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My 40-year old Confession - Weekly Wings

They say when you turn 40 you start to reflect on life and experience a bit of self-discovery.  They also say that 40 years old is a good time to assess current friendships and to rid oneself of any toxic energy. I am not quite sure who “they” are but, I do confess (keep it low), I am turning 40 this February and it appears as if I have some work to do! My wonderful, shorter than me, husband threw a celebratory…


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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., "We all have a dream." Weekly Wings

Two years ago we stood proudly in the home of Malaak and Chris Rock and toasted the launch MyWorkButterfly. On that very evening, we were surrounded by family and friends, as well as those who played such an integral…


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10 things you can do today to create a positive perception of family for your child after a break-up

by Vivian Scott

My mediation practice often sees families in various states of emotional disrepair. Everyone from husbands and wives filing for divorce, to exes still fighting over some long-ago event, to parents who refuse to speak to one another no matter the topic have asked for my help. Regardless of their unique situations each of these couples has a few things in…


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Trend watch: we're seeing stripes



While stripes are typically saved for the height of spring, right now they can be seen on everything from bucket totes to wool blazers. As retailers rotate out the heavy winter jackets in favor of seasonal transition wear like anoraks and khakis, you'll find more stripes than ever. Go for a…

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Tips to Help Families get Financially Fit in the New Year

by Lisa Reynolds of RedPlum

Time is Money - Families can save $1,000 per year by spending only twenty minutes per week seeking online and newspaper coupons. Encourage your family to look for coupons for the products they use the most. Keep an envelope in a central part of the house where each person can store the coupons they find. Grab the…


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Home Exchange

By Jill Singer

"A unique way for families to vacation is with home exchange, where families can swap a stay in their home for a stay in someone else’s home. This enables families to travel anywhere around the world without being limited by the high cost of lodging. Home swap is ideal for families for a whole host of reasons, from having a comfortable home base to the additional space that a home affords to all of the financial benefits. Besides saving the cost of a hotel… Continue

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Ted Williams' Voice Debut- An Interview Can Change Your Life Forever! - Weekly Wings

My 7-year-old adores performing and an audience of one (that’d be me) simply will not suffice.  She envisions herself singing and dancing in front of hoards of people.  The greater the audience, the more ecstatic she becomes. Honestly, her singing? Mediocre.…


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New Year, New You! - Weekly Wings

It’s as if someone has given us a life-sized eraser along with a permission slip reading, “You get a do-over.” Isn’t that how it feels when we start a new year, we resolve to do things better, to start anew? For some, 2010 was filled with empty promises including a commitment to: eating right, finding help to work out life’s challenges, having more patience…


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