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Google Women's Five Demands on Pay Gap

Well, I am glad to see Googlers standing up for what apparently needs a whole lot of attention. 

Google employees actually walked out today, demanding change on the company's handling (perhaps bungling) of harassment and discrimination. 

Googlers listed their calls for change in…


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18 Genius Instagrams for International Womens Day via Blogher

Made our day, literally, to see #WID2015 and #WomensInternationalDay trending on twitter, but did you happen to check out what was going on today on Instagram? 

So brilliant: Honoring Womens Day

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Economic Clarity? Get those glasses on.

2013 certainly has been no picnic for most of us. Some markets and industries are feeling pretty good about now; can you say  hashtag #Twitter IPO. But for most of us, it continues to be a "work hard, play hard and little chance to put money in bank for a rainy day" economy. The heavy storms have lifted in some markets but for the most part we've continued to keep our heads down trying to keep focus around keeping motherhood, work, daycare, social lives, school activities and downtime in…


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Want to communicate with our close to 10,000 moms around the globe? US?

Contact us at to discuss our next eNewsletter and schedule.

Feel free to glance at some of our early newsletters to get an idea of what we stand for and write about - you can click on the link below to download them. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we do writing them!

The Butterfly Team

Click the icons below to download the…


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The Ultimate Mother Day Gift- a Career!

The official Hallmark Holiday named Mother’s Day is approaching quickly.  I tend to believe that we should be celebrated every day rather than one lone Sunday during the month of May.  That’s just me.  Last year I blogged on Butterfly about giving ourselves the gift of time- time off and time out as…


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You Want a Job? You Got It!!

As the Co-founder of Butterfly, I have been honored to meet a plethora of intelligent, savvy and witty women in business.  One such woman is Diana Kostas.  Diana is the Director of Business Development for…


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What do Butterfly Moms have in common?

We noticed that 15 moms on MyWorkButterfly celebrated their birthday today - April 22. 

That got us thinking. Yes, we're all connected here on Butterfly. But, do these same 15 moms within one community even know each other. Have they ever had a conversation -…


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Entrepreneurship. The answer to a $hitty job deficit?! - Weekly Wings

I ripped an article out of the New York Postlast week so that I could reiterate the growing job sectors anticipated for 2012-2020: Retail sales +70%, Home Health Care +69% and Registered Nurses +58%.  The financial services field and the information technology arena- not so rosy of a future.  In turn, does this mean that the unemployed population will be…


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Win: This Valentine's Day Justin Delivers the Love, "Baby"

Valentine's Day


CONTEST is giving away

two of these cuddly 12-inch plush beavers

All decked…


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Spam in NOT on the Menu - Weekly Wings

Spam. Never liked the stuff- be it in the can or out. Lately, I’ve been seeing more spam out of the can and in the pages of  If you are confused as to what “spam” is as it relates to our community- let me clarify:


  1. If you are selling or directly promoting your business- that is…

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February Happenings - Weekly Wings

With another month coming to an end, we get ready to embark on the next.  What will you do in February 2012?  I for one will celebrate my 41 stbirthday and may just attend some of the following February happenings:



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What do Martin Luther King Jr. and Butterfly have in common? - Weekly Wings

I do hope that this past Martin Luther King Jr. Daygave you a much-needed long weekend with the family!  While it did offer me just that- MLK Jr. Day also gave me so much more…


On MLK Jr. Day, January 15, 2009, Butterfly was launched (so now we are officially three and in pre-school).  What began as a…


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Child Sexual Abuse - Weekly Wings

I am quite fond, to put it mildly, of Butterfly member Jill Starishevsky and her hard- hitting posts on the topic of child abuse and sex crimes.  As an Assistant District Attorney in New York City, Jill has prosecuted hundreds of sex offenders.  She is also the protective mother of three!



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I'll Tell You my New Year's Resolution if You Tell me Yours - Weekly Wings

Happy 2012 to you and your families!  Let’s start off by getting a few clichés out of the way. I resolve to: eat healthier, or less, and to exercise seven days a week. I resolve to stay organized, spend more quality time with my children and to become a better cook.  But, what I really want to say is that, “I RESOLVE TO STOP BEING SO DAMN HARD ON MYSELF!!”…


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Why are You Still Single? - Weekly Wings

Business took me to California earlier this week where I found myself mixing with remarkably talented, accomplished women in their 40’s and 50’s.  All financially independent, in high-powered jobs and most, if not all, SINGLE.  The divorced single mom and the recent, never been married NYC transplant, both pondered the same question, “Why am I Still Single?”



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Single Moms in need of a job "Occupy Butterfly!"- Weekly Wings

While many are still occupying Wall Street (amongst other streets) in droves, I’ve decided to take a little action of my own.


Meet Amy Hudnael, Butterfly member, single mother of two, with a background…


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Turkey: What I learned from overconsuming! - Weekly Wings

I have finally risen from my turkey-induced coma and was curious to know if anyone else ate oneself into oblivion? Nonetheless, it was a nice respite from work…that I am sure you will all agree.  I spent Thanksgiving Day, before our family feast, with my husband and kids at the Salvation Army.  The obvious notion was to show my…


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Occupy what street? - Weekly Wings

On September 17 , 2011 men and women (and some kids alike) took to

occupy Wall Street in a protest against financial greed and corruption.

What started in Zuccotti Park, NYC, has now spread as an international movement.  I’ve personally witnessed the filth… Continue

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Did I let my 11-yr. old son buy an iPhone? - Weekly Wings

I am sure you are all waiting with baited breath to read the outcome of my parenting quandary- Do I allow my 11-year old son to purchase an iPhone with HIS HARD-EARNED money?  Before I get there, I wanted to say thank you, thank you and thank you, for your insightful and quite rational advice.  My son read through ALL of your posts (tallying them along the way) and is particularly keen on member… Continue

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Parenting Quandary... I Need Your Help! - Weekly Wings

So much has transpired since last week’s “Weekly Wings”… the snow has melted, trees have fallen, power has been lost and restored, (in most areas in the Northeast) and I am STILL trying desperately to mentor my own son.

If you did not read last week’s edition, I will bring you up to speed. In short, son wants iPhone, mom says, “I’M NOT BUYING”, son shovels snow for money and in the… Continue

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