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Top 10 spring trends 2010

Top 10 spring trends 2010: denim

1. Denim

Remember the style rule about not wearing denim with denim? Well, it's time to put that one to rest - at least for this season. Designers like Ralph Lauren, D&G and Rag & Bone sent their models down the spring runways wearing denim on denim. Whether you attempt this trend or prefer to mix your denim with…


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10 spring trends for everybody (+ 3 that may not be for you)

A new season is upon us, along with a whole new set of trends. But which trends are worth investing in? Here's our list of 10 trends worth trying:

1. Neutral Shoes - They work with everything in your wardrobe and instantly make your legs look longer. Versatile and…


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20 spring trends you already own

With each season comes a new set of

must-buy pieces, but savvy shoppers already have a head start this spring. If you've taken our advice over the past few seasons, you're in luck! Here are 20 trends you already own that couldn't be hotter this spring:



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Rachelle Carson-Begley, wife of Ed Begley Jr., talks about family and starring on "Living With Ed"

as told by Butterfly co-founder, Bradi Nathan

I’m afraid to admit that I don’t even have a green thumb and while green is certainly the new black today, not so much in my house. I have learned a thing or two from the Discovery Channel’s, “Living With Ed” and vow that I will in fact make some changes for me and for my family.

Rachelle Carson-Begley and her husband Ed Begley Jr. are the stars of “Living With Ed”,… Continue

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Shelley Seale, mother and author, shares her story of penning and parenting

as told by Butterfly co-founder, Bradi Nathan

I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen the movie Slumdog Millionaire. If you haven’t, do so. As a mother, the movie may elicit overwhelming pain and sorrow. It may move you to tears or force you to take action. It’s the amazing story of a boy’s parentless journey through India. It is a tale of survival and strength as he travels through life, ending with a most unexpected… Continue

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Earth Day's 40th Anniversary: Celebrate With Ed Begley Jr. and Wife Rachelle - WEEKLY WINGS

With April upon us we may now begin our formal preparation in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. What and when is Earth Day you ask?

"Earth Day aims to inspire awareness of and appreciation for earth's environment. It is currently observed in more than 140 countries around the world. The April… Continue

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Abortion and the Health Care Bill: Weekly Wings

Late last night it was announced that the Democrats reached an abortion deal on the health care bill by a margin of merely a few votes. The health care bill will comply that there will no longer be public funding of abortion in this legislation. President Obama will be signing an executive order to reinforce that there… Continue

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“Honey…. I’m too busy with my blog and building my brand.”

For those of you who were car-pooling your kids to religious school or a ball game this past Sunday, or for those that simply do not have access to The New York Times, let us fill you in. The New York Times’ Style Section* read like a who's who in the mommy blogosphere. The essence of the feature entitled, "Honey, Don't Bother Mommy. I'm Too Busy With My Blog and Building My Brand" was to demonstrate the force and power of a particular… Continue

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Ode to Sandra Bullock, Weekly Wings

There are a few national happenings, both good and bad, that allow us to clearly put things into perspective for our children. The devastation in Haiti provided parents with the opportunity to teach their children about vulnerability, empathy and the importance of giving back. The 2010 Winter Olympics prompted us to encourage our kids to follow their dreams and that the notion of hard work and dedication is in fact tangible.…


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The Superbowl of Life…the Oscars

by: Mindy Scheier

As my tush looses feeling from sitting in the same spot since 6:00 pm sharp, I marvel at the yearly celebration of all that makes me whole...THE OSCARS. Of course I still feel that I should be on the Red Carpet and not Ryan Seacrest, but that’s another subject. So let's have some fun and do our own Fashion Police project!

Here are my best and worst dress…


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Special Nutrition Concerns of Older Adults

By Lisa Cook Bayer

Lisa Cook Bayer, J.D., is President of Life Management Resources, LLC, a private elder care advocacy firm located in northern New Jersey.

National Nutrition Month takes place each March and is an educational and informational campaign sponsored by the American Dietetic Association.

Lack of proper nutrition leads to problems for persons of all ages, but there… Continue

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What’s for Dinner? Get a Meal Plan!

It’s 6:00 P.M. You’ve been going full-steam since 6 A.M. Your spouse and kids are circling the kitchen like jackals around a road-kill. What’s for dinner, they ask? You don’t have a clue but your choices seem to be boiled down to Mac and Cheese or Take-out Burritos. Don’t worry, we can help. This has happened to all of us but there is an easy solution. Get a Meal Plan!

A Meal Plan is a time-saving, money-saving and stress relieving tool that a family can use. At… Continue

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The Masses Gather: Weekly Wings

Is bigger always better? We mean, do mass and volume naturally equate with grandeur? Well, the masses gathered in person and in front of their TV screens to witness Sidney Crosby score the winning goal this past Sunday night in overtime against the USA. This feat marked Canada's first Olympic Gold in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Around that time, masses gathered in another part of the world- all 5,200 of them posing naked on the steps of the… Continue

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Liz Lange, mother of 2 and fashion & retail icon in the world of maternity

as told by Butterfly co-founder Bradi Nathan

There are people that are just “packrats” by nature. They save everything and anything for the one rare occasion that the item might be sought after. My mom is headed to Florida this weekend and she busted out her wooden tennis racquet… I kid you not. The archaic sports equipment was “packed” away by the “rat.” Oh, that doesn’t sound good. My mom is nothing like a rat. Anyway, what I am saying is that some items just… Continue

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Alison Brod, mother and founder of Alison Brod PR

as told by Butterfly co-founder Bradi Nathan

I have read a lot lately about buzz and word-of-mouth marketing. The Tipping Point reinforces the need to cultivate relationships with Mavens and Influencers while The Anatomy of Buzz states that good “buzz” starts with a superb customer experience. Readers look to these best selling titles because they wish to achieve a similar goal: increased business.

In our case, Butterfly is hoping to increase… Continue

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