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July 2012 Blog Posts (8)

Home 2 Executive

I am excited to be on the road from Home 2 Executive.  It's been an ongoing battle to find the right fit.  Somehow compromising family relationships has always been a challenge. "Executive" to many means working 60-80 hour weeks and competing with fellow co-workers for the next big promotion.  For me,…


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Seven Sales Tips Worth Remembering!

At age 41, I do not claim to be all knowing.  Instead, I make an effort to keep learning by embracing new adventures and opportunities.  When I was asked to join a sales meeting in Nashville this past week, I initially thought… ugh… no thanks to being held captive in a freezing cold hotel conference room from nine to five in the middle of the summer!!  But, when I let go of my initial, somewhat negative, reaction I thought, “Why the hell not?!” …


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Sharpie it in!

Let's get right into it! Check out the noteworthy products launched at by Butterfly mom Vivian Scott:

The Dirty Dozen: 12 Behaviors that Cause Conflict (and what to do about them).  This webinar gets to the point efficiently - from start-to-finish it’s under an hour!  Everything from micromanaging to dishonesty will be addressed. You’ll get a little bit of theory and a whole lot of practical advice!



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Taking a Commercial Break

Sometimes you just have to admit that what you’re doing is obvious.  This is one of those times.  Here’s a blatant plug for two new products my partner and I just launched at

The Dirty Dozen: 12 Behaviors that Cause Conflict (and what to do about them).  This webinar gets to the point really quickly, so from start-to-finish it’s under an hour.  Everything from micromanaging to dishonesty is addressed.  You’ll get a…


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Hello Moms!

                   A new preschool is coming to town called Little Promises and  is located on 319 Quaker Church Road Randolph NJ.  Please join us for our open house event on July 28th from 1-4pm for free food, crafts, games , give aways and more! Come see our beautiful 3,000 sq ft facility ready to assist your "little promses". Thank you in advance, Nellie Westpy director /owner If you have any further question feel free to conatct me direct at 973-769-6005.

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Stories of children that could easily be your own

We worry about the many aspects our jobs, careers and about our overall state of mind. We obsess about our children and pray they are safe in our absence. We worry some more… especially when we hear detailed horror stories of other such children that could easily be our own.


True Story #1:

Male high school student attends a party at a nearby friend’s house. Friend’s parents are NOT home.  Boy drinks vodka, not realizing the strength and the effects of the…


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What’s a Mama To Say?

My 5-year-old son recently had a little friend over. They found one of the sisters’ cootie catchers (yes, I provided a picture so you know what I’m talking about) and were having some fun with it. Eventually the friend picked “number 7” and my son opened it up and read the comment. It said “You will…


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Does this blog make me look fat?

I eat when I’m stressed.  I graze when I’m bored…. or, procrastinating for that matter.  Hence the extra ten lbs. I’ve packed on this past year.  I blame the extra poundage on the pressure of working and parenting to the best of my ability (I know, nothing like taking responsibility!).  Well, I can’t put it on the kids right now- they’re off having the time of their lives at summer camp so that's one excuse gone.  Now is the time to own up to it. …


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