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October 2014 Blog Posts (3)

Is My Child Gifted?

Yes, I know everyone thinks that their child is a genius, but how do you know if they really are? There are several methods to assist you in evaluating your child’s abilities; below you will find the definition of giftedness, how to identify a gifted child and finally how to test for giftedness.

To begin, we must define what it means to be gifted. “Gifted individuals are those who demonstrate outstanding levels of aptitude (defined as an exceptional ability to…


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10 Things I've Learned From Being a Mediator

I'm lucky that I've had so much training and experience mediating issues between others. It's impossible to be a part of the mediation community for so long and not learn a thing or two about oneself in the process. So, I'm going to share, in no particular order of importance, 10 things I've learned along the way.

1) Gossip is boring. I don't mind people sharing updates about family or friends with me, but when it turns into a conversation that has too many oohs, ahs, and smirky…


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Mommy's Kitchen

Hi and Welcome to Mommy's Kitchen :)

Mommy's Kitchen was created after trying many odd jobs while being overseas.  While cooking it hit me real hard, this is what makes me happy cooking and communicating with people ! That was it , that was all, Mommy's Kitchen was created immediately on the spot !  Come take a peek into my cooking world. ;

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