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3 Steps to Ignite a Business and Life you Love

Do you have that spark simmering inside of you? The one telling you it can be different.

The spark that is fueling you to daydream about leaving the 9-5 behind to start your own business. The spark driving you to find a way you can create a more flexible lifestyle.  A life where you feel less overwhelmed and have more time and energy to spend with your family.

What working moms don’t dream of that!

Trying to juggle the demands of a job while raising your family and running a household can take a monumental effort. An effort that can leave us feeling, overwhelmed, tired and often like each day is a struggle.

Well, here’s the good news!

If you are reading this article there is a spark inside of you. A spark just waiting to be ignited.

It’s what is driving you to take action to search for a way you can create a more fulfilling life. One where you feel like you are thriving rather than just surviving each day.

So how can you ignite that spark into a full fire? The fire that will provide you with the fuel to keep moving forward towards your dreams.

You need to give it oxygen.

The oxygen that will keep the fire burning when others and often ourselves are standing by ready to throw water to extinguish the flames. When we get scared. When we, or others, doubt our ability to succeed.

If we don’t find a way to keep that fire burning soon our dream of starting a business and creating the life we want is left in a smoldering toxic heap.

So how can we create that eternal flame? The one that will help us stay focused and persevere through obstacles that try to extinguish our fire.

It starts with creating a clear and exciting vision. Not just a business vision. But an ideal entrepreneurial working mom “lifestyle” vision.

You want to dream it, believe in it, and then do what it takes to achieve it.

Here are 3-steps on how you can start to ignite that spark.

Dream It

Any great journey starts with a dream. It is how we will find happiness and fulfillment right to our core.  Through our dreams we are striving to create a life that we truly want and that fulfills our deepest purpose.

This might be finally doing the work we believe we are destined for.

It might come from the desire to create a life where you have the freedom and flexibility to spend more time with the most important thing in your life – your kids.

It’s time to dream BIG!

Often we dream small because we fear failure, or don’t believe we can do it. Give yourself permission to dream big. Push aside that inner critic telling you you’re not good enough, smart enough or that you’re going to fail.

This is not the time to settle for safe small dreams.

When we do we limit ourselves. Big dreams are the reason why our lives and the world change for the better.

As you start to envision your biggest dream for your life and business ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your ideal lifestyle?
  • How many hours do you work a week?
  • How much time do you spend with your family? When do you spend this time with them? What do you do when you are with them?
  • How much time do you spend doing the other things you love?
  • What income do you earn?
  • What type of business are you doing?
  • Who are you working with?
  • Finally, the big one: What would you be doing if you new you couldn’t fail?

Remember don’t hold back. This is not the time to listen to the doubting voices in your head. This is just for you. You don’t need to share this with anyone else.

Lay it all out there. Your absolute biggest dreams.

Believe It

So now we have our biggest dreams front and center the next step is to believe. This step is mostly about creating that belief in you.

Believing that you can do it.

It is the most important step in achieving our dreams. Sometimes it is also the hardest step for us to take.

Without this belief we will never find the confidence or courage to even start trying for our dreams.

Here are 3 things you can start doing to create that belief in yourself:

  • Your Gifts. Write down what makes you unique, your greatest gifts and talents. Ask others this question. They will often see things we don’t recognize.
  • Your Past. Recall a time in your life when you have achieved something that you may have first thought impossible. Such as landing a job you really wanted. Finishing a 5-mile running event. Getting up to go to work everyday after no sleep with your baby. What is that something for you? What qualities did you show that got you through that. These are same qualities you will draw on as you enter this next new journey of your life.
  • Your “Why.” Remember your “why.” What is your motivation for reaching your dreams? Remind yourself of this frequently. Don’t wait for others to give you praise or applause for what you are doing before you go for your dreams. Find a way to give it to yourself.  Your motivation and believing in yourself its what will drive you to do your best and breakthrough any challenges along the way to realizing your dream.

Believing in yourself is your key to success. It’s a strong belief in you combined with those big dreams that will make it happen.

“Believe in your dreams and they may come true. Believe in yourself... Author Unknown

Achieve It

After you dream it and have created that believe in yourself its time to achieve it! To start taking consistent decisive action. Action is what will ultimately turn your dream into a reality.  

Without action our dream remains that, simply a dream.

Here are 3 steps you can take no matter what your dream is.

Create a Timeline.

Developing a timeline helps to create your commitment to reaching your goals and dreams. It is what will keep you accountable and provide momentum.

As you create you timeline consider the following:

  • How much time you can commit each day or week to working towards your dream
  • When do you want to achieve your dream by
  • Break it down into smaller steps (which I discuss next) and assign a time to achieving each of these steps

Take Action

Breaking our dream into action steps can take the overwhelm out of the process. When we just focus on the big picture and all the things we need to do it can lead to procrastination simply because we just don’t know what to do first.

Brainstorm all the things that need to happen for you to start living your dream. Once you have a list prioritize in order of importance of what needs to happen first. Then develop a timeline of when you would like to have each action step completed.

Then start taking consistent focused action towards your dream.

It doesn’t matter how small the action as long as you just keep doing it. You will be amazed at what can start to happen as you commit and take action.

Find Resources

The final step is identifying what resources you have and what you need to achieve your vision. Four common resources you need to consider when starting a business include:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Connections
  • Expertise

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • What resources do I already I have?
  • What resources do I still need?
  • How will I get the resources I still need?

Get creative in your thinking of how you can access the resources you need. They can be found in surprising places.

We all have the ability to create the life we truly want. A life where we do work we love and have more flexibility to spend the time we want with our kids.

It all just starts with a dream.

And a spark.

There is no better time than right now to light that spark. You are the only one that can make your dream come alive. No one can take that away from you.

So go ahead and set aside some time today, even a few minutes, to get started on creating your dream.

The world is just waiting for more working moms like you.

Working moms who are no longer willing to settle for the status quo. Ones that are willing to dream big and find that belief in themselves to create the life they dream of for their family.

Entrepreneurial working moms that will forever change the way we do business.

“Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t give up.“ Author Unknown

Karen Steele is Founder of The Entrepreneurial Working Mom where she teaches overwhelmed working moms the confidence, courage and skills to ditch the 9-5 and leap into their own thriving business so they can create the life they want for their family. Karen is a Certified Professional Life Coach, mom and entrepreneur. Download her FREE 5-part audio series “Top 5 Mindset Secrets of Savvy & Successful Entrepreneurial Wo...: So You Can Ditch the 9-5 and Create the Life You Want for Your Family.” Follow The Entrepreneurial Working Mom on FACEBOOK.


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