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Kate Spade Idiom Printed Bangles …


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Children of India: Shelley Seale’s Journey with Daughter

Lost and Found

by Shelley Seale

I never expected to be in India. And without a doubt, I never thought once I had been I would return, again and again.

It wasn’t the exotic beauty that drew me back. It wasn’t the storied, ancient history of the country or its rich and varied culture. It was not the colors or the spices or the sounds or the spirituality of the place. India is all of these things, to be sure, and…

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Colbie Caillat, Triple Platinum Artist, and Mother Di

As told by Co-Founder, Bradi Nathan:

It’s amazing how children can remember the lyrics to a song but forget to brush their teeth in the morning. My kids can recite every line of the very popular song “Bubbly” by Colbie Caillat. Its upbeat and happy melody has them singing along in the car and to their iPods.…


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Clarins USA’s Pamela Lipkin, Director of Accounting, shares on being a working mom

As told by Co-Founder, Bradi Nathan:

I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I do not believe that I would fare well on the hit television show, “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?” As I assist my son with his math homework each night I wonder, “Am I Smarter Than A Third Grader?” Mode? Range? Who remembers anymore? English. English is a subject that I excel in. Nouns, pronouns and adjectives are much more my speed.

Pamela Lipkin is not only “Smarter Than A Fifth Grader,”… Continue

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Heidi Axelrod, Former Beauty Columnist, Town & Country and More Magazine

As told by Butterfly Co-Founder, Bradi Nathan:

My daughter came downstairs this morning with a washcloth draped over her mouth. “I look ugly,” she muffled. After prying away the cloth, I noticed a reddish patch of dry skin next to her tiny pink lips. I told her it wasn’t anything that a dab of Aquaphor couldn’t fix. That’s my beauty tip for the day and I might also add, that all little girls must be taught that…

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Recession: How To Talk To Your Kids

Julie Potischman,'s Resident Psychotherapist, shares:

1. How should we talk to our kids about the recession at a time when luxuries like camp are being taken away?

The age of the child is always a factor when answering questions such as this; it is really hard to come up with an answer that meets all ages. Having said that, I believe it is important to talk to our children when luxuries are changing. I think the first thing parents need to… Continue

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David Spark, Mashable, "12 Inspiring Stories of Successful Social Networks. MyWorkButterfly A-Lister!

click here to view > > Enjoy Inspiring Stories of 12 Successful Social Networks:

Yes, MyWorkButterfly provides Lesson #5: Build your network before you launch your business. Reported by a well-known Social Media Reporter who researched over 80 stories to come up with ten (10) lessons for its Mashable readers!

"Thanks David Sparks!" And, thanks to all you Butterfly moms for…

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Weekly Wings - April 20, 2009 - Does your child want to be a pirate?

And just when my son decided that he wanted to be a Somali Pirate when he grew up! After all, he did love Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean and even enjoys watching the Pittsburgh Pirates play ball. My daughter on the other hand LOVES Pirate Booty and I confess to having seen the show called Pirates of Penzance. Did you know that September 19th is coined "Talk Like a Pirate Day?" These fictitious characters have been brought to life with headline news stories revealing that the waters… Continue

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Members Mother's Day Stimulus Package Contest: Win $500 Shopping Spree at Club Monaco

Welcome Members, To Enter The Contest:

To enter, simply Tweet or post to your Facebook wall the copy below:

I entered the Mother Of All Contests. You can too. Go to to be eligible to win a $500 shopping spree at Club Monaco! Copy the url link from your Twitter page or Facebook wall, come back to this page, and paste it in the comments section below. This will confirm your entry to win. Good… Continue

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Dr. Robi Ludwig, guest of Oprah, E!, Larry King, Regis and Kelly, TruTv and now H.M.S. Butterfly

As we are all well aware, the stress of motherhood is enough to “shove” you over the edge. Add a work schedule to the mix and it’s likely that you will sprint to your nearest pharmacy for a Costco size case of Prozac. Before we hit rock bottom, spiraling like a child “amped” up on sugar, we ask ourselves, “How can I possibly handle it all?”</</i>td>
With the proper tools, Dr. Robi Ludwig, mother of… Continue

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Registered Dietician, Founder of Nutrifacts, Shari Bilt Boockvar Sits with Butterfly

as told by Butterfly Co-Founder Bradi Nathan

I wonder if Michelle Obama finishes the food left over on her kids’ plate. And I’m asking, “What is she feeding those “perfect” little children of hers anyway?” Grilled cheese fried in melted butter… on healthy whole wheat bread? That’s what I’m picking at!

Shari Bilt Boockvar, Registered Dietician has been a Nutrition Counselor and Consultant since…

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Economists See Recovery on Horizon

NEW YORK (April 6) -- Unemployment at a 25-year high. Housing prices continuing to fall. Corporate titans such as General Motors on the brink of bankruptcy. There's no lack of bad economic news.

And yet, amid the gloom, there are a growing number of economists that see a recovery on the horizon -- perhaps even a strong rebound.

They say that a number of indicators appear to have bottomed out in recent months. Job losses may have peaked in January. Home sales are starting… Continue

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Hard Times Send 'Economoms' Back to the Job Market

When you're eight months pregnant, it's hard to find a good interview suit. But a burgeoning belly didn't stop Nicole Young, 33, from hitting the job circuit this fall. Her husband, who works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, has seen his income shrink along with the Dow. And the consulting projects she has been doing from their home on Long Island in New York are not bringing in enough money to make up the difference. So Young, who left her full-time marketing job in 2005 when she… Continue

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Returning to work requires pluck, skill

by Lee Miller

Many individuals who have left the work force for family or personal reasons are finding these days they have to return to the work earlier than planned.

Often the cause is a spouse being laid off or having their hours reduced.

According to a recent survey by, a website that helps mothers returning to work, approximately a third of those surveyed cited financial security as the reason they were seeking to get back into…

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Stay-at-home moms find job-hunting a challenge

By Leslie Brody


Hackensack N.J. - Many mothers who planned to stay home to raise children say the recession has pushed them to work _ or hunt for work _ much sooner than expected.

At playgroups, employment firms, nanny agencies, therapists' offices and online discussion forums, married women are saying that a husband's layoff, fear of downsizing or tighter household budgets have forced them to update resumes they thought they had put to rest until… Continue

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Got Arm Fat? Finally, A Solution!

Arm Trio: This exercise is great for toning the upper arm muscles – one of those dreaded “problem” areas. It also helps improve posture by strengthening the muscles in the upper back. Try without weights to start and then add the weighted balls or dumbbells. Do this exercise up to 3 sets at least 3 times a week to see results. During the exercise, abdominal muscles should be pulled in towards navel throughout. Engage the inner thighs, by squeezing legs together to make it a whole body… Continue

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Weekly Wings - April 6, 2009 "Our train ride down to Washington D.C."

On the train ride down to Washington D.C., I researched the subject for our next Butterfly Mom video interview - Jennifer Griffin. During those three hours, I noticed my heart beat just a little bit faster. I learned that Jennifer, FOX NEWS Political Correspondent, lived and reported from Jerusalem while raising two baby girls. As the train sped towards D.C., I envisioned Jennifer in a flax jacket covering her pregnant belly, already proving to be a protective mother, or so I wonder. I get… Continue

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