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Single Moms in need of a job "Occupy Butterfly!"- Weekly Wings

While many are still occupying Wall Street (amongst other streets) in droves, I’ve decided to take a little action of my own.


Meet Amy Hudnael, Butterfly member, single mother of two, with a background in…


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And the Emmy goes to... - Weekly Wings

I was going to write a stellar recap of the Emmy Awards, showcased on TV this past Sunday night. But, then I thought, reality or no? Not so much.  I mean, true that many a working mom were seen scooping up golden statues, with Modern Family sweeping most…  but, that doesn’t give us a true glimpse into the lives of your average mom, myself included.  So, I thought this Emmy should go to… Continue

Added by MyWorkButterfly on September 20, 2011 at 11:30am — 2 Comments

Irene is a B!tch!: Weekly Wings

Irene is a b!tch! There, I said it. This awful being caused the cancellation of our family flight home from the west coast and delayed this week’s edition of the Weekly Wings. She also caused the upheaval of so many friends and family as we took in un-housed guests of our own. Such community damage tends to bring out the best in people with grand gestures of kindness and a willingness to help. I do hope those of you who were affected leaned on your network of friends and…


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Free to Be! - Weekly Wings

I celebrated America’s 235th birthday yesterday- ahh, Independence Day!  Amidst the spectacular fireworks display, I looked around me and saw all ethnic groups, all religions, all getting along.  Freedom at its finest.

Personally, I feel a sense of freedom that is unfamiliar and unlike any other I’ve felt in the past eleven years. I… Continue

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Post Mother's Day- I have something to admit - Weekly Wings

As a follow-up to last week’s Weekly Wings, where I came clean about wanting the gift of “time” for Mother’s Day, I have something further to admit. The gift of time, I realize, is a gift that we must give to ourselves… when the time is right. What I thought I wanted on Mother’s Day, to spend some much-needed time alone at the gym, was trumped by my daughter’s sweet request to bike…


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My Mother's Day B!tch-fest - Weekly Wings

What I want for Mother’s Day doesn’t come in a pretty blue box. You can’t bottle it, touch it or determine its worth in cents or dollars. 


The week before last was Spring Break around here, which meant that my two kids were off from school while my husband remained at work. (You catch my drift?) The night before my…


Added by MyWorkButterfly on May 2, 2011 at 11:00am — 5 Comments


In lieu of the Weekly Wings this week and in honor of Mother's Day,

we are sending you a token of our appreciation ~ you can win in one of two ways:…


Added by MyWorkButterfly on April 25, 2011 at 9:00am — 4 Comments

Blog It or Bust! - Weekly Wings

Last week I asked, “Do you want the chance to have your blog featured in a Weekly Wings and then emailed to nearly 6,000 Butterfly members?”  I merely suggested that if the answer was yes, then to blog it! And, blog you did! Since I am a woman of my word…. Here are a few FABULOUS blogs uploaded by your fellow Butterfly moms:



Added by MyWorkButterfly on April 18, 2011 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

March Madness- weekly wings

I became so enthralled with the flexible-work offering from American Gold & Diamond Buyers in last week’s enewletter that I failed to introduce you to Butterfly’s March “Mom Mentor”, Courtney Cachet. We met…


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Oscar Party, Gold Party... Get paid to party? - Weekly Wings

I’d be remised if I didn’t acknowledge the sweeping Oscar win for Best Actress in a Leading Role by mom-to-be, Natalie Portman, for her outstanding performance in the quite twisted, but brilliant, Black Swan. Pre-baby bump, Natalie spent one-year training to acquire such a…


Added by MyWorkButterfly on February 28, 2011 at 1:00pm — No Comments

Cold Weather, Warm Hearts

As Told by Butterfly’s Resident LMR Eldercare Contributor, Lisa Bayer

Lisa Bayer, J.D., CCM, Certified Geriatric Care Manager, is President of LMR Eldercare, LLC, a private elder care advocacy firm located in northern New Jersey.

As record-breaking cold, ice and snow affects many most of the nation in the past few weeks there are things we can do to help our older loved ones stay warm and avoid hypothermia.… Continue

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Trinkets of love under $25



Valentine's Day is usually reserved for your special someone and the kids but it's always nice to spread the love to the other ladies in your life that are there for you through every "mom" moment. Whether it's your mom, sister, best friend or neighbor, tell them how much they mean to you with a little gift that's meaningful and…


Added by MyWorkButterfly on February 3, 2011 at 10:08am — 1 Comment

Five Sure Fire Ways

By Vivian Scott

Whether you're looking for your first real job or counting the days until retirement, it makes good business sense to be aware of your actions with coworkers. As a professional workplace mediator, I’ve noticed some fairly common… Continue

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Snow Bound - Weekly Wings

A bit of trivia for you:

Q: Currently, 49 out of the 50 states have snow on the ground. Which state does not?

A: Florida


Q: What do children do in hopes of having a snow day?…


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My 40-year old Confession - Weekly Wings

They say when you turn 40 you start to reflect on life and experience a bit of self-discovery.  They also say that 40 years old is a good time to assess current friendships and to rid oneself of any toxic energy. I am not quite sure who “they” are but, I do confess (keep it low), I am turning 40 this February and it appears as if I have some work to do! My wonderful, shorter than me, husband threw a celebratory…


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New Year, New You! - Weekly Wings

It’s as if someone has given us a life-sized eraser along with a permission slip reading, “You get a do-over.” Isn’t that how it feels when we start a new year, we resolve to do things better, to start anew? For some, 2010 was filled with empty promises including a commitment to: eating right, finding help to work out life’s challenges, having more patience with…


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Butterfly's Rendition of the 12 Nights of Xmas and a Happy New Year! - Weekly Wings



On the 28th day of December, my partner…


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I Love Boobies! - Weekly Wings

When we noticed the 5th grade boys at our sons’ elementary school sporting “I Love Boobies!” bracelets, our reaction was less than favorable. In fact, we thought, “How inappropriate!” Two days later I was driving my 10-year old to buy one in every color. You see, the purpose of the “I Love Boobies!” campaign is to “help…


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First Day of Fall 2010. Halloween Costumes - Dress Like an Employee! - Weekly Wings

With all of the talk of the Video Music Awards last weekend, my 7-year old daughter has announced that she will be a “rapper” for…


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