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A Unique Website for Moms who employee Nannies... is a service run by a New York City prosecutor of child abuse and sex crimes who is also a mother of two. Through this site, parents can now purchase a license plate for their stroller that enables the public to anonymously report good or bad nanny observations. Registered parents instantaneously receive an email alerting them to the confidential report. Featured on Good Morning America, Fox News National and endorsed in New York's Daily News, has been hailed "an honest solution to a tough problem."
Here's how it works: A small "license plate" with our website and a unique identifying number is attached to your child's stroller. Should a concerned citizen want to report an “event” to the child’s parents, it’s simple. Just go to, put in that child’s unique license plate number, describe what you saw and the parent is notified via email. The good Samaritan could even choose to remain anonymous. was created by Jill Starishevsky, a nine-year veteran of a District Attorney’s Office in New York City who works in the Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Bureau. She’s also the mother of two.
How Jill Came Up With the Idea: One day while Jill was eating lunch on a park bench, she noticed two young girls playing on the jungle gym. The girls ran over to a woman who was engrossed in a book. Jill realized that this woman was their nanny and the toddlers were essentially unsupervised. Jill observed the girls play for nearly an hour as the nanny continued to read. These girls could have easily run off into the busy Manhattan streets or wandered off at the hand of a stranger. Jill wanted to communicate to the girls’ parents about the substandard care their daughters were receiving. But how? Who were these girls? As a working mother, Jill knew she would want to be notified if her nanny was being negligent. As an Assistant District Attorney, Jill has seen too many cases of children who were hurt by their adult caregivers. While she does her best to bring these offenders to justice, as a prosecutor she knows it’s difficult to take action without parents being aware of any abuse.
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