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Butterfly's Rendition of the 12 Nights of Xmas and a Happy New Year! - Weekly Wings



On the 28th day of December, my partner…


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Holiday Gift Guide 2010: last minute gift ideas for kids



Time is running out and if you're still on the search for the perfect gift for the kids on your holiday list, you better hurry. We've found five last minute gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to any kid's face this holiday. The best part is that they are all in stock and ready to ship in time for you to sneak them…


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Must-haves for holiday travel with kids


We know it's a busy week for moms everywhere. The kids are out of school, the weather is horrid and there are presents waiting to be wrapped and sent off to their recipients. Oh, and there's also the packing that needs to be done to head off to visit family and friends for the holidays. Don't worry, it will all get done in time. But just to…


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Martha Byrne on As the World Turns- Escape Holiday Madness with "Un-reality" TV - Weekly Wings


Did you ever feel like you were living in a soap opera? Consider all of the drama that surrounds your life, both personally and professionally. Perhaps it’s an office romance or a steamy suburban sex-capade. Stories such as these allow us to escape from the monotony of life, if only for a moment.…


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Makin’ Somethin’ out of Nothin’

by: Mindy Scheier

' Ok, so if you are anything like me, you are seeing your account dwindle and have 7,500 more gifts to buy. So here are some economical, yet highly fashionable, ideas to MAKE a gift. Genius you say? I totally agree and am just annoyed that I haven’t shared my spectacular ideas with you all before this! Well, maybe that’s because I tend to be a bit selfish. So, here are some ideas for you to take a creative stab…


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Jenny McCarthy is TOO GOOD™ this Holiday!

There are those in life that we tend to admire from afar. For us, it’s the women who possess an inner beauty and strength that give them the courage to fight for a cause. It is the mothers, specifically, who find courage from within to protect their children while reaching out in the hopes of protecting your children as well.

Celebrity mom, Jenny McCarthy, is one such woman who Terry and I felt a deep…


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Holiday Deals, Steals, Online Destinations & More! - Weekly Wings

As the holidays begin to quickly unfold, we thought we would do you the honor of creating a list of holiday must-haves, online destinations, deals and steals:

  • AnyBook R eader is an interactive reading device for you and your kids (ages 3+). This revolutionary product allows your child to hear YOU read (pre-recorded)…

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How Networking should Work

By Dorothy Tannahill Moran, CPCC,ACC

On CAREER Solutions: Next Chapter New Life we hosted Terry Starr and Bradi Nathan, who co-founded an online community called My Work Butterfly. As two savvy former media mavens, they knew the place to start was with a survey of women nation-wide to further understand the issues faced by returning to work mothers and working mothers. Born out of their own working mother experiences and what they… Continue

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Baywatch Babe: Amy Weber on Beauty, Brains and Babies!

I highly doubt that Amy Weber sits at her computer downing a canister of peanuts as I am at this very moment. Amy has built much of her career on her stunningly toned physique and beautiful looks. But what I admire most about this Baywatch bombshell is that she is an entrepreneur, launching Amy Weber Productions with a history on the debate team as a young girl. Amy has broken the stereotypical image of a woman who was chosen as a diva for World Wrestling Entertainment’s SmackDown on… Continue

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