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Here are eight child care solutions/suggestions to help you on your way:

1. Sitter City - a national baby sitting service
2. Mom's Helper - a trustworthy nanny agency in the tri-state area
3. Friends and family, especially grandparents
4. Local YMCA's or churches offer preschool programs
5. Licensed local day care facilities- go for reputable names you trust, tour the facilities, meet the directors, owners, teachers and always get references
6. Nanny share with a friend- like a job share
7. After school care- many schools offer on-site after school care
8. Local in-home care- a cost effective alternative

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Comment by Terry Starr on December 28, 2009 at 10:34pm
Butterfly Member Susan Burg adds:
"Chck the local hospitals. Some of them have sick child care for working mothers. I used it on several occasions. It was a great perk when the hospital I was working with had it. I even had a pediatrician come down one day and tell me that she was runnning a fever so the nurse asked him to look at her. He wrote her a rx and had it filled for me while I was working. It's a great help. You usually have to register them the day before. They may not take kids that are terribly sick. I used to save all my sick days for when she was that sick."
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