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From Bump to Birth: 10 Tips for Maternity Leave

While our biggest focus at Credit Card Insider is providing information about the responsible use of credit and credit cards, we're always looking for ways to help people manage their finances in all areas of life, and especially at different major life stages. For this post, we asked for maternity leave advice from experienced moms in the workforce and discovered ten key themes.

1. Communicate with your employer

2. Be…


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I need your help!

If you have a Facebook account or even your kids, I need your vote!  I'm competing in a contest for a membership that's fairly expensive and whoever gets the most votes for their video wins!  Please help me by voting using the link here and to pass this request along to your FB friends.  thx. Dorothy



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Bad Boss Series: What To Do When The Boss – Hovers Over You?

This bad boss is sometimes known as the “helicopter boss”.  They seem to have nothing better to do than to lurk over your shoulder while you’re trying to get your work done.  To add insult to this, they may nit-pick and even rework what you’ve done.  It leaves you wondering why they hired you in the first place, if they can spend so much time hovering over your job rather than doing their own.

There are a number of potential causes for this:

     They are too controlling.  They…


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Bad Boss Series: What To Do When The Boss – Takes Credit For Your Work?

Among the many things that bad bosses have been known to do is to take credit for your hard work or ideas.  You don’t like it when a peer does it, but with that group, you feel you might have some recourse to stifle what they’re doing.  What do you do when a boss does it?

The line between a legitimate ethics violation and simply representing innovation in the department can at times be hard to tell.  There are some perspectives to have first before taking any action.

You need…


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Bad Boss Series: What To Do When The Boss – Is Really Difficult?

I generally believe most people mean well, but simply execute their job poorly sometimes. Sometimes, there are BAD bosses.  This series is intended to address the most common issues with a bad boss and steps you can take to reduce the impact on you both personally and professionally.

The problems we face when we have a bad boss are almost too numerous to mention, but the two biggest of these issues are:

  1. They can negatively impact our work performance.
  2. They can…

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In these tough economic times, it’s hard to think about companies being desperate to hire people, but it turns out there are big hiring gaps in the US.  In an interview with Kristin Kelley, VP of Marketing for Randstad US, the world’s second largest staffing firm, she explained how they had thousands of unfilled openings in a number of sectors and careers in the US.  Not to sit around and complain, Randstad has responded to this shortage with an innovative competition to help spur on the…


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Getting Fired: Avoiding It and Protecting Yourself when You are Faced with It

One of our biggest fears associated with our employment is facing the possibility of the ultimate rejection: getting fired.  I’m not talking about being laid off.  I’m talking about they don’t dig what you do or how you do it and you are given the pink slip.  It can be devastating on both a personal and professional level.  People I’ve spoken to who have been through this experience often find it difficult to move past it and consequently, let it form their behavior.  That behavior isn’t…


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Career Management: Tips for Making a Temp Agency your Best Job Search Method

It seems that discussions around temporary work assignments tend to skip big levels of understanding when it comes to how best to work with them, as well as the great opportunities they present.  To solve that problem, I went right to top for an interview with Kelly Riley, Regional VP of the Virginia/Carolina Region for Randstad, a global HR & Staffing company that specializes in temporary work.  Kelly is a 20-year veteran of this business; and there isn’t a trend in the business she…


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Career Management: 8 Tips for Disagreeing with the Boss

Disagreeing with other people, without taking a body count or courting disaster, is something most people try to avoid as much as possible.  Nevertheless, we recognize that we can’t always agree with everything that comes our way – even if it comes from the boss.  Many of us think that disagreement with the boss is one of those career-limiting moves to be avoided as all costs.  Think again.

Most managers want to think they’ve hired brilliant people who can think and act well on the…


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Job Search: We’re NOT Just Looking For a Job

I recently posted a question in various Linked In groups and posed the question “What are your Career goals for 2011?”  Among the many things I heard about, a common theme among the job seekers was, of course, to get a job.  It didn’t stop there.  We’re not just looking for a job; we’re looking for more.

I’d like to discuss some of the comments people made because I think these people are on the right track.  Here are some of the things we’re looking for.

-        We want to be…


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Career Management: Are YOU Career Lazy?

Warning!  I’m about to speak in code.  We like to think of ourselves as: “not interested in making big money” or “not overly ambitious” or “focused more on life than work” or what?  Being lazy is something we don’t like to admit to ourselves much less our own mother (who will love us no matter what except being lazy).  We will substitute other words and rationalization for our behavior.  You think we can’t tell but we can.  You’re lazy and second to bad body odor, no one really wants to…


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Other Uses for Your Elevator Speech

More and more business owners and job seekers are catching on to the idea and necessity of having a great, impactful Elevator Speech.  After all of the thought and time creating them and practicing them, many people want to get more use out of them than simply waiting to meet someone new.  Repurposing your elevator speech and extending your personal brand is a great idea.

Here are some great uses for your Elevator Speech:

     Email signature.  Most email services give…


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10 Tips for a Powerful Elevator Speech

Elevator Speeches are becoming an important item in the toolkit of most people.  It doesn’t matter if you are a job seeker, business person or gainfully employed professional, you need a powerful Elevator Speech (ES) to extend and support your personal brand.  What you say and how you say it are equal parts to delivering an ES that will either cause people to take notice of you or go to sleep.

Here are ten tips for ensuring that you have an ES that packs a punch:

  1. You…

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Career Management: 6 Things To Do To Stay Engaged When You’re Leaving

There is a reason for the term “short-timer”.  Whether you are in the military and ready to separate or in the corporate world and ready to leave your job, it can be a struggle to keep both your body and mind on the job.  We are notorious for apathy, disregard and detachment once the decision to move on has been made.  In fact, some short-timers have been known to toss all work-place standards out the door. They begin showing up late, conduct long personal phone calls and have a blatantly…


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Career Development: 7 Steps to Power Your Way to a Promotion This Year

Ranstad recently completed a nation-wide survey of employees measuring a number of aspects having to do with salary, benefit, work conditions and expectations they have for this coming year.  Ranstad is the second leading global HR and Staffing firm.  One outstanding figure was 43% of the people responding indicated they were looking for a promotion this year.  That’s going to be a lot of people taking their spouse out to celebrate. 

A promotion doesn’t just magically happen because…


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Career Management: Top 10 Career Limiting Moves

If you’re reading this, you probably don’t need to worry too much about bad decision making or judgment. Most of the time, people who amble through life are barely making it, and give as much “thought time” to their behavior as a cow does. Nevertheless, it’s good to occasionally think about this issue before you seriously trash your future. I would point out that there are things that don’t show up on this list, like leaving the microphone on while you discuss top secret information, simply… Continue

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Career Management: What To Do When The Boss …

The day has finally arrived. The boss has girded their loins and is now prepared to tell you – you’ve missed the mark.  Your performance is bad.  This is the day we all dread.  We have friends who lived through this and told you hair-raising stories about deep-seated hatred and paranoia.  The boss can’t stand me, the boss is out to get me and everyone “knows”.  You feel like a marked person with only a short time in the job before getting the boot.  You are dead man walking.



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Career Management: Top 10 Networking Conversation Starters for Introverts

Among the challenges associated with networking is the simple act of how you start up a conversation with a stranger.  Add to that challenge the fact that you might be slightly introverted where pointless conversations are like staring into the black void.  Nothing comes to mind.  You don’t have a relationship, no common ground, you aren’t yet even sharing a common experience – so how to you do strike up a conversation?

Here are 10 conversation starters that have worked for…


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Career Management: What We Can Learn from Oprah’s Next Chapter?

Ahem, I would like to point out Oprah’s use of the term “Next Chapter”.  Notice the similarities between that and Next Chapter: New Life (my coaching business name)?  I’ve been seeing that term not only in reference to Oprah’s new TV channel but I’ve seen it on the side of busses around town and even ads in magazines.  I think the ever so slight improvement in our economy has now got us thinking about that Next Chapter in our life. We are truly ready to turn the page on what and how things…


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Are Voicemails and Emails Limiting your Career Success?

Is it just me or have our communication manners for returning voicemails and emails gone the way of horse and buggies?  Over the past few years, I have noticed what I think is a complete lack of courtesy.  When I leave someone a voicemail, it’s because I want to speak to that person.…


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