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June 2012 Blog Posts (11)

Tent Sleeping

I know I mentioned in my last post that I was blogging about our camping trip from the beginning of this month but that is still in progress. The tent sleeping I'm getting ready to blog about is Connor's new found love for sleeping in his playtent on the floor.

It started with the commercial on the Disney channel where there…


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Middle of June... Say wha?!

How did June creep by so fast? I mean I know evenings were passing by without me blogging but I didn't realize HOW MANY!!!

So what happened this month?? Well we started off the month with a camping trip to my dad's trailer in Little Orleans, MD. I actually started a blog about our trip but never finished it. Soooo more on that to come.

Connor is still blowing my mind left and right with his imagination. I mean.... he's just a big ball of awesomeness. Pure…


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My Father’s Day Gift – Being Nice

This Father’s Day the gift I’m giving Daddy-o is the reminder that I will try very hard not to be any of the archetypes I described a few years and a few kids ago. Any of these sound familiar?

1) The Critic:

You know when dad is bathing the newborn and you think the water is the wrong temperature and that he picked the wrong towel? And you know how you keep…


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Welcome to your next edition of NUTRITION INSPIRATIONS.


For the full text version with pictures and links …


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Naughty or Nice Meter

Santa has mad skills when it comes to deciding who’s naughty or nice, but I’ve been wondering lately how the rest of us determine such things.  After listening to loads of people both in and out of conflict situations, I’ve come to the conclusion that what we do is collect lots of information and then funnel the bits into an internal meter.  The device considers everything we know (and some things we don’t know) and then the arrow points in one direction or the other.  Some of the criteria…


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Total No-Brainer!

Dillon Road- you know the custom menswear company that I’ve been raving about?! Well, they have been ever so kind enough to reduce the initial out of pocket cost to become a representative for their line, to a nominal $99 + tax!  Where else can you start your own business, be your own boss, earn 20-30% commission for every sale you make, for such a low entrance fee?  I’m telling…

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Volunteers who are Full-Time Working Mothers Needed for a Research Study

“The Relationship between Work-Family Conflict, Role Salience, and the Career Commitment of Full-Time Working Mothers in the USA”.

Volunteers who are Full-Time Working Mothers Needed for a Research Study


We are recruiting women with children, who are over 18 years of age, gainfully employed, and working 35 or more hours per week to participate in a research study.


The purpose…


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I tested a job for you!

A few weeks ago I blogged about a company named Worth New York, sharing their desire as an employer, to recruit and hire moms like you.  I went on to mention that I volunteered to market and host a Worth New York trunk show in my very home.  The goal was to learn:

  1. If one could realistically recoup their financial…

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“Boys Will Be Boys” and Other Annoying Assumptions

Last week I told my tween girls that I’d got them a subscription to a magazine. I thought they’d be excited, but instead they responded with “We don’t want it mom – we don’t want to read about lip gloss”. Interesting. They already know what they’re being fed and don’t like what’s being served up. Once I explained that the subscription was to…


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Let the Imagination Begin!

In the last week or so Connor's imagination as been through the roof and I just LOVE it. I just want that part of his brain to grow and grow and grow. I want to give that imagination of his a great big hug and never let anything squash it.

Last week Connor was playing with his cars. He always plays with cars. Usually its just pushing them around,…


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Sand and Water

This weekend it was a little too hot to go out to the park or the beach to play. The sun was beating down mid day and the humidity was awful. To get some outside play time in I set Connor up with a sand and water play area on our front porch. HE LOVED IT.

Around Christmas time I picked up some water beads from the dollar store. They lived in my car…


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