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December 2013 Blog Posts (11)

Economic Clarity? Get those glasses on.

2013 certainly has been no picnic for most of us. Some markets and industries are feeling pretty good about now; can you say  hashtag #Twitter IPO. But for most of us, it continues to be a "work hard, play hard and little chance to put money in bank for a rainy day" economy. The heavy storms have lifted in some markets but for the most part we've continued to keep our heads down trying to keep focus around keeping motherhood, work, daycare, social lives, school activities and downtime in…


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Thoughts on the perfect party.

I have been a kids entertainer for many years now and the one thing I seem to never get over is how  everyone is so afraid things will not work out right or if the party bags are just enough or not enough. We fuss over the smallest details and forget the most important thing, our guest are spending time with us to celebrate this occasion. When I am doing something and start to make myself crazy,I think of a clown phrase  “ Keep it simply stupid “ I then think of everyone invited and what…


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Online Money Making for Moms

Making money online is now an issue for many people because a lot are still skeptical with it. This skepticism is brought upon scam sites all over the internet. Despite the fake sites that are posted everywhere, making money online is not impossible and there are a ton of sites that are legit.

  • Online surveys. One of the easiest ways to make money online is by taking online surveys. Companies like E-Poll…

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Tips for Working with Multiple Bosses

When companies consolidate departments or lay-off employees, the action often results in administrative support staff working with multiple bosses.  Though the strategic goal is to save money, the act can backfire if the new normal doesn’t quickly fall into place.  Assistants play a critical role in how swiftly that happens.  Here are a few tips to help:

1)     Acknowledge that bosses are unique individuals.  Managers don’t all come with the same personality, or work…


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Cracking the Code: Computer Programming For Kids & Learning Code

I own a web-based business and I’m an avid blogger/social media type. One would assume that I would be quite the tech savvy mama. The truth is… I’m not. Luckily when I’m hanging around the office, there are a plethora of smarty-pant nerd types who can help me out. When I’m at home, I have to pull in the big guns for…


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Relaxing Vacation Clothing Ideas for Moms

Your long-awaited vacation has finally arrived! Don't let uncomfortable clothing spoil your fun. There are lots of comfortable vacation clothing options.

Whether you are heading to a Caribbean cruise, a foreign country, or even staying close to home, clothing is a major consideration for any vacation. You will want attire that is fashionable as well as comfortable and relaxing. Fortunately, there are many…


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5 Life Lessons From Bootcamp

6-week Fitness Bootcamp.

The name itself brings up the image of drill sergeant like training. Getting barked at to “give me 20” just for the fun of it. Pushed to your limits until you collapse like a pile of weeping sweaty jello on the ground as your trainer stands above you with a satisfied grin on their…


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Three’s Company

There have been studies that indicate that three children is the most stressful number of kiddos to have.

Three is no easy feat. As the picture shows, I had my hands very full back when I had only half the…


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5 Secrets For Moms Who Are Ready To Turn Your Holidays From Stressed To Success!

That time of year is upon us again! It’s the holiday season.

The leaves have fallen from the trees, decorations are going up, and our mailbox is suddenly full of catalogs….

I have to admit I LOVE this time of the year. Especially now I am a mom. There is nothing better than the joy and wonder of a…


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It's Not in The Numbers!

Nows The Time!

I never pay attention to the numbers on the scale. In fact, I don't even own one. The reason? They lie! Yes, they lie. When you go to the doctor they put you on a scale that tells you a number. You go home and your scale tells you another number. You step on a scale at a health club and you get another number. . .and, yet, they are all calibrated. So, how does this work? I stopped paying attention…


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