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May 2012 Blog Posts (20)

Let me tell you how I really feel!

Let me tell you how I really feel (as if that’s a rarity).  I really feel like women with husbands, who have been out of work for an extended period of time, need to pony up. That’s right, I said it! These women need to get off their asses and stop putting an enormous amount of pressure on their husbands to find a new career or job –…


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Still catching up from my time away from blogging. In the time that I was gone we went to the Riviera Beach Carnival. We went last year with Connor and he did ok. He didn't really understand what was going on but he enjoyed getting on rides with mommy and daddy and playing the ducky game.

This year... was…


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Mother's Day... Finally

Finally gonna tell you about Mother's day weekend! Better late than never I always say :)

That Saturday morning was Connor's last day of gymnastics. Kevin and I both went in hopes that he'd be up for playing and following directions. He did pretty good and we got some cute pics. He wasn't a fan of the mat…


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Getting a new laptop has me moving files over from one system to the other. I have an old laptop and my old eMac. Going through everything I came across two files that had mine and Kevin's wedding vows and the readings from the ceremony. Unfortunately the files had been corrupted and I haven't been able to pull the info from…


Added by Amanda Sachs on May 25, 2012 at 8:47am — 1 Comment

Instagram Update

Here's the last week or so's Instagrams. Not too many but just enough! Enjoy. View More Here…


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I'm Back!

I've been MIA for over a week now. I haven't blogged about Mother's day, my new laptop gone wrong, my weekly Instagram photos and other fun quirky toddler things.

I'll start off this blog with the new laptop gone wrong since that is what has been holding back from blogging. About a month ago I bought a new MacBook Air. I LOVED it. I've always been a Mac lover at heart. My first computer that I bought myself was an eMac when I was in college and doing design work for my…


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Greetings and Farewells

A little chat and a cuddle with Daddy-o before heading off to camp

I’ve spoken before about how I think it’s important to always look happy when you see your children. Whether the kids are walking in from school or I’m picking them up from Cubs, I try to look ridiculously excited to see them. Sometimes I have to fake it – sometimes I wish they were gone for another…


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How to get back on track with my Virtual Assistant business

Good morning everyone,


It has been a long time that I've not  been able to concentrate on my business venture. After wanting to spend more quality time with the family, I've decided to go back to my virtual assistant business. Last year, I was working on some projects with some clients but never did a long term project. I think I'm ready to start bringing in clients for a long term relationship. I was wondering if anyone can help me or advise as to how I can bring more…


Added by Karla Amaya on May 21, 2012 at 10:43am — 2 Comments

Stay young naturally



As women we all want to look flawless and gorgeous as this keep us looking attractive and maintains our self confidence and esteem.  As vanity and the advancement of medical science and surgery progress the normal quick fix that some women tend to go down seem to be plastic surgery, our face is the most delicate and most expressive part of our body that gives us our identity.  All very well if we can afford to buy the best in surgery with the world's top surgeons, but…


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Same-Sex Marriage... thanks for the nod. What about Job Creation?!

Obviously the word is out- no pun intended. Obama supports same-sex marriages and further believes it’s up to the individual states to decide - a bit of a contradiction, no?  On the cover of Newsweek’s May 21 issue Obama was dubbed as the “First Gay President.”   Although no laws have been changed, nor new bills signed, it is nice to know Obama believes all…


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Duck Tape. My Mother's Day Gift. Jealous? Weekly Wings

Draped around my neck is a thin cord of raffia with a bracelet dangling from it made of duck tape (leopard and hot pink).  The bracelet was initially designed for my wrist but my daughter had a slight miscalculation with its sizing so it now lives on a different appendage.  Written in sharpie across the duck tape bracelet/necklace…


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We Are All Mom Enough

To the left here you see the cover of Time Magazine this week. It has stirred up quiet the controversy since being released. Some people don't like the fact that breastfeeding is right in your face for shock value, some people don't like how the mother looks more tough than motherly, and some people just don't like it without a good reason.

BUT for me............ its…


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Me, Myself and I

***GASP*** I did something for MYSELF tonight! Its been a long time since I've done it. It felt great. It brought back memories. It felt good. And the best part?? I get to wear it tomorrow!!!!!!

Read More…


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Mother’s Day – What I Don’t Want

Mother’s Day is around the corner and everyone is asking the moms what we want. I’m a simple gal and not particularly high maintenance in the gifts department. I don’t want flowers or jewelry for Mother’s Day or any other occasion really.

In fact, my perfect Mother’s Day gift would be doing without some things. For example, there are certain comments made by the…


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We had visitors last week! Diva and G-Bill came to visit last week. We had a great time this trip and Connor LOVED having them visit.

I was able to take off work on Monday and Friday so my mom and I had two full days to go and do as we pleased…


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My First 5k

I participated in my first 5k this weekend! BUT......... I didn't run it... I walked it. In the last month I've only been running once a week (if that) and I just didn't feel prepared. My dad was also going to the 5k and was planning on walking so at the last minute I just decided to go with the flow... figure this new…


Added by Amanda Sachs on May 7, 2012 at 10:18am — 1 Comment

Jodie O Designs, Mansion in May Showhouse

Jodie O'Designs was recently quoted in THE DAILY RECORD regarding her Woman's Cave in the Glynallyn Castle for the Mansion in May.
"Other unique rooms include Woman’s Cave, created in cream and raspberry colors by Jodie O’Connor of Jodie O’Designs. The room features crystal tufting on the back of an ivory wool Chippendale-style sofa; a chair with upholstery emulating a corset, and Gibson Girls tone-on-tone wallpaper over the fireplace.
“The concept is that every…

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The Ultimate Mother Day Gift- a Career!

The official Hallmark Holiday named Mother’s Day is approaching quickly.  I tend to believe that we should be celebrated every day rather than one lone Sunday during the month of May.  That’s just me.  Last year I blogged on Butterfly about giving ourselves the gift of time- time off and time out as…


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The Memory of a 2 yr old

The memory of a 2 year old is very fascinating.....

We don't visit the doctor often. We've been there MAYBE 2 times since the beginning of the year. One was his 2 year well visit and another was for an ear infection back in March. Today I had to take the kiddo to the doctors because he's had nasty congestion in his sinuses since this weekend and yesterday he woke up from his nap at daycare with a fever. Thankfully after a dose of ibuprofen as soon as we got home he went to bed…


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Zoom Zoom!

Soooo today is the last day of the challenge. I didn't make the 30 days worth of posts but I have put way more effort into it than I've had for in a long time. There's always next time!

I bet you're been wondering what car we finally decided on. If you're friends with me on Facebook... you know…


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