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Are Passion Blockers Running Your Life?

Do you ever dream of making changes in your life but feel like something is holding you back, but you’re just not sure what that is?

We’ve all been in that place. Whether it’s leaving our job, asking for a raise, negotiating more flexible work hours or saying no to an endless request of our time from other people. We dream of changing a situation in our life, we may even make a plan to do it.

But then it happens.

When it comes time to taking action, to make the changes, we stop dead in our tracks.

It can feel like we have lead in our shoes.

We just can’t seem to start moving forward. And if we do, the first time a challenge comes up it’s like we hit a brick wall and give up.

If you're nodding your head right now, I get it. I've been there.

I put my dream of starting my own business on hold for years. I came up with excuses of why now wasn’t the right time. Other times I would distract myself with something else saying this is what I “should” be doing.

But that all changed when I discovered my Passion Blockers.

It felt like the invisible thread that had been holding me back for so long was finally cut. Once I did this there was no more holding me back and I started finally creating and living my dreams.

So what are Passion Blockers and how can we overcome them?

There are four primary Passion Blockers:

Passion Blocker 1: “I told you sos” (Limiting Beliefs)

These are the beliefs we have about the world, other people, life and ourselves that we have developed over our lifetime from what we have been told by others. For example a limiting belief many career women experience once they become moms is that they will no longer be as valuable in the workplace if they follow their desire to create time to spend with their children. It’s something we are told by others whether it be our family, colleagues, or the media that we take on us our own belief. They only serve to hold us back and keep us stuck in our lives.

Passion Blocker 2: “Life Repeating Itself” (Assumptions)

Assumptions have more power than the first Passion Blocker. They have actually happened to us. It is not just something we have been told by somebody else. We assume because it happened in the past it will happen again.

For example maybe our past boss was very unsupportive and critical of our desire to create flexibility to better balance work and life. We assume our new boss will be exactly the same because that is what we experienced in the past. So we never request flexibility in our new job and as a result feel like we miss out on too many of our kids’ important moments. Our assumptions stop us from trying simply because we assume if it happened once it will happen again.

Passion Blocker 3: “I know best” (Interpretations)

Interpretations are how we perceive every message, every event, every action, situation or experience in our lives. What we do is make up a story, often looking for evidence to support it, and believe the story we are telling ourselves, is true. And we interpret everything.

For example we see stories in the media of high profile executive moms who seem to have it all together. Their career, plenty of time with their kids, happiness. The truth is we don’t know what their lives are really like. However we interpret that to be a successful women and mom you need to be able to do that too. And if we can’t, well then we interpret that as we are weak or that’s something wrong with me. Every time we make an interpretation and see only one way of viewing a situation we begin to limit the opportunities we see or can create in our lives?

Passion Blocker 4: “I’ll keep you safe” (Our Gremlin)

Do you ever find yourself criticizing or judging yourself for not being a good enough mom, better at your work or for not being able to handle the juggle of work, being a mom and the other responsibilities you have?

That’s your Gremlin.

We all have our own personal Gremlin. It’s designed to keep us safe. It tells us never to take a risk, not to even try in case we fail, to always take the safe road, and most of all it tells us to compromise our life by keeping playing small. Our Gremlin is most afraid when we start to try and play big and make the changes we desire in our life.

So how can we stop our Passion Blockers from running our life and keeping us stuck in situations that no longer serve us or our family the best? Here are 3 steps to breakthrough the most powerful obstacles in our life.

1. Know Your Passion Blocker

The first step is to get to know your Passion Blockers. When you feel yourself holding back from taking an action or making a change you want in your life listen closely to any thoughts or feelings you have at that time. These are your Passion Blockers speaking. Start to create a list of what these are.

2. How Have They Affected Your Life?

Once you are clear on your unique Passion Blockers ask yourself how have they affected my life? What have they stopped me from doing or being?

3. How Would My Life Be Different?

Finally often the most powerful step is to think about how your life would be different if you let go of these beliefs, assumptions, interpretations or gremlin messages that have been driving your life. What changes would you make? What would you be doing? How would you feel?

As we become aware of our own Big-4 Passion Blockers and how they are showing up and affecting our lives we can start living from a place of choice. We can choose what we want to believe and listen to. We can choose if we want to play big rather than small. And there is nothing more empowering than feeling like we are living our lives from a place of choice.

If you are ready to continue your Passion Shift journey and overcome the Big-4 Passion Blockers once and for all please join me on my upcoming FREE training call Discover the Top 4 Passion Blockers & How YOU Can Breakthrough ...

Karen Steele is a Mom, Entrepreneur, Founder of The Passion Shift and an avid rule-breaker in how she lives her life. Through her powerful 7-step Passion Shift™ program Karen shares her expertise and life-changing tools, tips and strategies to teach busy, overwhelmed working moms how to change the rules they live their life by so they can free their time and energy, find their passion and revolutionize their work life to create the fun, freedom and financial security they dream of for their families. Karen brings to her work over a decade of experience empowering women to build the confidence, courage and belief to create the lives they truly want.  Register for Karen’s FREE Training Call Discover the Top 4 Passion Blockers So You Can Breakthough to Succe...Follow Karen and The Passion Shift on FACEBOOK.

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