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Carpet cleaning is not something very difficult. It's true, that first time you spill your drink or food on it, you panic and you're not sure what to do, but once you calm down and do some research, you find out that it happens often, it's not such a big deal, and if you act quickly, you can fix it completely. All you need to do is find the right carpet cleaning solution and the right methods, and you'll be fine. But there are many people who make foolish mistakes while they think they are fixing everything. These mistakes can be quite costly, and you can even ruin your carpet in the long term. To help you keep your carpet clean and in a perfect condition for longer, we've gathered a list with the 5 most common carpet cleaning mistakes you should avoid.

You postpone the cleaning. Spills sink into the carpet incredibly fast, and unless you clean them right away, you risk leaving a spot for good. And, unfortunately, many people make the mistake to leave the stain be and decide to clean it at a later time. But if you don't act quickly and at least blob the excess liquid and spray the stain with some detergent, the carpet will absorb everything, and you will be stuck with it for good. Once a stain sets and dries, it's very difficult to do anything with it. Some stains are so nasty, that they can also seep down to the carpet's padding, or if they are acidic, they can also eat through the carpet fabric, leaving holes in it. So, act fast before it's too late.

You use the wrong carpet cleaner. There are many different types of carpet cleaners, and which you should choose for your carpet depends on many factors, like the materials your carpet is made from, the type of the stain and the intensity. The market is full of options, which makes the proper carpet cleaning a very difficult task. Therefore, you should always remember to read the labels on the products and make sure the cleaning product you choose is suitable for your carpet. If you can't find detailed instructions, you should at least research the product online. Many domestic cleaners and laundry detergents are too harsh for carpets and they can damage the fibre, because they contain strong chemicals and even bleach.

You don't test your cleaning detergents. If you love your carpet and you want to enjoy its good looks for longer, then you should always remember to test your cleaning products before you apply them on the entire carpet. Just make a small test patch somewhere in the corner when you use a new or untested harsh detergent for the first time. You can also use the space under the couch or a rug as a test field. With some patience and preparation, you can avoid some serious and permanent problems with your carpet.

You use deodorising powder. The deodorising powders are very nice, and they bring a great and fresh smell to the carpet, but they don't have the needed cleaning properties to remove the stain from it. These powders should be used after the stain is already removed and the carpet has dried. The deodorising powder will eliminate all the leftover odours and finish the whole task perfectly. But you shouldn't use this kind of powders too often because many domestic vacuum cleaners are not strong enough to remove all the powder from the carpet fabrics and it can get stuck in the fibres.

You clean the carpet every week. While it's important to take regular care of your carpet, cleaning it too often is also not a good thing. The weekly deep cleaning of the carpet will only tarnish the fibre and will make the fabric look more damaged and faded. Fortunately, not many people have the time and will to clean their carpets every single week, so this carpet cleaning mistake is not so common.

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