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July 2009 Blog Posts (40)

Be Prepared - Online Courses

Online courses at all levels are easy to find these days. You can earn a GED, a college degree or advance your current career with professional development. No matter what reason you may have for signing up for a course (or two), be sure you understand what will be expected of you. You do not want the money you spend wasted if you get in over your head or you do not complete the course.

Most online courses will…

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Exercise Boosts Brain Power

By Kara Sibilia

As busy moms, we try to squeeze as much into our day as possible. Unfortunately, our jam-packed schedules don’t necessarily allow us much needed “me time” to do things that benefit our health and well being.

We eat right and exercise (when we can) in our continuing goal to be physically fit and healthy. What we may not know is that exercise benefits the mind as well as the body (great…

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Our Favorite Top-Rated SPF Products

Worried about what sunscreen to choose? Want to make sure it will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays? Last week we exposed the ugly truth behind suncreens and the manufacturing practices of brands' suncreens. It left us with disappointment, but we're determined to find the best sun protection for ourselves and those we love. The following is a list of… Continue

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Is Vanity Wrong ?

Vanity is an integral part of the human psyche because it is an extension of our ego and superego. However it is primarily a learned behavior and varies greatly from one culture to another. I find it almost humorous that people in the western culture strive to look darker while people from Africa and Asian continents find beauty in lighter complexion. There is nothing wrong with vanity as long as it is not the sole defining characteristic of our existence. As people patronize alternative forms… Continue

Added by Monika Soni on July 28, 2009 at 1:27pm — 1 Comment


Hello Everyone,

I know Terry and Bradi received a message from a member who was unhappy that they said farewell to Michael Jackson especially after all the medical coverage, and shared it with all of us. Well there are people who we don't know personally who gave us something in our lives to record memories forever in our mental rolodex or with other friends and or family.

I want to say a farewell to Mr. Walter Cronkite. For those of you who grew up in an era when… Continue

Added by sharon on July 27, 2009 at 4:54pm — 1 Comment

Did you know.....??

WOW...just SO much happening!

Have you caught the WAVE????

Added by shawn slevin on July 24, 2009 at 9:30pm — 1 Comment

URGENT REQUEST: National Women's Magazine Needs Butterflies> Laid off? Contemplating A Return? Possible Career Change?


We are looking to find the right Butterfly Moms for a story being written in a major national women's magazine.

Specifically, we need to find the following moms in their 30's or 40's:

>>>> Stay At Home Moms Contemplating A Return-to-the-Workforce

>>>> Moms Laid Off and Trying To Find A New Job

>>>> Any Working Moms Contemplating A Career… Continue

Added by Terry Starr on July 24, 2009 at 1:00pm — 7 Comments

Feds: Miami-based Medicare fraud ring busted

In the latest Medicare fraud indictment, federal agents say bogus claims were filed for obsolete HIV therapy at a chain of clinics stretching from South Florida to four other states.

Federal agents have dismantled a Miami-based ring they said schemed to defraud Medicare of $100 million by filing false claims for obsolete HIV therapy across five states -- although two of the suspects who posed as clinic owners have fled to Cuba.

The eight-person organization, which was paid… Continue

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Work Life Balance

I have a wonderful business coach that I speak to weekly from the Coach Connection. He keeps me on track, gives me the push I need or just the outside insight when I ask for it. Sometimes when we are so close to a situation it is hard for us to see the bigger picture and this is why I love my Coach. For the past few weeks though there is one part of our weekly call that I have hated, it is the question of what has been your biggest obstacle since we last spoke. Usually I can say illness,… Continue

Added by Colette Chapman on July 22, 2009 at 10:30am — 3 Comments

Pilates Mat - Short Home Routines

Hello Moms,

I wanted to post these two routines I created for my clients to do at home (each are about 20 minutes). You can view these at the links below:

1) Beginner Mat (great for those that are new to Pilates)

2) Intermediate Pilates Mat Workout…


Added by Sherri Pulie on July 21, 2009 at 4:00pm — 1 Comment

Writing Workshop

I directed a Writing Workshop last night on behalf of my friend Keri, founder of The Family Journey.

As I sat planning this workshop, I realized how passionate I am about giving people the confidence and tools to communicate through writing. I'm reading Julia Cameron's "Right to Write" and love her assertion: "Writing is like breathing. I believe that. I believe we all come into life as writers. We are born with a gift for… Continue

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5 Dos & Donts in Flirting

JoAnn Ward

JoAnn Ward, the original Master Matchmaker, is a natural at pairing her clientele with their ideal mates. Her company's foundation rests on her passion for uniting desirable singles in rewarding, long-term relationships. JoAnn takes time to learn about her clients' backgrounds, personalities and relationship goals, thus eliminating many of the obstacles they face when searching for a partner on their…

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Out of the Closet

As some of you know, my oldest kid has autism. We take this autism stuff pretty seriously and as a result he has made remarkable gains. Indeed, to the untrained eye he is indistinguishable from his neuro-typical peers.

Last weekend four of the kiddos did a triathlon. When “Number One Son” finished the running component too early, it was obvious he got confused somewhere along the way. Turns out he went around the wrong pylon cutting the run short.

That evening my… Continue

Added by Julie Cole on July 20, 2009 at 12:33pm — 1 Comment

The Happily Marriage Skills Factor

By Dr. Robi Ludwig

As we are all well aware, the stress of motherhood is enough to “shove” you over the edge. Add a work schedule to the mix and it’s likely that you will sprint to your nearest pharmacy for a Costco size case of Prozac. Before we hit rock bottom, spiraling like a child “amped” up on sugar, we ask ourselves, “How can I possibly handle it all?
I was asked to do a segment for the Today show, where I had to… Continue

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How to pick the right moisturizer?

Here is an excellent article written by my husband on the importance of a moisturizer and what to look for in a good moisturizer.

Monika Soni

Skin Care-Moisturizers

For the best physician grade anti aging products go to

A series of articles on the different products available to maintain good skin health and prevent or reverse the signs of aging.

There are a plethora of skin care products available on the marketplace. The… Continue

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HGTV's top-rated show, "House Hunters" is looking for homebuyers!!

HGTV's hit series "House Hunters" is looking for fun, enthusiastic homebuyers and their realtors within 90 min of Saint Louis, MO, Atlanta, GA, Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN, Philadelphia, PA, and Denver, CO, who plan to close on their new home within the next 1 – 2 months. This includes buyers who are actively bidding on a home, or newly under contract.

Homebuyers who are selected for the show will be filmed along with their real estate agent for approximately 4 shoot days over a… Continue

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Skin Care

Hello all. I am in the process of creating my own skin care line which will be physician grade. Currently I am developing three different products. One is for acne, another anti-aging, and finally one for skin lightening. I am interested in hearing the different products women are using and what they are satisfied with and what is just fluff. Also I would like to know what aspects of skin care concern women the most. Is it wrinkles, acne, or sun damage? I am a firm believer in combining… Continue

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“I’ll collect my tatters, the perfect pieces of me, and notch them together in an informal pattern just to suggest myself. then I can start the welding process, and in a short breath, I’ll be fine.” Susan Mrosek

Recently, one morning, I lost and then found myself again while listening to the k.d. lang song “Hallelujah.” As the next song in the playset started, my three year old caught my attention. She had dressed herself in a lace–edged skirt, then layered her ¾ sleeve jersey shirt… Continue

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Vehicle Grief

I’ve been doing a bit of complaining about having to find a car that suits our family. I was whining about this on my other blog (

The biggest issue has been that it seemed like no one wanted to help us out. I e-mailed contacts in the car industry and didn’t hear back. We went to a car lot and looked at a bunch of vehicles and the guy said he would call if something suitable arrived and we never heard from him… Continue

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Growing up with a birth injury and arthritis

About one week after I started kindergarten, I quickly realized I was not like all the other children in the class. All of these children used their right hands to color; they could climb a rope in gym class and cut their own meat at lunch. On the playground children would tease me, calling out things like, “Look, she has a hook for an arm,” and, “Here comes the tree branch girl.” At first I didn’t understand why they were taunting me in such a cruel way. I remember feeling intimated by them. I… Continue

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