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Common Problems That Can Hold Up Your Sea Freight

There are many extreme circumstances that can interrupt the movement of your cargo. These include fires, explosions, collisions, labour disputes, terrorism or acts of sabotage. Though these circumstances are out of control, there are several factors that can be controlled by importers and exporters.

Sea freight in Cape Town is characterised by a lot of elements that need to be controlled to prevent any delays. For this purpose, it is always a good option to hire freight forwarders who are aware of the various things that can happen. Some of the common reasons for the holdup of freight are:

1. Poor Infrastructure

Clearing and forwarding agents understand that transporting the goods by sea is only a part of the challenge. Often, getting the cargo to and out of the port can be a difficult task too. The infrastructure of the port may be inefficient to satisfy the needs. In some cases, there might not be proper connections through rail or road to bring the shipment to the port.

2. Labour Issues

Strikes and disputes are common among dockworkers. This causes loss of productivity and hampers the movement of cargo. While these strikes end in short spans of time in most cases, there might be occurrences when the strike goes on for days. In such cases, a clearing and forwarding agent should be able to get through the cargo without a huge delay.

3. Documentation Issues

Documentation is a crucial part of any freight service. While most elements and complications cannot be controlled at the ports, documentation is one factor where you can assure no delays. If you fail to file, the documents properly or can’t present a proper record of your lading bills and tariffs. It can create delays at ports until the issue gets resolved and proper documents are presented. This can cause you to incur storage costs and risk delay in delivery of the cargo. Clearing agents have impeccable knowledge of such documents and ensure that you never fail to file the proper documents on time.

4. Identification of Goods

In some cases, improper packaging and marking of the goods leads to difficulties in the identification of the shipment. If your goods are not identified on the port timely, it will result in delays in transportation of the goods. Freight agents are experts in labelling and identifying their goods. With an agent, you can be sure that your shipment is moving on time. This often also happens when your shipment is clubbed together with a different shipment and then a lot of time is wasted on the port in sorting out the goods. Thus, it is crucial to opt for a service provider who is always aware of the whereabouts of your goods.

With some help from a freight agent, you can be assured that your shipment will never be delayed in normal circumstances. If such a thing does happen, you should always consult a logistics expert to avoid huge delays and loss of goods.

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