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May 2011 Blog Posts (28)

Oprah, “Every ending brings with it a brand-new beginning.” - Weekly Wings

Memorial Day 2011 has officially come and gone- a United States federal holiday commemorating U.S. soldiers who died while in the military service. We proudly extend a special acknowledgment to the Military Moms group within the Butterfly…


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A Working Mother's Commitment to Living Unplugged

Sometimes two ideas collide in a moment of complete and utter clarity. That is exactly what happened this past week as I was determining what I would write about for this post. The first idea came to me as I was speaking with a group of women business owners who happen to also be working mothers. We were talking about both the advantages and disadvantages of living in a world…


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Feeding Time at the Zoo

Sometimes my kids may ask for a bowl of snow for dinner. And when they do, they may just get it.

That is what I call the dinner hour at my house – feeding time at the zoo. It’s not news – families that eat together regularly are better and the rest of us suck.…


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Mom Survey Results: Here's what you want! - Weekly Wings

Butterfly asked and you answered! We wanted to know, “What is single biggest challenge you face as a working mom?” Top three answers: TIME (not enough), BALANCE and MONEY (providing for my family). Today we’re going to address the concern over MONEY!

To follow are 8 Tips on how to find a

Successful Home… Continue

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Leadership on a Changing Planet

Here's a post I made to my own blog in April 2011. I blog about leadership rather than family life, but somehow my kids creep into my posts...


This afternoon Ellen Leanse of Eastwick Communications and I were talking about change. Change in how brands speak with customers. Change in how social media diffuses information. Change in how marketing…


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Travel App for Family Fun

Jill Seman created Mom Maps, an iPhone application that finds kid friendly locations on the go. Mom Maps finds kid friendly parks, playgrounds, restaurants and indoor play areas from your iPhone which is dynamically linked to the their site where parents can rate and review sites on-the-go. Jill launched nearly two years ago and is gaining attention- featured on apple's site in, TechCrunch and the Huffington Post… Continue

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Hello WorkButterfly!

Hello! I am Mysha Lewis. I am a  tax accountant by day and a mommy and wife 24/7/365 :). My daughter is 15 months old and a handful to say the least! I am just learning each day how to balance it all- career and home life- the never-ending challenge most women face.... and not feel guilty about making the choice to work outside or inside the home. I'm glad I found this site as it's nice to have a place to meet like-minded women who have made the choice to work and the challenges that come…


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Happy Parents?

I’ve heard some interesting truths about happiness lately. Particularly, happiness in relation to parenting.

Parenthood magazine recently reported that 53% of moms are satisfied with the state of their mental and emotional health.

Only 53% are simply “satisfied.”

I had heard of the statistic before that says people with children are NOT more likely to be happy than people without children. But, I had not yet heard about this:

On an Oprah show about…


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Suicide- A Young Girl Takes Her Life - Weekly Wings

A beautiful young girl took her own life due to high-pressured academics in our achievement obsessed-culture, inspiring a filmmaker to create change in her MUST SEE documentary entitled, THE RACE TO NOWHERE. Add to academics, multiple team sports, AP classes, community service, an instrument (if…


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Mother’s Day Strangers

One Lucky Mama!

A couple of weeks ago, my bad-breathing baby landed us in the Trauma Room in the Emergency at our local hospital. On about his fifth Ventolin treatment, a woman was brought into the bed beside us.

The woman was explaining her symptoms as they were…


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Breathe Easier: Simple Ways to Prevent Seasonal Allergies

By Kara Sibilia

It has been a verrrry long winter. Many of us, after having some serious cabin fever (me!), can't wait to get outside and enjoy some fresh air.

The milder weather is a welcome change, but for those who suffer from seasonal allergies, this change can be really uncomfortable. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, 1 in 5 Americans suffer from some type of allergy; and allergies are the 3rd most common chronic… Continue

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Speaking Out About Sexual Assault Can Help Other Women

I missed it live, but I watched the YouTube video (someone helpfully posted in the Jezebel comments) of Lara Logan's 60 Minutes interview detailing her ordeal in Egypt in February. She is stronger than I ever could have been to sit there in front of the camera and talk about it.


When I first heard about what happened to her, what struck me is how much victim-blaming went on. I thought that was so sad, when we all should have been supporting her and expressing our sympathy. It…


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My New Life as a Writer

I used to be in consulting. Yes, that's a vague, catch-all term for working in corporate America. I designed, wrote and developed elearning materials to teach employees how to use computer systems (mostly SAP) at large companies. It was interesting for a while, but turned boring near the end. I was fortunate to have a part-time schedule at a big company as an independent contractor/project manager, a family-friendly atmosphere and nice people to work with. When I had my daughter, my…


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Spring fever

This time of year has always been extremely difficult for teachers.  Spring is in the air!  Students are eagerly counting down the days to summer vacation.  In the middle school, it is exceptionally difficult.  This is the age when hormones start to rev up full throttle.  Students are pulling further away from parents/family and closer to their peer group.  Having the latest electronic gadget, gaming system, fashion, music, etc... is what's REALLY important.  And they know…


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Post Mother's Day- I have something to admit - Weekly Wings

As a follow-up to last week’s Weekly Wings, where I came clean about wanting the gift of “time” for Mother’s Day, I have something further to admit. The gift of time, I realize, is a gift that we must give to ourselves… when the time is right. What I thought I wanted on Mother’s Day, to spend some much-needed time alone at the gym, was trumped by my daughter’s sweet request to bike…


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Career Management: 6 Things To Do To Stay Engaged When You’re Leaving

There is a reason for the term “short-timer”.  Whether you are in the military and ready to separate or in the corporate world and ready to leave your job, it can be a struggle to keep both your body and mind on the job.  We are notorious for apathy, disregard and detachment once the decision to move on has been made.  In fact, some short-timers have been known to toss all work-place standards out the door. They begin showing up late, conduct long personal phone calls and have a blatantly…


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To all of us who have had this experience. . .HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

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Is Your Emotional Bank Account Balanced?

Happy Mother’s Day weekend!  I hope you are celebrating and being pampered!

Who out there has heard of The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach?  More appropriately, who hasn’t?  For those of you that have not read the book, there is one concept that David talks about that I believe working mothers should adopt for both their financial and emotional well-being.  It’s the idea that you need to pay yourself first. 

Basically, the…


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