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August 2009 Blog Posts (57)

Wear Your Summer Dresses Into Fall

Think you need to buy a whole new wardrobe for fall? Think again. With a few strategic styling tips, many of your favorite summer pieces can be reworked for cooler weather. Take inspiration from some of the hottest looks seen on the fall runways with these ideas to transition your warm weather dresses:

A boyfriend blazer and riding boots instantly updates a printed summer dress:…


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Sue Fabisch, Musical Humorist and mother

As told by Butterfly Co-Founder Bradi Nathan

Today I’m coming out. “I am a complainer.” There, I said it. I sometimes complain of the monotony each day brings: racing like a lunatic to get the kids on a 7:40 am bus, cleaning, organizing, gym, shower, late lunch, some work jammed in between, bus drop-off 2:50 pm, play dates, pickups, football, soccer, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh, but how I love to be able to work…

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Laurie Gelman, The Mom Show, Co-Host and mother of two

as told by Butterfly Co-Founder Bradi Nathan

Playgroup. By definition one would think that this is a group that plays. Jack was five weeks old when he attended his first playgroup ~ a gathering that could have been better described as a lay there like a latka group. Its the mothers that did the playing. We shared stories, frustrations and milestones every Wednesday until our babies grew into children that…

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Valerie DeLong, MOXY Entertainment, CEO

as told by Butterfly Co-Founder Bradi Nathan

Truth be told- I hate the cold. Perhaps its poor circulation but even as a write this I notice my fingers are cool to the touch. My thermostat reads 71 degrees by the way. Sometimes I fantasize about moving to the West Coast. Although, I know that Id never have the guts to uproot my family for the sake of warmer extremities. Valerie DeLong was lucky enough to…

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Interview with Lisa Bloom; Attorney and Award-Winning journalist

as told by Butterfly co-founder Bradi Nathan

Guilty. My daughters slice of cake was a tad bigger than my sons. Guilty. My son got to sit on my lap for a half of a second longer than my daughter. Guilty. I inhaled my kids dinner before they were actually finished eating. Lifes not fair I tell them ~ thats what my mother told me. I dont even know what the definition of fair is in my house but I do know that…

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Working Moms Vacations

I wonder. Is a vacation ever truly a vacation when you are a working mom? Or, a stay at home mom for that matter? There always seems to be time sensitive calls or emails that always arise as well as the constant need to check in. Today is my son's birthday and I "vacationed" at Six Flags Great Adventure. But, somewhere between "Scream Mountain" (yes I did go upside down and backwards with my 9-year old by my side) and the water park, I felt the need to check the crackberry and mentally prepare… Continue

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Healthy Homes-Healthy Families

‘Healthy’ buildings seen as route to healthier people

Energy, other improvements touted as key to breathing easier

Hi Everyone!

I am the creator of Ecohealth Homes inspired by Caroline McKenna.

Ecohealth's designs, sales/marketing and PR strategies empower and enable residential building system manufacturers and other manufacturers to construct and sell SAFE and HEALTHY housing and buildings.

Please check out my wy website… Continue

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Kidnapped Girl Found 18 Years Later, Jaycee Lee Dugard

Another TRAGIC breaking news story involving a CHILD!!

As you may have heard by now an 18 year nightmare is over for Jaycee Lee Dugard who was kidnapped on June 10, 1991 from her school bus stop. Abducted at age 11, this horrific case spans two decades of Jaycee being hidden in a shack as a sex slave, ultimately giving birth to her rapist's two girls (who are now 11 an 15)!

The police revealed that: "Phillip Garrido, 58, held [Jaycee] the entire time as a virtual slave,… Continue

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DJ AM/Adam Goldstein Dies of Drug Overdose at Age 36

DJ AM was found dead today, Friday in his New York City apartment, according to TMZ. He was only 36.

According to police, DJ AM, also known as Adam Goldstein was found in his apartment with drug paraphernalia found nearby.

In September of 2008, DJ AM and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker were severely burned but survived a plane crash in South Carolina that killed four others.

DJ AM's Twitter post on Aug. 25, read: "New York, New York. Big city of dreams, but… Continue

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thanks a bunch

I know the stationary isn't perfect, but a big thank you to all of you that read what I blab on and on about at Ooph.

My Thank You.

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Multitasking 101

Researchers at Stanford University recently concluded that multitaskers are bad at multitasking.

When I heard about this conclusion, I was in the middle of coaxing my 18 month old to eat dinner, while cutting up meat for my 3 year old, while in mid-negotiation with my 5 year old over TV/bedtime snack privileges. My husband was asking me where his clean socks were and I was gesturing to him to look at the pile of folded laundry at my feet while making a mental note to add… Continue

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I am looking for a little feedback… I have ((GASP)) GIRL DRAMA!! My girl drama appears to have no end…. It started with the new school year and my ten year old daughter. Everyday I listen to “so and so says…” there is always a girl at school who knows more than I do … :-/

SO- what to do when this little introduction to co dependency turns south…? I have tried to ignore it, however trying to ignore “Tween” girl drama is like trying to ignore the BIG PINK ELEPHANT in the room. You see… Continue

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NUTRITION INSPIRATIONS: Welcome to Your 3rd Edition

Great tofu recipe

This is a delicious tofu recipe that I made for my cooking club.

Try a new grain

I tried Freekeh wheat for the first time and loved it! You can use it in place of rice, couscous, or pasta. It has a chewy texture and meaty flavor. You can find it conveniently packaged at Trader Joe's.

150 Calories/2g… Continue

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Grants and Scholarships for Moms Who Want to Return to School

For women who put their educational lives on hold when they had children, the dream of returning to academia has all but been forgotten. Money is tight and there isn't enough to go around so how can a single mom even think about going back to school. I had given up on ever returning to school and I was… Continue

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You Get What You Get

Since most parents are not particularly fond of whining, “you get what you get and you don’t get upset” is a common mantra in many households. It is most often heard immediately following annoying requests such as “but I wanted to sit in THAT chair” or “no, not the blue plate, the RED one!” The adult version of “you get what you get” is when you have a baby. Not a lot of social engineering is involved so you can’t exactly order a baby of a particular gender or personality type. You can’t even… Continue

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This morning started out like any other Monday morning. I woke up at 6:15 AM, pushed my son off me, and stumbled out of bed to get to the gym for my 7AM work-out. I went for my work out (which was quite good by the way), got home and went about getting ready. After my usual war of wits with my four year (go downstairs and wait for me while I get ready, okay mommy (but stays upstairs anyway), I went downstairs and preceded to eat breakfast with my son before having to leave for work. While I was… Continue

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Thanks a lot McDonald's . . .

Dear McDonald's Corporate Headquarters,

I have a confession to make. For the last 4 or so years, I have patronized your various franchise locations and have never once checked my receipt. Several times per month, I order Happy Meals for my children, both with regular milk (not chocolate) and apple dippers (with sauce). I specify that I have boys and that they want the "boy" toy selection. Usually.

Occasionally, if my boys want the cool "girl" toy, when your drive-thru… Continue

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Gumby Mom

So there I am, flipping the near-perfect cheesy omelet, having already made five of the same, watched my birthday girl open her Sharpay Barbie and other gifts (including the coolest "Blow Pop" metal lunchbox), when she calls from the other room "MOOOOOMMMM! I need help!" at the same time that my husband begins nuzzling my neck. My quandry? Help the kid, let the omelet burn, wound the husband? Why are these the choices, I ask? When did it become the norm for the mom to be stretched in a thousand… Continue

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Being the children of a slacker mom, my kids learned to self-entertain early, realizing I wouldn’t amuse them. I don’t do Barbies or dolls, can only occasionally be counted on, though not reliably, to play blocks for awhile, and when forced, grow quite groggy and bored with “kitchen,” particularly after the 324th time I have to say, “Mmm….that (fake) tomato and (wooden) stew go oh-so-nicely with the (plastic ) apple” with my falsely cheery voice, followed by a very unlady-like slurping as I… Continue

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Working Moms' Business Banter

Terry and I have learned that in business, and in life, that "All is fair in love and war." What does this mean exactly? Well, if you must know, it traces back to John Lyly's "Euphues" (1598). The quote was "The rules of fair play do not apply in love and war." John was a Renaissance English poet and playwright and certainly a man ahead of his time in recognizing that there are many a people who do not play fair. We imagine that some of you who are reading this now may be cursing those who have… Continue

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