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Combining SEO and PPC Campaigns for the Maximum ROI

Marketers around the world often compare between Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click campaigns when devising their own digital marketing strategy. SEO caters to the organic search results while PPC is a paid advertising campaign. Even though their working methods differ from each other, the fact remains that they are two sides of the same coin.

SEO and PPC can be combined in a number of ways to form the perfect search strategy for any company. Listed below are eight ways by which their co-coordinated efforts can achieve brilliance in the digital marketing context. (Information Credit: Gillsolutions )

  1. Visibility:   SEO and PPC campaigns are two efficient ways of achieving added exposure for the search engine results. Marketers are often tempted to decrease their current PPC efforts if a search term ranks number one. However, since the top two or three results on most SERPs are based on PPC campaigns, combining these efforts seems to be the plausible answer. Dominating both the organic and paid search results will positively impact a website’s traffic. This is very important for a brand to build up an established presence among its customer base.
  2. Two-way Keyword Data: This is a very useful method for marketers to see how different keywords are performing in different situations in real time. Running both the campaigns simultaneously can help marketers to determine which campaign has the highest conversion rate. This is important for forming future business strategies and optimizing marketing efforts.
  3. Testing Ad copies:  Marketers can use PPC campaigns to determine which ad format or prototype is achieving the most conversions. Content like Title tags, Meta descriptions, page content and even keywords can be tested using a paid advertising campaign before initializing the organic SEO efforts. Since PPC campaigns render results in real time, the marketers will immediately know which ads are being productive and which ads are not. This saves a lot of time as organically testing titles and Meta descriptions is a time consuming process.
  4. Integrating E-commerce feeds with Google AdWords:  Google AdWords can be regarded as one of the best platforms for implementing PPC campaigns.  With AdWords, marketers can now link specific product pages to particular PPC ads. Such ads can feature the product, consisting of reviews and a link to the product page. This not only gives e-commerce efforts a boost but makes it easier for consumers to find the item quickly.
  5. Tackling Negative PR:  In this aggressive modern market, competition amongst rivals can turn sour pretty quick. Organizations sometimes stoop to unethical practices of deliberately writing bad reviews against their competitors. For a business, combining PPC and SEO efforts can clear up the mess. By running newer campaigns, the businesses can convey their side of the story to the general audience.
  6. Social Media Presence The Social media networks in existence today have been expanding exponentially on all fronts. Highly targeted advertising opportunities in sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have opened up newer avenues of target marketing.  Since Facebook provides different filter options like age, location, interests etc, the data received from these ads can be used to uncover granular details about the target audience, which would’ve previously gone overlooked.

The above points highlight instances of proper PPC and SEO integration. The various benefits that a marketer receives are summarized in the following points:

  • Conversion data from keywords can be fed easily into SEO campaigns.
  • Targeting clicks in PPC and Organic efforts in SEO for high performing keywords can ultimately increase the total volume of website traffic.
  • Keywords, no matter how high cost, high volume or low converting they are, can easily be moved from PPC to organic search campaigns
  • A/B testing results can also be fed into organic listing and landing pages.
  • PPC campaigns are best for testing keyword strategies before committing to long-term SEO strategies.
  • Increasing the audience’s confidence and awareness of the brand by combining strong organic and paid visibility simultaneously.

PPC and SEO integration is the proven optimal approach for digital marketing strategies everywhere. Results are improved by this integration across all the available channels.  Combining these two campaigns are thus most beneficial for surviving in this highly aggressive marketing arena. 

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