope the president stays with this as he metions below.

Seniors & Social Security


The Recovery Act provides a one-time payment of $250 to retirees, disabled veterans, and SSI recipients. Over 64 million retirees and other individuals will receive this one-time payment, totaling $16 billion.

Protecting Social Security

President Obama… Continue

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Let's Strive

It's so great to be part of a group of people who are positively driven by faith, courage, and belief in oneself.

I want each of you to remember no matter how small your experiences are in life, everyone has something great to contribute to someone's life. Particularly, in these economic times, I think it is important for you to continue to know that you are valuable, and your existence is important and matters.

In light of the downward spiral people and our nation is… Continue

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Importance of sun screen

One of the most important aspect of your skin care regimen should include suncreen. There are a plethora of sunscreen products available on the market and often times it can be confusing to decide on the proper product. There are two types of sunscreen, a chemical and physical sunscreen. A chemical sunscreen works by converting the UV radiation into heat energy and thereby preventing the harmful effects of ionizing radiation. A physical sunscreen functions by blocking and reflecting the harmful… Continue

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Stress-Less in Suburbia

Imagine if someone offered you a pill that could relieve your stress, improve your health and make you feel great... would you take it? Now, imagine that this medicine has no negative side effects, releases endorphins and is freely available at all times. Laughter does just that! The problem is that as adults, we rarely laugh. Laughter yoga is a form of light physical exercise coupled with deep breathing and laughter exercises that is done in a group setting where the laughter is generated for… Continue

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Mom Swims Strong in Hudson River

This Saturday Monica Gonzales will dive into the cold waters of the Hudson River in NYC to raise funds and educate people about the great work Swim Strong does in saving and changing children's lives. Her daughter is her inspiration. She is ours! Swim Strong Monica! You can get behind her by donating through Will I see you there?…

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rough week so far..

After a good weekend the week has gotten long and hard....I had to take my 3 yr old to the doctor and they are testing him for diabetes...I am hoping and praying that he is ok...If it comes back negative I don't know what will be next.. He did great with having his blood drawn, he never moved and thought it was cool...but I 'm sure all parents know how I feel having to wait to see the results and what is wrong...I am going to try and sleep, but it will be hard....If anyone could say a prayer… Continue

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Commentary: Big risk in health care reform plan

By John Feehery

Special to CNN

Editor's note: John Feehery worked as a staffer for former House Speaker Dennis Hastert and other Republicans in Congress. He is president of Feehery Group, a Washington-based advocacy firm that has represented clients including News Corp., Ford Motor Co. and the United States Chamber of Commerce. He formerly was a government relations executive vice president for the Motion Picture Association of America.

John Feehery says health reform… Continue

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Keep Your Friends Close and Your Stapler Closer

Katrina Carefoot, Mabel BlogHer correspondent, from Fickle Feline, is guest blogging while Julie recovers from the birth of her 6th baby - welcome Finian Aloysius! Julie will be back next week (talk about a whirlwind maternity leave!).

I probably shouldn’t admit this in such a public forum, but I have a thing for office supplies. Meaning, I fancy really nice, top notch pens, rulers, paper, notepads, mechanical pencils, paper clips, scissors and staplers. If my work doesn’t happen to… Continue

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There's no Sweeter Way to Celebrate a Holiday!

The Quest For The Perfect Blog
I found a great blog called "Let's Bake Cookies, Your Cookie and Baking Decorating Source ". For those that love to bake or… Continue

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Using The Power of Video to Connect with Women

By: Holly Buchanan

I'm a long time fan of using video online to communicate and connect with women.

Marti Barletta recently tweeted about a video by Queen Rania of Jordan. She is using video to reach out to people around the world.

Video is especially powerful because it allows a personal connection that sometimes plain text cannot provide.

How community sites are using video is a community site… Continue

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Weekly Wings - May 18, 2009 - The Importance of Video

Video is such an important component of what makes MyWorkButterfly truly comprehensive. It not only allows us to differentiate ourselves in the crowded "mom" space, it brings to life the personal stories and journeys of so many women. The videos help to humanize celebrity mothers and peers, further engage you in the online experience and to prove our deep commitment to providing inspiration and mentorship. As I look at the cover of my daily newspaper I see the image of a woman, a mother and… Continue

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