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In Science and Technology, Efforts to Lure Women Back

It will come as no surprise that many career re-entry programs, designed to help at-home mothers return to the work force, are disappearing, victims of hard times among the Wall Street firms and banks that led the so-called on-ramping trend.

But a new bright spot is emerging. Small, innovative return-to-work programs are springing up in other sectors -- specifically in science, engineering and technology. Prospects for long-term job growth in these fields are relatively good, and… Continue

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What to Do When You're About to Take a Leave


If you're awaiting the arrival of a new family member, preparing for maternity or paternity leave is probably a top priority. Advance planning is critical for safeguarding your reputation among your peers. "This is also a big transition for the people who work with you," says Cali Williams Yost, president and founder of Work+Life Fit Inc., a corporate-flexibility consultancy in Madison, N.J. Here's how to prepare for your leave.


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66 Indispensable Websites for Business Owners

Get your business going, keep it going strong or take it in a new direction with this compilation of web sites for entrepreneurs.

At last count there were approximately 10 gazillion websites out there. Where's a business owner to start when looking for valuable information? If you're reading this, it means you're on, which is a good start. Read on for 64 more vital online spots you should know about.

Accounting Terminology Guide…


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The Go-To Mom Videos


Find more videos like this on My Work Butterfly



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Lunch: Andre Leon Talley -- Media Star!

DIANE CLEHANE, Writer-At-Large,

Michael's Restaurant, Manhattan, NYC.

We missed Blythe Danner by a day. Too bad, I would have loved to have asked her what she thinks of her daughter's goofy -- but strangely compelling -- Web site, GOOP. It's the gospel according to Gwyneth, where she holds forth on all things great and small -- from how to wear a little black dress to how she got rid of her 'Shar-Pei-like stomach' after her pregnancies (I'm not… Continue

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The Mommy Rat Race: Break the Cycle of Mommy Competition

Don’t you just cringe when you hear your neighbor say, “My child slept through the night and he’s only six weeks old!” or “Wow, I can fit into my Levi’s now” and she’s only had her baby a few months ago? Granted, we all want to be excited for moms who have a fairly easy time with their babies; however, if you are going to do a little bragging of your own (which is a God-given right as a mommy!) follow up by talking about an area in which you are pretty…

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My Work Butterfly is Flying High!

By: Ari Yesterday I attended the launch party for MY WORK BUTTERFLY a great social network designed specifically for moms interested in returning to the work force and establishing a healthy balance between a personal and professional life! These days many stories start with “particularly in this economy”, well, My Work Butterfly can certainly say that with great justification. There is so much opportunity these days and more of a reason to start something new and still balance it with… Continue

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Out of Office: Job Loss in the Age of Blogs and Twitter


It's been decades since Americans had this much time on their hands and -- thanks to the Web -- never have there been so many opportunities to burn it.

In November, Julia Otto was headed to her first day on a new job, car keys in hand, as an administrative assistant with a New Orleans construction company when her phone rang. Her position was eliminated before she even started.

Now, when she's not sending out resumes or doing… Continue

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Deep Corporate Staff Cuts Heat Up H-1B Visa Debate

Job cuts by tech firms are putting the controversial H-1B guest-worker program in the spotlight once again.

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, kicked off the latest debate in January by publicly calling on Microsoft to prioritize American workers over foreign guest workers as the software giant downsizes. In the wake of Grassley’s letter to Microsoft, questions have been raised about the legality of axing H-1B workers first. And H-1B critics have stepped up their attacks on a program… Continue

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Our Many Hats

by Michelle Obama
A few days ago, thousands of women from all across the country came to Chicago for a national conference on the major questions and concerns facing women today. For two days, they discussed many important issues facing our nation… from health care to energy to diplomacy and peace… led by women who are experts in those fields. And so many fantastic people gave speeches—including the men we are… Continue

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emme Speaks Out on Oprah's Weight "Infraction" - Enough is Enough

After a lot's been said and mean spirited songs air on the radio, common jokes abound and Oprah herself being not so kind for her weight "infraction", I took a moment to share my feelings on the subject at CNN's ShowBiz Tonight.
I as well as women around the world treasure Oprah and really give her enormous credit to come out openly about this, but in such a body bashing way? I feel we have all moved forward (mainly thanks… Continue

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A Signature With the First Lady's Hand in It

By Richard Leiby

Washington Post

It seemed to be all about Lilly Ledbetter at the White House yesterday -- her name was enshrined in history, affixed to the first piece of legislation signed by President Obama. He presented the former Goodyear plant supervisor with a pen he used at the East Room signing ceremony and said, "This one's for Lilly."

Video Obtained from Associated Press on YouTube

But… Continue

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In an Interview with Butterfly, Linda Schuller Shares Her Journey of Travel and Motherhood

As reported by Butterfly Co-Founder, Bradi Nathan


Did you ever imagine that a cup of ice could serve multiple purposes? On a dreadfully long flight home from Mexico years ago, I had a toddler that would not and could not sit idle. I would have handed her the pull down oxygen mask to play with if I could. It was the simple cup of ice on my tray that interested her the most. She licked it, dropped it and covered herself… Continue

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Deciding on Living Arrangements for your Senior Loved Ones

Lisa Cook Bayer, J.D., is President of Life Management Resources, LLC, a private elder care advocacy firm located in northern New Jersey.

You’ve recently returned from a weekend with your parents and mom kept repeating the same story over and over about her next door neighbor’s pot roast. Your friend’s dad, who lives alone, recently fell and ended up in the hospital. You and your friend know that your parents… Continue

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Know Your Business to Grow Your Business

Lori Kudish, President of LTL Financial Consultants, reports:

Cash flow, cash flow, cash flow: this is the mantra you should be repeating to yourself as a business owner. Never take your eye off the ball when it comes to your cash position. Yes, profitability is very important and we will discuss that more in March, but understanding and predicting your cash flow is critical to the survival of your…

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