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What's the best way to manage separation anxiety as a parent and as a child? (ie: sleep away camp experience, childcare, new school)

submitted by Julie Potischman, Butterfly's Resident Psychotherapist

Separation anxiety is a common thing for kids and for parents. Not only can a child experience separation anxiety, but a parent can as well in regards to leaving their child either in camp, school, day care, etc. First I will focus on the parent. It is critical to recognize that a parents' separation anxiety can be transferred (or projected) onto a child. It is very… Continue

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New York City for Free

by Meryl D. Pearlstein, Travel and Food Notes, , and author of Fodor’s Family: New York City with Kids.

If you think everything in New York costs too much, well, you're right—almost. In fact, the city has tons of free attractions and activities; you just need to know where to look for them.

Outdoor Fun.… Continue

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Leave the "Spam" in the Can! - Weekly Wings

Bust out your iPads, iPhones and laptops, there are two noteworthy Butterfly blogs to read this week, submitted by some fabulously forthcoming moms:…


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World Cup Sexy Soccer Players or Entrepreneurs? Weekly Wings

In Johannesburg, South Africa, Spain defeated the Netherlands to win the 2010 World Cup! More than a billion people watched as these young men fought passionately doing exactly what they love to claim a 1-0 victory against Holland.…


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Best of the week: StyleBakery's top 10 features, week ending July 9


1. Beat the heat with these cool looks for work - With temperatures hovering near the 100 degree mark here in the northeast, dressing comfortably becomes a challenge. Here are two looks to wear to the office…

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Beauty short cuts to help simplify your routine for summer


There is far too much to do in the summertime besides slave away at your

beauty routine. There are beaches to visit, pools to swim in, picnics

to have, and reunions to attend. Get pretty in record time with these


eos products - ultra moisturizing shave cream-1.jpg
Need to shave but don't want to…

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Beat the Heat: Protect Yourself When the Mercury Rises

By Kara Sibilia

Extreme heat can be a big health risk. Illnesses such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke are caused from excessive exposure to stifling temperatures. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, elderly people (65 years and older), infants, children, and people with chronic medical conditions are more prone to heat stress.

"In recent years there have been more…

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I Know Exactly Where We Are!

As Told by Butterfly’s Resident Eldercare Contributor, Lisa Bayer

Lisa Bayer, J.D., CCM, Certified Geriatric Care Manager, is President of Life Management Resources, LLC, a private elder care advocacy firm located in northern New Jersey.

If ever you have been in the car with my husband you better hope he has been to the destination, or somewhere close, before. I am sorry to generalize,… Continue

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"Meet Kim Rucker, SVP and General Counsel of Avon Products, Inc. and Mother of TWO!"

as told by Butterfly co-founder Bradi Nathan

Avon is synonymous with beauty. It congers up the image of savvy women bringing cosmetics into the homes of women across the globe. As you know, direct selling appeals to women because of the flexibility it offers, particularly in the lives of so many mothers. It is no wonder that there are now nearly 6 million Independent Avon Sales Representative across the globe! Avon's line extends… Continue

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Unhappy in your job?

Are you unhappy in your job? Perhaps this past long holiday weekend allowed you the time to reflect and to think about what truly makes you “tick” in life. Butterfly member and Career Coach,…


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Gilt Group, Ruelala…A “gilty” pleasure or a sickness?

by: Mindy Scheier

' Ok…so I am dipping my toe in the pool of technology and got me a brand new spankin’ iPhone. Fine, truth be told, I like the cache of it and have no idea how to use it! But what I have figured out is that there is a stinkin’ app for Gilt Group! Bad, bad news for me and indirectly Greg Scheier (the husband).

Oh sorry, don’t know about the latest obsession with online designer sales?,… Continue

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