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Are You Experiencing The Passion Shift?

Can you believe it? Summer's practically half over. And for many working moms it’s a continued juggle of work, family, life, kids out of school and trying to take care of ourselves.  

I've spent the last few months tuning in to a deeper calling, a mission if you will.


Here’s what it is.

After working with countless moms in my business as The Entrepreneurial Working Mom, I've discovered that the work isn't just about building a business.

It's about honoring your passion.

Specifically, it's about honoring The Passion Shift most working moms experience.

What is The Passion Shift?

The Passion Shift happens the moment you become a mom.

The Passion Shift happens the moment you hold your first child in your arms.


The Passion Shift happens the moment you transform from working woman to working mom.

It’s when that new great passion enters your life – your children – and everything changes.

How I Shifted From Working Mom to Mom on A Mission

When my daughter was born five years ago, I experienced my own Passion Shift.

No longer wanting to work long hours while someone else cared for my child, I recognized my desire to revolutionize my work life, live my passion, and create more fun, freedom and financial security for my family.

Don't get me wrong – these shifts and decisions didn't come easily.

But they've been worth it.

Today, I'm living my dream life of working for myself, raising my daughter, enjoying time with my husband – all while funding and feeding my family.

You can do it, too.

The Passion Shift Movement is for women just like you who've:

  • Had a career for the past 5, 10, 15 years.
  • Placed a large part of your identity around your work and career.
  • Become a mom and suddenly experienced The Passion Shift.
  • Tried to go on living the same life, hold down the same demanding job, the long often inflexible hours.
  • Tried to fit your new passion, this new added responsibility – being a mom – into what was often an already busy life.
  • Grown tired of living by somebody else’s rules and having to ask for permission to leave work early or take time off for your family.
  • Decided they are ready to start creating the life they truly want for their family, rather than the one they think they “should.”

The truth is, it's okay if your priorities have changed.

That's a reality when you become a mom.  It’s natural. It’s how it should be.

Unfortunately, that’s not the message the traditional workplace embraces.

Instead we are expected to hand over our babies, go back to work and “life as usual” as though nothing has changed.

The truth is, everything has changed.

The results?

As women – as mothers – we end up feeling stuck in what I call the working mom rut with no end in sight. That all too common cycle of stress, guilt, overwhelm and exhaustion.

When The Passion Shift happens, you quickly grow tired of trying to reach that ever elusive work-life balance.

You reach a breaking point and just want to feel the 5 F’s in your life again: Freedom, Fun, Flexibility, Fulfillment, and Financial Security.

We get tired of feeling like our life and our children’s lives are just passing us by in a blur, never really getting to enjoy the important moments.

I'm on a mission to change this dynamic for working moms.

So what’s the number thing we can do when we experience The Passion Shift?

Embrace it.

Give ourselves permission to feel it and own it as one of the most pivotal and important moment in our lives.

Once we do then we will be able to gain clarity on exactly how we want to shift our lives to make room for this new great passion.

I would love to hear YOUR Passion Shift experience. You can share it on my Facebook fan page HERE

And stay tuned – in the coming weeks, I'll be sharing my best tips for navigating your Passion Shift with self-love, acceptance, ease, and accountability. 

To YOUR Passion Shift!

Karen Steele is Founder of The Entrepreneurial Working Mom, avid rule-breaker in how she lives her life and creator of The Passion Shift™. Through her powerful 7-step Passion Shift™ program Karen shares her expertise and life-changing tools, tips and strategies to teach busy, overwhelmed working moms how to change the rules they live their life by so they can free their time and energy, find their passion and revolutionize their work life to create the fun, freedom and financial security they dream of for their families. Karen brings to her work over a decade of experience empowering women to build the confidence, courage and belief in themselves to create the lives they truly want.  Download Karen’s FREE Training Call “5 Working Mom Secrets to Ditching the 9-5 and Creating a Life and ... Follow Karen and The Passion Shift on FACEBOOK.

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