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Barrie Knee Shares Her Resources For Getting A Business Off The Ground

Barrie Knee, principal, CEO of Kover-Ups™ has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, starting her first company at age 23. With a new, successful and growing business in play, Barrie shares her resources for getting a business off the ground:

Who did you contact for a prototype?

I hired a woman who designed window treatments for my home. She knew how to sew and helped educate me on fabric, trim etc…

What resources can you share?

My manufacturer is terrific and fairly local. He mainly manufactures clothing – Richard Koury – Sarah Lynn Manufacturing – 610-770-1702.

My patent attorney is Arthur Peslak of Mandel & Peslak. He can be reached at 732-761-1610.

What is the process of obtaining a patent?

I brought final samples to a patent attorney and he conducted a patent search. From there, he created a draft along with a detailed description and then filed the papers accordingly. Currently, I have five design patents and have recently filed for a utility patent. The process takes approximately one year.

What is the process for obtaining a trademark?

This is a similar process. I had my patent attorney do a search for the name. He found that there were other products with the same name, but the products themselves were not a conflict. Therefore, he filed for our trademark. The entire procedure took about six months.

To learn more about Barrie’s products, visit her website at or email her at

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