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How social are you? - Weekly Wings

For those of us in the social media industry - and/or simply those who share their "social time" with the likes of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and perhaps a few blogs to boot - make room for Google + (or GooglePlus). Yes, Google launched a few bombs with Buzz, Orkut and Wave, but our guess is that Google knew it could not afford to get it wrong this time- especially with Facebook breathing down its…


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Are you living the dream? - Weekly Wings

Did you ever thumb through a magazine and become engrossed in an editorial feature about so and so following their dreams? About how this one or that one uprooted their family to sell hats in the majestic Virgin Islands, make and sell jewelry along the sunny gold coast of Australia?  We immerse ourselves in these features and think, “I wish I could” or “Some day that will be me.” These men, women,… Continue

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State of economy and what we are doing to affect change! - Weekly Wings

When we launched Butterfly in January 2009, we had no idea that the largest monthly job loss, 796,000, would follow some sixty days later in March of 2009. 


This extreme loss further validated the goal of Butterfly - to support and encourage one another in entrepreneurship, to… Continue

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Free to Be! - Weekly Wings

I celebrated America’s 235 th birthday yesterday- ahh, Independence Day!  Amidst the spectacular fireworks display, I looked around me and saw all ethnic groups, all religions, all getting along.  Freedom at its finest.

Personally, I feel a sense of freedom that is unfamiliar and unlike any other I’ve felt in the past… Continue

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